What’s the Cheapest Country For F1 TV? [+ How to Access it]

  • F1 TV is available in over 80 countries in the world and each has a different subscription fee.
  • India, Turkey and South Africa, among others, are the F1 TV's cheapest countries.
  • In this article, you'll find out ways to buy a low-budget plan on this TV from anywhere in the world.

Which is the country with the cheapest F1 TV plan? Although this F1 TV is in over 80 countries, it prices vary depending on the region and we found the cheapest ones for you.

In India for example, you can get this service for as low as $2.99 monthly. Turkey, South Africa, Singapore, and so on, are some of the countries you can also get an F1 TV subscription at an affordable rate.

Unfortunately, users in areas like Denmark have to pay higher for this service. In this article, we’ll show you how you can get an F1T V subscription for cheaper by changing your location with a VPN.

What’s the cheapest country for F1 TV?

The cheapest country for F1 TV right now is India. The f1 TV Pro plan costs only $3.99/month and the F1 TV Access plan costs $2.99.

Find below the countries with the cheapest plans for F1 TV Access and F1 TV Pro (where it’s supported).

Cheapest countries for FTV

Country F1 TV Pro yearlyF1 TV Pro monthlyF1 TV Access yearly F1 TV Access monthly 
India $29.99$3.99$19.99$2.99
United Kingdom Not availableNot available$26.28$3.01
South Africa $44.99$4.99$26.99$2.99
Singapore Not availableNot available$26.99$2.99
South Korea Not availableNot available$26.99$2.99
Thailand Not availableNot available$26.99$2.99

The most expensive countries for F1 TV 

Country F1 TV Pro yearly F1 TV Pro monthly F1 TV Access yearly F1 TV Access monthly 
Denmark $122.12$15.53$29.97$3.32
Finland $122.12$15.53$29.97$3.32
Norway $122.12$15.53$29.97$3.32
Sweden $122.12$15.53$29.97$3.32
AustraliaNot availableNot available$34.99$4.49
Switzerland $77.71$9.43$26.99$3.32
Belgium $72.15$8.87$29.97$3.32
Bulgaria $72.15$8.87$29.97$3.32
Croatia $72.15$8.87$29.97$3.32

❗ Note that not all supported countries have access to the Pro version of F1 TV.

The main difference between the two plans is that the F1 TV Pro plan offers live streams. All other content is the same for both plans.

How to get an F1 TV subscription cheaper

The most reliable way to get F1 TV at a cheaper rate is by using a reliable VPN to spoof your location to a country with favorable plans cost.

Continue with the steps below to get F1 TV for a cheaper subscription using a VPN. For F1 TV, Private Internet Access (PIA) is a great option.

  1. Subscribe to Private Internet Access (PIA) and download the app to your device.

  2. Install the VPN following the instructions displayed on the screen.

  3. Launch the VPN app and log in with your correct details. pia login

  4. Choose a server in one of the cheapest countries for F1 TV, like South Africa.

    pia south african server

  5. Head to the F1 TV official website. Subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan using a virtual prepaid card.

  6. You can now watch F1 TV at a cheaper fee.

PIA does a good job bypassing geo-restrictions on F1 TV. Thus, our reason for using it for this guide. Not only that, it has a whopping 35,000 servers across the globe.

What does this imply? That you will find F1 TV-supported regions in this VPN easily. Better still, all PIA servers were updated to 10Gbps. This speed component makes them ideal for streaming without buffering.

Also, this VPN uses 256-bit military-grade encryption to protect your information from being intercepted by trackers.

Lastly, PIA maintains a strict no-log policy. So, you can use the VPN knowing fully well that your details and activities are not recorded. And best of all, it’s also among the cheapest services you can get.

 Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Use PIA to get F1 TV at the cheapest price regardless of your location!
Check price Visit website

Wrap up

The prices of F1 TV are different in each location that support the service. Prices range from $2.99/month to

However, if you are not in any of these countries, it could be a challenge to watch F1 TV for a cheap price. That’s why we have provided steps to watch F1 TV in any country of your choice by using a VPN.

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