L2TP/IPsec VPN Connections Slowdowns after the KB5026372 Windows 11 Update

L2TPIPsec VPN Connections Experiencing Slowdowns after the KB5026372 Windows 11 Update

Over a week ago, Microsoft rolled out a new update for Windows 11. It included 74 new patches for fixing particular vulnerabilities on Microsoft Edge, .NET, and similar issues. However, it later showed that the changes had caused problems for VPN users. Those using the L2TP/IPsec tunneling protocol started experiencing slower download and upload speeds. … Read more

Controversial Online Streaming Bill C-11 Becomes Law

controversial online streaming bill c-11 becomes law

After years of political pushback, the parliament has finally passed Canada’s new online streaming bill. The controversial law is bringing changes to the country’s Broadcasting Act, allowing it to bring online streaming services under its regulatory authority. This means companies such as Netflix and Spotify will now have to pay to help support Canadian media … Read more

Swedish Police Fail to Seize Mullvad VPN Computers

The Police Asked Mullvad VPN for Its Computers but Left Empty-Handed

Last week, police officials showed up at the offices of Swedish VPN provider Mullvad. The company revealed in a blog post that they had left empty-handed. According to the article, six members of the Swedish Police’s National Operations Department (NOA) wanted to seize Mullvad’s devices, which they believed to contain customer data. Nothing to seize … Read more

Kodi MyBB Forum Suffers a Data Breach

Kodi MyBB Forum Suffers a Data Breach

Kodi, a free-to-use media player, organizer, and streaming suite, has suffered a data breach last week. Hackers have broken into the organization’s MyBB forum database, stealing user data and private messages. They have since attempted to sell it online. After the Kodi team saw its data advertised online, it shut the forum down. Later, it … Read more

NordVPN Makes Its Meshnet Feature Free

NordVPN makes Meshnet free

NordVPN’s Meshnet feature is now free for everyone, the company has unveiled in a blog post. Even if you don’t have a subscription, you can now benefit from all the advantages Meshnet offers. The VPN provider introduced this feature in June 2022, but until now, it was only available to paid users. It lets you … Read more

A New Senate Bill is Allowing the US Administration to Ban TikTok

A new bill empowering the US to ban TikTok

Western governments have recently put TikTok and its parent company ByteDance under increased scrutiny due to the risks that it may impose. The White House is now backing legislation to give the US administration the power to ban TikTok as well as other foreign-based technologies. Many cybersecurity experts have expressed their worries over TikTok. This … Read more

NordVPN Passes a Cure53 Audit

NordVPN passes a Cure53 audit

NordVPN has announced that it underwent and passed a series of tests in 2022. Berlin-based Cure53 audited the company’s apps, browser extensions, server infrastructure, and the Threat Protection feature. The testing took place over several months and it showed that the provider lives up to its claims of having a good infrastructure and offering top-notch … Read more