Does qBittorrent Hide Your IP? Here’s How to Use It Anonymously

does qbittorrent hide your ip

Like other torrent clients, qBittorrent can leak your IP address. Broadcasting your IP while sharing files in P2P networks is like announcing where you are to everyone. Malicious characters could use this information to steal your identity. To use this torrent client anonymously, you should combine it with additional privacy tools. Does qBittorrent hide your … Read more

Torrenting Fines by Country [& How To Stay Safe in 2023]

torrenting fines

Torrenting is one of the most popular ways to share content across the web. But using it to access copyrighted files may land you in trouble. With a VPN, however, you can keep your online activity private, without worrying about rubbing shoulders with the authorities.  Though we don’t endorse piracy, keeping you on the know-how … Read more