15+ Insightful ExpressVPN Statistics You Must Know

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expressvpn statistics

ExpressVPN is a very popular VPN provider in the industry. It has been described by many top tech enthusiasts as the fastest and most secure option out there.

All the positive reviews paint the provider in a positive light, but do the underlying statistics agree with its overall image as the best VPN available on the market?

This article highlights and discusses the latest and relevant ExpressVPN statistics that give a better insight into the VPN service.

Amazing ExpressVPN stats

How about a quick highlight of some of the most eye-opening ExpressVPN stats you probably didn’t know about?

  • ExpressVPN has a huge server network across 160 locations in 94 countries of the world.
  • Its Android app has over 50 million downloads on Google Play.
  • 30.8% of its users (2.5 million people) are from the United States.
  • As of now, over 4 million people use ExpressVPN worldwide.
  • In 2020, ExpressVPN declared a revenue of $279 million.

General ExpressVPN stats and facts

ExpressVPN is one of the longest-running VPNs as it was founded in 2009.

You might think you know everything about the service, but a look at some of these ExpressVPN statistics might just surprise you:

1. ExpressVPN’s server network rounds up to 3000 servers in 94 countries

(Source: ExpressVPN)

ExpressVPN has a huge server network which makes it one of the largest in the VPN industry.

It has servers in 16 countries in America, 26 countries in the Asia Pacific, 47 countries in Europe, and 5 countries in Africa, and the Middle East.

With a total of over 3000 servers, it makes it easy to access geo-restricted content.

It constantly improves its network in order to provide its users with a super fast connection speed and an overall exciting experience to its users.

2. The subscription plans of ExpressVPN rank among the most expensive ones on the market

(Source: ExpressVPN)

ExpressVPN subscription plans

ExpressVPN has a premium plan with a single subscription that covers up to 8 devices simultaneously.

However, It’s a bit pricey as the lowest rate you can pay is $8.32 a month if you opt for its 12-month plan.

The 6-month plan costs $9.99 per month and the 1-month subscription costs $12.95.

All these subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee for new users.

They’re significantly more expensive than competitors like PIA or Surfshark which have plans at a little over $2.

3. ExpressVPN’s uses top-notch security and encryption protocols

(Source: ExpressVPN)

ExpressVPN uses military-grade AES 256-bit encryption.

This scrambles your web traffic and data to keep it hidden from unauthorized third parties.

It also has an automatic kill switch to protect your traffic from leaking during a drop in your VPN connection.

In addition, its strong VPN protocols like Lightway and OpenVPN make for blazing-fast connection speeds.

That’s also why it can penetrate and bypass any internet censorship, geographical restriction, or content block to provide access to its users with secure, unrestricted, and fast internet experiences.

4. ExpressVPN is a “no-logs” provider

(Source: ExpressVPN)

ExpressVPN’s claims to be a no-logs VPN provider have been independently audited and confirmed as the truth.

Although it collects information when you sign up, it never shares these details with anyone.

A close look at its privacy policy shows that it doesn’t log your internet activity. This includes your traffic destination, browsing history, data content, and DNS queries.

Also, it doesn’t store connection logs which include your connection timestamp, your IP address, or the duration of your browsing session.

Owing to it being headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, a privacy-friendly location, you can rest assured that indeed it doesn’t log any of your activities.

5. ExpressVPN has over 50 million app downloads on Google Play

(Source: Google Play)

ExpressVPN android app ratings on Google Play

Its Android app has over 50 million downloads and 344,000 reviews.

For an app with such a massive number of downloads, it maintains a 4.4/5 rating. In comparison, it has a 4.7/5 rating from 279,400 reviews on Apple’s app store.

6. Kape Technologies acquired ExpressVPN in 2021 for $936 million

(Source: ExpressVPN, London Stock Exchange)

ExpressVPN was originally founded in 2009 by two friends, Peter Burchhardt and Dan Pomerantz who are technology entrepreneurs.

However, In September 2021, Kape Technologies took over ExpressVPN for $936 million.

About $237 million in Kape shares was given to the founders Dan Pomerantz and Peter Burchhardt.

In view of this, they got a 14% stake in Kape Technologies while $699 million was paid in cash over a period of two years.

7. ExpressVPN’s revenue increased by 37% in 2020

(Source: London Stock Exchange)

In 2020, ExpressVPN posted revenue of $279 million, up 37% from the previous year.

Its adjusted EBITDA of $75 million, up 35%.

In 2021, ExpressVPN recorded a revenue of $19 million.

In 2022, Kape says it anticipates cost savings of up to $19 million and about $30 million annually from 2023.

ExpressVPN user and demographic statistics

This list of ExpressVPN stats won’t make sense without any insight into its user demographic.

I mean, for a service that has over 50 million downloads on Google Play Store, it’s necessary.

So, who are those actively using the service and where are they from?

Let’s find out via the demographic statistics below:

8. It has more than 4 million worldwide users

(Source: ExpressVPN)

The VPN provider has subscribers in more than 180 countries of the world. Surprisingly, around 40% of them are from North America.

This rise in the number of its users is a result of the constant increase and quest for a secure online connection, especially in times like this where data breaches are on the rise.  

9. The United States has the highest number of traffic share on ExpressVPN

(Source: Similar Web)

ExpressVPN audience sources according to Similarweb

Users in the United States have shown the most interest in ExpressVPN as they have the highest number of traffic shares.

They have a share of 30.15% of the entire traffic in the world.

The United Kingdom is next with 6.42%. This is considerably low in comparison to that of the United States.

Canada has 4.57%, Australia has 4.13% while Russia has 3.13%.

10. ExpressVPN’s website recorded a total of 10 million visits in July 2023

(Source: Similar Web)

In March 2023, the ExpressVPN website recorded a visit of about 10.3 million.

 In April, it recorded a total of 9.5 million visits while in May, it recorded a total of 8.8 million visits.

Going by the number of total visits in March, ExpressVPN will record about 123.6 million yearly visits on its website and approximately 2.5 million visits every week.

However, there was a significant drop of about 7.63% since then as only 8.8 million visits were recorded as of May 2023.

The same figure remained in June, but in July, the website recorded 10 million visitors.

11. ExpressVPN’s largest age demographic is between 25-34 years old.

(Source: Similar Web)

ExpressVPN age demographic according to Similarweb

The number of a website’s audience can reveal how widely used and acceptable it is, especially among a certain age range.

ExpressVPN is most popular among users between the ages 25-34 as they send up to 31.65% of traffic to the website.

  • 18-24 have 25.10%
  • 35-44 have 19.17%
  • 45-54 have 11.98%
  • 55-64 with 7.34% and
  • 65+ have 4.76% of the entire traffic sent to the website.

12. Men are the largest audience on ExpressVPN’s website

(Source: Similar Web)

Men make up the largest audience on ExpressVPN as they are about 74.24%.

This shows that women aren’t that interested in the use of VPNs as they are only 25.76%.

This isn’t uncommon as other websites like NordVPN also have a record of a higher male audience.

13. Visitors stay for about 2 minutes on the ExpressVPN website

(Source: Similar Web)

According to Similar Web, users don’t spend much time on the ExpressVPN website as they only use about 02.18 minutes.

It recorded a bounce rate of 49.05%.

Interestingly, they somehow have an average of 3.50 pages for every visit.

14. ExpressVPN’s website ranking is 4022 in the United States and 7095 worldwide

(Source: Similar Web)

This global ranking shows how valuable ExpressVPN is across the world.

From March to July 2023, ExpressVPN has been experiencing a decline in its ranking.

As of now, its global ranking has risen from 7095 to 6312, having been as high as 6236 formerly.

In the United States, ExpressVPN currently ranks number 4022.

15. ExpressVPN website traffic mostly are organic

(Source: Similar Web)

In May 2023, 62.52% of the traffic to ExpressVPN’s website came from direct or organic searches.

This equals 5 million people visiting the website willingly.

In contrast, 37.48% came from paid searches. This includes 29% from Google search which totals about 2.4 million people, and 3% from YouTube, Reddit, and Facebook. This makes up over 251,000 people.

Furthermore, only 1% meaning about 96,000 people visited from email newsletters.

16. There are a few controversies surrounding the current owners of ExpressVPN

(Source: Restore Privacy)

Before 2018, Kape was known as Crossrider.

It was linked to malware and adware, and known for selling them or injecting software with them.

The company changed its name from Crossrider to Kape Technologies when it started buying VPNs.

This raised concern in people that knew of their past.

After acquiring ExpressVPN in 2021, the company also purchased a bunch of VPN review websites in order to change and boost its rankings.

Wrap up

One of the most obvious ExpressVPN facts to deduce is that it’s one of the top and most popular VPN service providers. Not only does it have quite a huge number of users, but it’s constantly growing.

It has its headquarters in the British Virgin Islands, a location that respects user privacy and is outside the 14 Eyes alliance countries.

Its Terms of Service and privacy policy are user-friendly and big on their user’s privacy which should interest users who are concerned with their internet security and privacy.

In all, these ExpressVPN statistics paint a pretty picture of the service, and it’s safe to say that it’s worth the hype it gets.


How many users use ExpressVPN?

At the moment, over 4 million users worldwide use ExpressVPN.

What is the market share of ExpressVPN?

In 2022, ExpressVPN has a 0.05% market share in the VPN market.

In May 2023, it recorded about 8.8 million visits. This VPN has garnered over 50 million downloads on Google Play Store with an estimated revenue of $19 million in 2021.

ExpressVPN is popular for many reasons including its security and privacy features, powerful unblocking capabilities, wide server network, and super-fast connection speed.

Also, there are a lot of positive reviews about it everywhere on the internet and this will interest any privacy-conscious internet user.


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