20+ NordVPN Statistics on Market Share, Traffic and User Base

nordvpn statistics

NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN services out there. It provides secure and private access to the internet for millions of users worldwide.  But just how successful is NordVPN, and what kind of market share does it hold?  In this article, we’ll dive deeply into the latest statistics and provide some interesting NordVPN … Read more

20+ Starlink Statistics Reveal Satelite Internet Is Here to Stay

starlink statistics

Starlink is a revolutionary satellite ISP developed by SpaceX that offers fast internet access to remote areas. With thousands of small, low-earth orbit satellites, it provides low-latency communication. As of March 2023, SpaceX, its parent company has already launched over 4,000 small satellites into low Earth orbit, with plans to launch tens of thousands more. … Read more

What Are the Most Data Consuming Websites? [Examples]

Most data consuming websites

The average American household consumes 586.7 GB every month. To put things into perspective, that would be enough to fully download Encyclopedia Britannica 500 times over. If you think that’s crazy, experts estimate that this uptrend in data usage will sustain in the foreseeable future. One of the reasons behind our growing voracious appetite for … Read more

18 Impressive ESPN Viewership Statistics to Know in 2023

espn viewership statistics

The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) has been a leader in US sports coverage since 1979. Today it has multiple basic cable channels, the ESPN+ streaming service, and a deluge of web content. These ESPN viewership statistics give a fascinating look at its rise and the current landscape of TV and streaming. Let’s jump … Read more

36 Fascinating Work From Home Statistics for 2023

work from home statistics

Working from home, telecommuting, or remote work, lets employees perform their professional activities from any location instead of commuting to a traditional office. This arrangement became a pervasive phenomenon in the modern workforce, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Companies and employees around the world adopted remote it as a means to maintain business continuity.  But … Read more

ExpressVPN Obfuscated Servers List [All You Need to Know]

expressvpn ofbuscated servers list

In countries like China, Russia, and Iran, internet censorship is a growing concern, with governments and ISPs blocking access to certain websites and online services.  However, a solution to this problem is through obfuscation, which disguises VPN traffic to bypass censorship and blocks.  ExpressVPN is one such provider that offers obfuscated servers to keep your … Read more

NordVPN: Is a Regular Server Faster Than a P2P Server? [Tested]

NordVPN Is Regular Server Faster Than P2P Server

NordVPN has an expansive peer-to-peer server network. As of writing, its peer-to-peer hardware fleet covers 47 out of the 60 countries and territories on which it has a footprint. Unlike other P2P service providers, NordVPN lets you route your peer-to-peer traffic on its regular hardware. So in reality, you can use this vendor’s entire network … Read more