ExtremeVPN Review - Is This VPN Newcomer Any Good?

Find all you need to know: features, speed, pricing and more

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ExtremeVPN Review

Before writing this ExtremeVPN review, I extensively tested its features and performance to tell you if it is as good as it seems. So if you want to make sure whether this is the VPN for you, keep reading.

At first glance, ExtremeVPN seems to offer impressive security, privacy, torrenting, and streaming features at an affordable price.

While it is a newcomer in the industry, it is gaining popularity rapidly and giving established services a run for their money.

Is it the real deal, or is it all just hot air? I extensively tested ExtremeVPN to determine if it is up to the task. Also, I checked the privacy policy to see if it is really private.

ExtremeVPN Overview

Before we dive deep, let’s see a quick overview of what it offers:

ProtocolsOpenVPN TCP/UDP, WireGuard, IKEv2, L2tp/IPSec, SSTP
Split tunnelingYes
Keeps logs?No
Kill switchYes
Simultaneous connections10
Support24/7 Live chat, Email, tickets, Online setup guides and troubleshooting tips
Money-back guarantee30 days
Cheapest plan$3.29
Value for money9/10

Now, let’s get into more details.


Extreme offers all the features you might need in a VPN. From robust tunneling protocols to advanced security features, we’ll meticulously examine each element and shed light on its purpose and effectiveness.

This VPN covers you whether you seek anonymity, protection from online threats, or a seamless streaming experience.

Military-grade encryption

ExtremeVPN employs AES 256-bit encryption, a cutting-edge algorithm that is uncrackable even with the most advanced cryptanalysis.

➡️ It will convert your data into unreadable gibberish, which can only be decrypted by the correct key. As a result, third parties cannot intercept your traffic or monitor your online activities.


A kill switch is an essential security feature, as it will cut off your traffic if the VPN connection drops.

➡️ This prevents your IP address and private data from leaking from the secure VPN tunnel.

The ExtremeVPN kill switch (Always on) is reliable and works as long as the VPN is active.

Split tunneling

extremevpn split tunneling

This feature allows you to route part of your traffic outside the VPN secure tunnel.

For example, you can access your banking app on your local network and unblock Netflix with the VPN. Unfortunately, it is only available on Windows and Android apps.


For those living in countries that restrict VPN usage, ExtremeVPN’s built-in obfuscation feature will be helpful.

It will mask your VPN traffic, making it look like you are browsing on regular HTTPS traffic.

➡️ Nonetheless, you will get all the VPN benefits, like encrypted connections and bypassing geo-restrictions, but no one will know you are using it.

What’s more, ExtremeVPN has a domain fronting feature that uses distinct domain names to mask your actual domain.

➡️ This makes it even harder to block the sites you visit, allowing you to bypass blocked content from anywhere.

Server network

extremevpn servers

ExtremeVPN has a large VPN server network with over 6,500 servers in more than 78 countries across Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

Having extensive global coverage is ideal. It helps avoid server overloads which can cause slow connections.

Another advantage of a wide server network is that it helps you bypass geo-restrictions.

Also worth noting is that ExtremeVPN self-manages its server infrastructure. This means better overall security and privacy, as your online activity when you use the VPN cannot be accessed by any third party.

When it comes to server architecture, while most ExtremeVPN servers are physical, some are virtual.

As opposed to physical servers which assign you the IP address of the country they’re actually located in, these servers assign you an IP address of a different country.

They come in handy in VPN-unfriendly jurisdictions like China and India.

While great for bypassing censorship, it’s important to note that virtual servers can be slower.


Is ExtremeVPN fast enough? Let’s find out.

We tested the speed on servers in different locations, and you’ll see that the rates are impressive.

➡️ First, we measured our connection speed without the VPN to establish the base speed, which was 211.44 Mbps download speed, 235.27 Mbps upload speed, and ping of 11ms.

The table below shows server performances in different locations.

? Server location? Download speed? Upload speed⚡️ Ping
▶ No VPN211.44 Mbps235.27 Mbps11 ms
▶ London (our location)200.89 Mbps220.01 Mbps17 ms
▶ Dublin196.37 Mbps219.15 Mbps23 ms
▶ New York167.58 Mbps181.73 Mbps39 ms
▶ Sydney97.41 Mbps101.06 Mbps115 ms

As you see from the table, the speeds are impressive, even on faraway servers like Sydney, which is 16,980 km from our location. The drop in speed is minimal, so it won’t affect your data-intensive online activities like streaming, downloading torrents, or gaming.

❗ However, you should know that factors like your operating system, location, and internet speed, can affect speed rates.

Unfortunately, ExtremeVPN doesn’t show the load capacity on each server like some of its competitors. So you can’t know how crowded a server is before you connect to it.

However, it does have a quick-connect feature that will automatically find the fastest server based on your location and starting speed.

extreme vpn recommended location

➡️ As a result, you might get inconsistent speed if you connect to an overcrowded one. This is why we recorded a 15.5% reduction in New York despite being only 5,560 km from our location.

All in all, ExtremeVPN consistently maintains remarkably fast speeds, even on distant servers.


A VPN’s transmission protocols influence the speed and safety of your connection. ExtremeVPN employs fast and secure tunneling protocols to route your data over the network.

They include:

  • OpenVPN – This is an open-source and highly secure tunneling protocol with UDP and TCP options. UDP is faster, while TCP is more secure.
  • WireGuard – The newest tunneling protocol in the industry hailed for its improved speed and security. It is available on all ExtremeVPN versions.
  • IKEv2 – This robust tunneling protocol is popular for its security, versatility, and consistent speed. It is ideal for mobile devices.
  • SSTP – Another reliable VPN protocol that is known for its speed and stability.
  • L2TP/IPSec – It pairs L2TP and IPSec for better encryption and authentication. However, it is outdated and not as fast as the other options.


When it comes to privacy, ExtremeVPN is a trustworthy VPN service.

First, the provider is based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), a privacy-friendly jurisdiction. The country doesn’t have mandatory data retention laws and extensive surveillance initiatives, making it ideal for a VPN headquarters.

Also, it isn’t a member of the 5/9/14 Eye Alliance, a group of countries that collect and share user data for intelligence purposes.

Second, ExtremeVPN adheres to a strict no-logs policy. This means it doesn’t collect personally identifiable information like your IP address. Browsing history, DNS requests, or session timestamps are also completely private.

This is also evident from the VPN’s Data not collected tag on the Apple App Store.

extremevpn app privacy in apple appstore

However, it collects your name and email address for service maintenance purposes.

Is ExtremeVPN safe?

A VPN that cannot protect against leaks isn’t trustworthy. These leaks happen when some DNS requests route outside the secure tunnel.

  • IP leaks – This happens when the VPN cannot mask your IP address, which can then be used to track your online activities and location.
  • DNS leaks – The translation of the IP addresses to the domain name should occur inside the secure tunnel. If it happens outside, your data will be exposed.
  • WebRTC leaks – The WebRTC technology eliminates the need for plug-ins, enabling you to make calls directly on your browser. If not protected, it can reveal your IP address, compromising your identity.

This can reveal your private information, like your IP address, compromising your security and privacy. Fortunately, we didn’t see any leaks from our tests.

extremevpn ip and dns leak results

As you can see, the DNS requests and IP addresses match the VPN server. This means ExtremeVPN effectively hides your identity, location, and online activity.

Is ExtremeVPN good for streaming and torrenting?

extremevpn streaming netflix us

ExtremeVPN offers various streaming and torrenting features, like a large server network, strong encryption, fast-speed servers, and impressive unblocking capability.


ExtremeVPN is a decent choice for streaming. It can unblock popular streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, etc. Also, the massive network of fast-speed servers will enable you to stream your favorite content from anywhere worldwide.


ExtremeVPN has a good reputation for torrenting. It offers dedicated torrenting servers that provide fast speeds to download and upload BitTorrent files.

The VPN also uses a robust encryption algorithm to protect your torrenting traffic from prying eyes.


ExtremeVPN is one of the most affordable VPN services on the market. It offers three price tiers that include:

  • Monthly – $10.59/month
  • Six months – $5.15/month
  • Annual subscription – $3.29/month

It supports PayPal and credit card payment methods.

Also, the plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to test the service before committing to a long-term subscription.


Unlock the internet’s full potential with ExtremeVPN. Browse, stream, and download with confidence!
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ExtremeVPN Review – Verdict

ExtremeVPN is an ideal service for browsing anonymously and protecting your online connections. Also, it is excellent at beating censorship, allowing you to unblock streaming platforms in many regions worldwide.

Moreover, the impressive speed even on distant servers, effective kill switch, robust encryption, and protection against all leaks make it worth considering.

However, the VPN requires a few improvements to make it better. For example, the provider should introduce a cryptocurrency payment method for anonymous subscriptions.

Adding a multi-hop feature (double VPN) will provide more security and privacy. Also, an ad-blocker would be a great addition to prevent malicious and intrusive ads.

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