ClearVPN Review 2023 – Is ClearVPN Safe and Legit?

clearvpn review

Whether it’s bypassing geo-blocked content, avoiding ISP throttling, or protecting your privacy, VPNs are quickly becoming the norm.  ClearVPN is a relative newcomer to the market, having launched towards the end of 2020. In an overcrowded marketplace, what does it bring to the table?  This MacPaw software works on macOS, Windows, and mobile. It also … Read more

Private Relay Review: Better or Worse Than a VPN?

iCloud Plus Private Relay VPN

Apple decided to advance its Internet privacy focus by adding some additional features to its premium cloud service which is now rebranded as iCloud Plus. The features included are Private Relay – similar in many ways to a VPN, Hide My Email – burner email feature that allows you to create single-use junk email addresses, … Read more

PrivadoVPN for PC [Review]- Is It Close to What You Expect?

PrivadoVPN for PC review

If PrivadoVPN piqued your interest, you should better consult a comprehensive review like this one before entrusting the provider with your data or purchasing a subscription. The VPN service was launched in 2019 and is a pretty recent addition to the VPN industry, compared to other popular services that have been around for many years. … Read more

Google Fi VPN Review – Is it Good Enough?

Google Fi VPN full review

If you’re already a Google Fi subscriber or plan to get a subscription, you should know that the service comes bundled with a built-in VPN that we described in this review. Google Fi is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) wireless telecommunications service that offers telephone calls, SMS, and mobile broadband. The service was launched … Read more

What is McAfee Safe Connect VPN: Full Review | Do I Need It?

McAfee Safe Connect VPN is a VPN service based in the US and developed by the American security software company McAfee Corp. which is already known for its antivirus software. This VPN is available for Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems, but here we’ll review the McAfee Safe Connect VPN for Windows 10 version. Nowadays, … Read more

Planet VPN Review — Is the Freemium Worth It?

Planet VPN review

Planet VPN (formerly known as RUSVPN) is a freemium VPN service based in Romania. Created in 2017, it has managed to attract quite a following over the years. On paper, the free plan does sound pretty good: No registration needed, no traffic or speed limits, and excellent unblocking capabilities. That’s why we decided to put … Read more