10 Best Rotating Proxy Providers [I tested 35+ Vendors]

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best rotating proxy

Are you searching for the best rotating proxy providers? I know how tough it can be in an already flooded market.

But count yourself lucky.

I’ve worked with tons of vendors over the past five years. So, I can recommend the most reliable ones with confidence. 

For this review, I went out of my way to test 35+ proxy providers. My evaluation was based on: 

  • Ease of use
  • Network coverage
  • Reliability
  • Pricing
  • Customer support 

You’ll also find a buyer’s guide to help you in decision-making. Ready? Let’s get down to business.

Best rotating proxies

Below rounds up the best rotating proxy vendors on the market. 

What is a rotating proxy?

A rotating proxy is a remote server that changes the client’s IP addresses when processing internet requests. This happens automatically or within the time frame set by the user.  

The constant shift of IPs helps with improving your privacy and security. As such, this makes it difficult for web services to track your activities.

Rotating proxies come from either residential or data center sources. The first option belongs to real user devices, making them more expensive.

The second alternative comprises IPs virtually generated in bulk from data centers. As such, it’s more affordable and suitable for scaling projects on demand.

Other providers also offer mobile proxies originating from 3G/4G/5G carriers. While they’re versatile for scrapping complex websites, their prices are steep.

Now, scoot over, and let’s explore the providers up close.

Rotating proxy service reviews

As I said, finding a reliable vendor for rotating proxies is challenging. But my findings below should help you narrow down your choices.


Smartproxy is a robust, budget-friendly solution for rotating proxies. It offers over 65 million IPs, including residential, mobile, and data centers.

The vendor sources its proxy addresses from vetted and clean sources. This ensures they’re spam-free, which wins trust on the web.

Getting onboard is super simple, thanks to the easy registration process. You’ll also find a clean user dashboard that’s novice-friendly.

Under the hood, you get advanced targeting to leap between 195+ locations worldwide. Configuring regions and targeting zip codes in areas like the United States is easy.

There’s the option of choosing a random rotation of proxies. However, I preferred the ability to swap IPs using sticky sessions more.

Mobile proxies take things up a notch with access to 700+ carriers globally. You can filter queries by operating system, internet service provider (ISP), and country level.

And it gets better. 

Network uptime during my tests was 100%, better than the company’s 99.99% promise. Moreover, the average response time of less than a second was amazing.

The success rate of requests is equally worth your attention. I got an average of 99.50%, which ranks among the industry’s best.

But Smartproxy doesn’t stop there. 

The vendor provides nifty tools to make your work easier. These include a dedicated X Browser for creating multiple profiles with unique fingerprints.

There are also dedicated extensions for web browsers like Chrome and Firefox. This ensures you keep your device clutter-free by avoiding unwanted software installations.

Additionally, the endpoint code generator is ideal if you’re a developer. It’s compatible with scripts such as cURL, Python, NodeJS, PHP, and Go.

Apart from that, I had the best experience when it comes to customer support. The agents are available on chat 24/7 and always ready to help.

The starting price of $4.5/GB suits beginners and experts. A 3-day free trial is available to test the service without worries.


Benefit from affordable pricing, a vast global network, and high-quality features with Smartproxy.


Oxylabs is a top-of-the-range rotating proxy vendor for businesses of all sizes. It boasts wide network coverage of over 100 million IPs in 195+ countries.

The provider’s IP sources are clean, on encountering bans and online CAPTCHAs won’t be a thing.

Automatic proxy rotation is available out of the box. Still, you can configure sticky sessions for up to 30 minutes. 

One thing I liked about the proxies is they’re fast, averaging response times of 0.6 seconds. Moreover, my tests show Oxylabs has a near 100% success rate. 

Multiple connection protocols are available onboard, starting with HTTP for web scrapping. There are also HTTPS and SOCKS5 for tasks that require secure connections, like social media management.

geo-location settings oxylabs

Geo-targeting comes in handy for narrowing down your activities to specific regions. Oxylabs currently offers targeting by countries, cities, and zip codes.

There’s more.

Oxylabs offers dedicated data center proxies. These come with non-shared resources available to you for superior performance. 

Its $180/month starting price might scare away most users. But you can go for shared data center, mobile, and residential proxies that cost from $10/month.

Away from pricing, using Oxylab’s web unblocker is pure bliss. From experience, it’s developer-friendly and supports different integrations like Java, NodeJS, GO, etc. 

The application processing interface (API) is equally worth the mention. You can pair it with third-party software, perfect for SEO, market intelligence, and bulk data scrapping.   

But that’s not all. 

The vendor provides a dedicated extension for Chromium-based browsers. Additionally, there’s a proxy rotator for switching data center IPs on the fly.   

The free proxy manager for Android is another tool that impressed me. You can use it alongside any other service other than Oxylabs. 

Sounds good, right? 

Customer support is equally impressive. The agents are generous and handle technical issues with speed.


NetNut is another rotating proxy provider with a vast global reach. Its network comprises over 52 million proxies available in 200+ countries.

The service supports multiple connection protocols. These include HTTP for speed, and HTTPS and SOCKS5 for secure connectivity. 

Scaling tasks with NetNut is a walk in the park. You can launch unlimited simultaneous requests for running infinite tasks.

I also found the proxy generator useful if you’re running short of time. It can create proxies based on coding languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.

netnut's proxy generator

But wait, there’s more.   

NetNut’s network uptime is among the industry’s best at 99.99%. Furthermore, it employs a hybrid peer-to-peer (P2P) and ISP-based architecture for robust performance.

One-hop connectivity turbocharges the speeds by providing a direct connection to proxies. Likewise, it guarantees lower latency and high reliability to run tasks efficiently.  

True to that, quick checks generated response times averaging 0.5 seconds. The 99.95% success rate of requests was equally good as well. 

The rotating proxies additionally come with anti-bot detection and a bypasser for CAPTCHAs. With this, you will access websites like regular users and unblock geo-restricted content.

Besides that, the user dashboard is intuitive and user-friendly. It even has a dark mode to shield your eyes from screen glare. 

Customer support doesn’t fall short of impressive. They’re available 24/7 via WhatsApp, Skype, Discord, and live chat.

Sadly, the starting price of $300/month for rotating proxies needs deep pockets. This is ideal for agencies, professionals, and enterprises.

The good thing is you can request a 7-day trial to test the waters.

Bright Data

Bright Data is a leading enterprise-grade rotating proxy provider on the market. It has over 350 million IPs, which is second to none.

Even with such a large network, the 99.99% uptime is exceptional. The success rate for scraping the web is just as good.

You can target any country based on cities, zip codes, and mobile carriers. There’s also room to restrict your choice of operating systems as well.

Scaling up your queries won’t be a problem with unlimited concurrent requests. Moreover, support for longer sessions ensures you obtain accurate data. 

The proxy manager is another thing that’s cool about this service. It helps access all your proxies, automate queries, and troubleshoot issues.

Here’s where it gets exciting. 

Bright Data has readily available datasets to help you save time and money. These cover different industries and popular platforms like Amazon, TikTok, Linkedin, etc.

bright data dataset templates

This vendor also provides prebuilt templates to gather data. Alternatively, you can create yours from scratch with zero coding skills.

Developers can make good use of the scrapping browser to automate web scraping. Unfortunately, it’s barebones and doesn’t come close to Smartproxy’s X Browser.

The good thing is Bright Data has volumes of documentation for its services. These include FAQs, how-to guides, and a dedicated YouTube channel

On the downside, the vendor doesn’t provide live chat support. This can be a deal breaker if you value speedy problem resolution. 

But the volume-based pricing might convince you to jump on board. Plans start from $0.6/GB, which is attractive to everyone. 

Even with the low pricing, the company has a 7-day trial to explore everything.


IPRoyal home page

IPRoyal is another pocket-friendly provider of rotating proxies. Its prices start from $1.39/proxy, which includes unlimited traffic for worry-free web scraping.

The provider has a pool of over 8 million IPs available in 195+ countries. Like other vendors, it ethically sources them from premium suppliers worldwide.

All proxies support the SOCKS5 connection protocol by default. This helps provide superior security and privacy when scraping the internet.

Session control is available to configure the frequency of switching proxies. As usual, you can choose between sticky and time-based rotations

The 99.9% network uptime is almost on par with the big dogs. Additionally, the 99.8% success rate is among the best I’ve come across.

In case you’re not impressed, make good use of the proxy tester tool. I like that it highlights issues affecting the service for quick problem resolution. 

For example, you can check if proxies are offline, incompatible, slow, etc. Doing so enables you to eliminate bottlenecks that might slow you down.

Moving on, IPRoyal provides extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox. These help you use the service without the need to access your account. 

The subscription plans are worth revisiting as well. You can go with residential, data center, and mobile proxies.

There are three different pricing models available. These include the following:

  • Volume-based – From $1.75/GB
  • Proxy-based – From $1.39/proxy
  • Unlimited – From $81/month  

You’ll also find sneaker proxies for hardcore sneakerheads starting from $1/proxy. These provide endless rotations to buy multiple shoes in stores that limit purchases.

Should problems arise, customer support is always available to help. The agents are efficient and always willing to go the extra mile to resolve issues.

Overall, IPRoyal is suitable for users working with a tight budget. Just choose the pricing model that works for you, and you’ll be good to go.


soax home page

SOAX is a lesser-known provider on the market. But it has one of the largest networks around.

The company has over 190 million IPs, including residential, mobile, and ISP proxies. They’re spam-free and effective for everyday web scrapping tasks.

Speaking of which, SOAX’s network has a success rate of 99.55%. Its almost 0.5-second response time is exceptional as well.

The service offers unlimited concurrent connections to scale up tasks hassle-free. Additionally, you can seamlessly configure sticky and rotating sessions per your needs.  

Geo-targeting is available to limit your scope of research to a few regions. The options include targeting by country, city, and internet service provider.

Additionally, there are multiple connection protocols at your disposal. HTTP and SOCKS5 make website scraping easy, while UDP proxies can boost output.

And that’s not all.

Make the web unblocker your friend if you’re into bulk data scrapping. It’s perfectly designed to evade geo-blocks, anti-bot systems, and CAPTCHAs. 

The good news? Unlike other vendors, SOAX only charges successful results, which saves you money.

You get a developer-friendly application programming interface (API) to turbocharge projects. It supports automation, real-time data gathering, and multiple device compatibility.

Exporting results using file formats like HTML, JSON, and CSV is convenient. This allows instant processing using third-party tools and viewing for later. 

Apart from the features, SOAX customer support has a near 5-star rating. While the agents are helpful, they’re only accessible during business hours.    

Fortunately, the vendor’s knowledge base can help while you wait. It has a good number of articles covering almost everything about the service.

Pricing plans start from $99/month. There’s also a $3.99 paid trial for a glimpse into the service.


froxy homepage

If you’re looking for rotating mobile proxies, get Froxy. The service has over 8 million of them in 200+ countries. 

These belong to real user devices for enhanced trust and anonymity online. As such, you’ll appreciate bypassing anti-bot systems and CAPTACHAs when scraping. 

The IP rotation takes place at random intervals. But you can configure sticky sessions of up to 20 minutes.

Connections are compatible with both HTTPS and SOCKS5 for maximum reliability. Moreover, the vendor assures you of a 99.99% uptime, which holds up as promised. 

Speeds are fast, averaging response times of about half a second. And it doesn’t slack even when running unlimited concurrent connections.  

But there’s a cap of 1,000 open ports to uphold the quality of service. While this can be limiting to some users, it’s necessary for consistency.

Here comes the best part. 

You can geo-target down to any country, region, city, and mobile operator. Even better, the option to target other non-mobile broadband operators intrigued me. 

Froxy also supports tons of integrations with third-party tools. These comprise proxy managers, scrapers, social media tools, sneaker bots, etc.

Such compatibility gives you freedom of choice instead of being locked to their service. In my case, it enabled me to change proxy vendors without switching tools.

Customer support is always ready to assist 24/7. I found the agents friendly and offered quick responses to my issues. 

As for pricing, mobile proxies start from $81/month. Others include residential, fast, and mobile proxies+ that cost $60/month, $70/month and $81/month, respectively.


nimble homepage

Nimbleway is an all-in-one provider for multiple use case proxies. Available services include residential, data center, and mobile proxy plans.

This vendor stands apart from the competition when it comes to speed. It averages response times of 0.25/second alongside an impressive 99.9% success rate.

The service supports unlimited concurrent connections to scale up whenever necessary. It also employs artificial intelligence (AI) to match proxies to your needs.

Additionally, the AI optimizes requests by rotating IPs when required. The outcome is superior reliability with fewer dropped sessions. 

Still, you can have greater control by configuring the time for proxy hopping. Nimbleway additionally allows restricting connections to a certain group of IP addresses for better performance.

I have barely scratched the surface. 

Speed is not the only area where this vendor shines. It has the widest network coverage, comprising 250+ countries. 

This means you can virtually geo-target any region down to the city level with precision. In doing so, you’ll improve the quality of data for better decision-making. 

Then, there’s Nimble Browser, which works almost similarly to Smartproxy’s X Browser. It supports multiple profiles with unique fingerprints, built-in proxies, task automation, and more.

A powerful enterprise-grade usage monitor is the icing on the cake. It tracks your activities and provides real-time reports to streamline projects.

Other than that, customer support from this vendor is decent. The company provides one-on-one engagements via video call. 

The available knowledge base is also well-detailed and extensive. Scrolling through the articles is easy, including a search box to find solutions quickly. 

But you’ll have to dig deeper to go with Nimbleway. Prices start from $255/month if you wish to enjoy this super-fast rotating proxy provider.


Limeproxies is a simple yet effective rotating proxy service for lightweight web scraping. It offers over 40 million IPs, mostly across the United States and Europe. 

The proxies are clean and spam-free for evading online anti-block systems. This also reduces the failure rate for efficient data gathering.

Limeproxies also provides you with a dedicated pool of IPs. But you can only use up to 25 addresses simultaneously. 

There are 300+ subnets within Limeproxies’ network. Altogether, they streamline connectivity by routing connections through efficient channels. 

Speeds reach upwards of 1,000 Gbps, more than you’ll ever need. This makes Limeproxies good for regular internet browsing and downloading files like a VPN.

The proxies are highly anonymous, which helps to keep your activities private. You can also refresh the list with alternative ones for superior privacy. 

You get SOCKS5 to secure your traffic when scraping the internet. It’s compatible with UDP and TCP protocols for smoother connectivity.

Proxy rotations take place in the background with zero effort from you. Alternatively, you can change the frequency of switching IPs whenever necessary.

limeproxies user management

Limeproxies support for multiple accounts makes it easier to work with a team. Simply invite a member via email to be part of your network. 

Not to forget, there’s an option to assign roles per your needs. The available ones comprise Standard and Admin at the time of writing.

On the downside, the service doesn’t provide live chat support. But you can request help via phone, email, WhatsApp, etc.   

There’s nothing much to talk about the knowledge base. It only has a few articles covering basic troubleshooting issues. 

As for the prices, plans start from $6/month. A free trial is available via request to evaluate the service.


infatica homepage

Infatica is among the most notable rotating proxy providers in the industry. Founded in 2019, it has a strong focus on privacy and delivering high-quality services. 

The $96/month starting price suggests it targets small-business and enterprise users. But if you’re curious, there’s a $1.99 3-day trial at your disposal.

This service comes with slightly above 15 million proxies in 150+ countries. These support SOCKS5, compatible with UDP/TCP protocols for enhanced connectivity.

IP rotation happens automatically in the background while you work. You can modify this behavior by adjusting the time with 5-minute increments up to 60 minutes.   

Infatica supports geo-targeting like most proxy service providers. Some filtering options include country, region, city, state, and more.

Every plan comes with assigned bandwidth to perform tasks. Still, the service supports unlimited simultaneous connections to speed up bulk projects.

The service offers a developer-friendly scraper API if you desire to be in control. Of course, you need some coding knowledge to use it appropriately.

Infatica’s service goes beyond solving CAPTCHAs and evading anti-bot systems. It can render sites that rely on JavaScript, which most proxies fail to crawl. 

You can export data using multiple output formats like CSV, XLSX, and JSON. These are machine-readable, making them easy to read and perform manual edits. 

Despite the high prices, customer support is basic at best. You can only seek help during business hours.

The knowledge base isn’t detailed, either. You may end up alone if things go wrong. 

Overall, it’s an excellent choice for advanced users with a big budget. However, you can also explore the service courtesy of the paid trial.

Now, to something more important.

How to use a rotating proxy service

Using a rotating proxy service is easier than you’d think. As you’ve read above, most vendors provide intuitive tools to get you started.

A good example is Smartproxy, which provides a page to configure the service. All you need to do is choose an authentication method, geolocation, session type, and connection protocol.  

From here, you can integrate your list of proxies to other third-party tools for scraping. Popular ones comprise ScrapeBox, Octoparse, and Helium

Alternatively, almost all vendors offer customizable APIs for automating tasks. While you can refer to the vendors’ documentation, basic coding skills are vital.

Still spoilt for choice? I can help.

How to choose a rotating proxy provider?

If you’re still undecided, use this guide to narrow your choices:

Network coverage

Ensure you shortlist providers that have a wide network availability. You can tell this by looking at the number of countries vendors cover.

Good examples include Nimbleway, NetNut, and Smartproxy, which have proxies in 195+ territories. Going for such services enables you to scrape data extensively across the globe. 

However, affordable providers like Limeproxies should work if you’re only interested in fewer regions. They’re also more affordable than their bigger rivals with larger coverage.

IP pool size

A larger IP pool size gives you endless opportunities to rotate addresses aggressively. Without it, you risk getting caught by anti-bot systems for overusing similar proxies.

With its 350 million IPs, Bright Data has an edge over its rivals. Anything above 100 million is still worth your money.

But be aware of providers that limit IP usage. An example is Limeproxy’s 25 proxies restriction, which might slow your tasks.


Performance is vital when shopping for a rotating proxy provider. Slow services increase the chances of ending up with stale and outdated data.

This applies in sectors like ecommerce, where product prices change every second. In such a case, Nibleway’s 0.25-second response time is what you need.

But if it’s for fairly static data such as SEO, go with any proxy vendor. The good thing is most have an average response rate of about a second.


Imagine using a mobile carrier whose network coverage keeps switching on and off. It can be annoying, right? 

The same will happen if you choose an unreliable rotating proxy vendor. For instance, a 0.1% downtime equals 43 minutes of no service in a month.

So, choose a vendor with an uptime guarantee of 99.95% and above. Thankfully,  there are quite a number, like Smartproxy, Froxy, NetNut, etc.

Customer support

Sometimes, things can fail to work regardless of your experience with rotating proxies. When this happens, only support can come to your rescue. 

Again, Smartproxy’s and NetNut’s 24/7 live chat assistance appeal more here. You’re assured of speedy responses even for technical issues. 

Regardless, never shy away from checking a vendor’s knowledge base. The solution you’re looking for might just be a single click away.


The amount you’re willing to spend also matters. If you’re on a budget, consider using the free trials for lightweight tasks.

Paid trials are a good option, especially for premium providers like SOAX and Infatica. They’re worth checking out before committing to expensive pricing plans.


You came here searching for the best rotating proxy provider. Now you’re leaving with more than ten options to choose from. 

Before you choose, ensure you go through the buyer’s guide once more. While at it, evaluate the services, your needs, and budget. 

Overall, I hope my reviews above have been of help. That said, I will leave you to make the decision.

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