21 ChatGPT Statistics You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

chatgpt statistics

By now everyone has heard of ChatGPT, the AI chatbot launched in November which can answer complex questions in a human conversational style. Some believe it will make Google redundant and completely revolutionize education and the jobs market. Others think it is a fad that we’ll stop talking about by summer. However, what do the … Read more

Can a VPN Hack Your Bank Account? [and How to Stay Safe]

can vpn hack your bank account

Online banking is here to stay, so it’s only natural to be concerned about security. We’ve all heard horror stories of accounts being hacked. In fact, most people will experience at least one fraudulent transaction in their lifetime, among countless attempts. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of many tools touted for online security, … Read more

25 Eye-Opening Digital Footprint Statistics to Know in 2023

digital footprint statistics

Your digital footprint represents all the data and info you knowingly and unknowingly leave on the internet. It includes your social media and other web profiles, details you provide when registering for services, and other content you create and share.  It also includes your browsing habits, data on your devices, and sometimes, your location. Digital … Read more

How to Stay Safe When Shopping Online [The Ultimate Guide]

how to stay safe when shopping online

We all shop online but how many of us take extra security measures to stay safe? Considering online shopping fraud costs tens of billions a year, now might be the time to start! This guide explores the main online shopping risks and how you can fill up your virtual basket with confidence.   13 Tips for … Read more

We Tested The Refund Time of 20 VPNs To Find The Best [2023 Study]

vpn refund policy 2022

Using VPN protection can be mandatory for your online behaviour and the safety of your digital life. So, you have to choose a VPN software that fulfils your expectations and gives reliable support. First, a great VPN tool must cover all digital privacy concerns regarding your sensitive data and encrypt your connection from cyber threats … Read more

List of Geo-Restricted Games and How to Unblock Them [2023]

list of geo-restricted games

Many games have regional locks in place to prohibit their purchase and use in specific countries. But just because you can’t play them directly, doesn’t mean there aren’t workarounds! In this article, you’ll find a list of geo-restricted games together with five simple methods to gain access to them. Let’s get down to business! List … Read more