Reverse Proxy Security Concerns & How to Protect Yourself

reverse proxy security concerns

A reverse proxy is vital for accelerating web and cloud applications. Moreover, businesses use it to secure critical systems against online attacks. But there’s a problem:  Reverse proxies handle sensitive information like personal data, payment details, user logins, etc. While this improves service delivery, cybercriminals consider it a high-value target. And you’ve got every reason … Read more

Fix ExpressVPN not Working with Apple TV [Tested 2023]

expressvpn not working with apple tv

Using a VPN with Apple TV is a sure way to bypass its geo-restrictions from any part of the world. Unfortunately, sometimes even reputable tools like ExpressVPN won’t work on Apple TV. But let’s face it: ExpressVPN is the best VPN you can use to get seamless unblocking with any streaming service. So why wouldn’t it work? … Read more

VPN Benefits and Usage for Travel

VPN for Travel

Beyond the well-known advantages of a VPN to protect your identity while being online, it also offers some distinct advantages to circumvent blocked access to popular social media sites that may otherwise not be available to you while on travel in individual countries. The control of information is a favorite tactic of many governments for … Read more