10 Best SEO Proxy Providers in 2024 [I Tested 25]

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the best seo proxy providers

I have been in the SEO industry for 5 years now.

One thing I’ve learned is that outranking rivals on Google is tough. 

The good news? An SEO proxy can help.

You can use it to scrape the web and gather intelligence about competitors. Moreover, you’ll appreciate gathering bulk data without interruptions. 

So, I tested over 20 providers and found the 10 best proxy services to turbocharge your SEO. The following serves as the basis for my analysis: 

  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Customer support
  • Pricing

Let’s find the ideal solution for you.

Best SEO proxy services

Below is a quick round-up of the top SEO proxy services right now: 

  • Smartproxy – Best overall
  • Oxylabs – Best for bigger teams
  • IPRoyal – Best for bulk scraping
  • Bright Data – Best for advanced users
  • NetNut – Best for enterprises
  • PrivateProxy – Best for personal use
  • Infatica – Best for small businesses
  • SOAX – Best for freelancers
  • ProxyEmpire – Best for website owners
  • Rayobyte – Best for lightweight tasks

But in case you’re wondering…

What is an SEO proxy?

An SEO proxy is a remote server designed for search engine optimization tasks. These include keyword research, rank tracking, data gathering, etc.

It offers tons of rotating IP addresses to make your activities look genuine. This reduces the risk of getting banned by Google, Bing, Yandex, and others. 

Furthermore, you’ll enjoy maximum privacy when snooping on the competition. So you can sail past rivals and achieve your SEO goals faster.

Now let’s dive into the details.

SEO Proxy service reviews

There are various proxy SEO providers on the market. Below are the top 10 worth considering.


Smartproxy is a great choice for SEO that checks all the boxes. It offers over 65 million IPs, reliable performance, and affordable pricing.

Like its rivals, it keeps the user dashboard simple and novice-friendly. Everything is accessible under an easy-to-navigate menu for convenience.

You can also find help from here with just the click of a button. You get a vast knowledge base and live chat customer support. 

Smartproxy shines on features: 

You get X Browser to manage multiple user profiles for accessing the web. These are customizable based on operating systems, device screen sizes, languages, etc.

smartproxy unique fingerprints for each session

Every account you add has unique fingerprints to improve online privacy. As such, targeting different market segments and geographies won’t be a problem. 

Smartproxy also provides add-ons/extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox. With this, you can use its SEO servers without changing browsers.

A scraping API is also available to accelerate your workflow. It shares striking similarities with the one Oxylabs provides. 

All it takes is a few clicks to automate tasks in a few clicks. There’s also room to customize the queries based on keywords, related terms, and topics.

That’s not all:

Tests show the scraping API is great at evading anti-proxy systems. That way, you can gather your data with speed and precision.

The service supports exporting data in HTML and JSON formats. This makes it easy to publish custom pages on your site in bulk.

Smartproxy doesn’t slack when it comes to support either. You get live chat assistance even for the most complex of issues. 

I also found its knowledge base articles to be in simple, easy-to-understand English. Unfortunately, translations are only available in Chinese at this time. 

The pricing is flexible, starting from $8.5/GB. Likewise, there are monthly subscriptions for heavy and long-term users.



Enjoy a high-performing solution in an easy-to-use package with Smartproxy.


Oxylabs is a top-notch vendor with a reputable name in the industry. It’s well-known for providing high-quality proxies for personal, business, and enterprise use.

The company boasts a pool of over 100 million IP addresses. These include residential, mobile, and data center proxies to perform tasks at scale.

Oxylabs sources them from legitimate suppliers to ensure you maintain privacy while evading detection and blocks. Additionally, its SEO proxy service employs machine learning to solve CAPTCHAs.

A dedicated search engine results page (SERP) API screams bells and whistles. It’s designed to gather real-time results from the web with speed. 

geo-location settings oxylabs

You can optimize it to get country data down to the city level. Besides, it simulates any device to enhance the accuracy of your findings. 

The scheduler is another thing that I liked about this proxy for SEO. As the name suggests, you can automate tasks to run without supervision.

I also found the custom parser helpful for configuring special instructions. It’s a must-have for exacting data from competitor websites using custom-tailored commands.  

There’s bulk scraping support for up to a thousand URLs at once. Moreover, you can process tasks in batches at different time intervals as necessary.

Multiple options are available to export data, like Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. Or you can save the results on your device’s local storage for later. 

And it gets better:

Getting started is pretty straightforward, thanks to the intuitive user dashboard. Everything you need is within reach to make your work easier. 

A quick start guide is present if you’re a beginner. You can also find more by checking out the vendor’s well-detailed help pages. 

Live chat support is always ready to assist in case you get stuck. The agents are friendly, fast, and handle technical issues without breaking a sweat. 

Pricing starts from $15/month for the SEO proxies. But you can get more with the SERP Scraper API from $45/month.


IPRoyal home page

IPRoyal is a reliable proxy provider that’s suitable for lightweight SEO tasks. It has 150+ data centers and over eight million IPs, perfect for bulk scraping. 

The vendor’s user dashboard is user-friendly and quick to master. Everything is within reach, which makes it ideal for both beginners and experts.

From my experience, residential proxies are your best pick for SEO. They offer IPs from real-user devices, capable of evading bans and CAPTCHAs.

Unlike Oxylabs, IPRoyal has no limits on the number of crawlable URLs. Obviously, the more you load onto the proxies, the slower they become. 

Finding accurate information is easier through location targeting. You can gather data across 195+ countries down to the city level.

Furthermore, there’s the option of using sticky and rotating sessions. The first one uses one IP for a longer duration, while the second switches them randomly.  

Here’s where it gets interesting: 

You can scrape the web and embed data on your site unattended. Also known as programmatic SEO, you can take advantage of it to bulk publish content.

WordPress users stand to benefit the most as it requires zero coding knowledge. All you need is a plugin like WP All Import, and you’re good to go.  

This way, you can target thousands of low-competition keywords to boost rankings. 

Apart from that, IPRoyal’s customer support is fast and responsive. The agents are available round the clock to make it better. 

The vendor’s quick-start guide section is another area to seek help. It’s regularly updated with fresh content to keep users in the loop. 

The best of all? Prices. 

IPRoyal users a traffic-based model in its pricing plans. You get to pay pocket-friendly prices starting from $1.75/GB.

Bright Data

If you’re an SEO expert who’s more hands-on, get Bright Data. Formerly known as Luminati, it offers robust tools for outsmarting rivals in the SERP. 

To start with, you’ll find a scraping browser to supercharge data gathering. But it’s barebones and requires coding skills to execute tasks successfully. 

Luckily, Bright Data offers pre-built templates and detailed documentation if you’re willing to learn. It includes text, images, and videos to ease the burden.  

The service supports scaling by configuring unlimited web browser scrapers. Furthermore, there are zero limits on the number of URLs to crawl.

You can choose between static and rotational IPs from over 72 million addresses. The vendor was also generous enough to include CAPTCHA solving and fingerprinting.

It doesn’t stop there:

bright data debugger and activity log tracker

I found the debugger and activity log great for troubleshooting and fixing issues. Using them helps eliminate bottlenecks, so you don’t waste time. 

I was also impressed with the SERP API when running tests. It can gather real-time market intelligence with a 99% success rate.

The tool delivers results in SEO-ready formats like JSON and HTML. Besides, you can customize the queries to get data that matters.

Still not convinced?

Bright Data’s proxy response time is like none other on the market. A quick check returned results within five seconds or less.

The service additionally runs on enterprise-grade data centers, boasting a 100% uptime. This ensures your automated SEO tasks run smoothly with zero interruptions.

On the downside, the vendor doesn’t offer live chat support. Even worse, getting a response can take up to 48 hours. 

Other than that, the starting price of $8.04/GB is pretty decent. A 7-day free trial is available to test the service without limits.


netnut home page

NetNut is yet another robust proxy service for SEO ranking, custom-tailored for professionals. It offers over 52 million premium IPs for worry-free, unlimited data gathering.

The vendor’s dashboard is one of the most novice-friendly that I’ve come across. Everything is clearly marked for easy navigation and configuration of proxies.

Apart from that, you get your money’s worth starting with trusted IP addresses. These belong to real user devices with anti-blocking capabilities.

Unlike rivals, NetNut employs one-hop connectivity to transfer data through a single networking channel. Therefore, you’ll experience faster response times and a high 99% success rate.

The vendor supports unlimited connections to scale up tasks. Even better, sessions can keep running forever with zero disruptions. 

Are you sold? 

Easy integration with third-party extensions equally deserves your attention. These give you endless possibilities for turbocharging tasks without compromising your data. 

For example, NetNut doesn’t offer multi-account and browser profiles like Smartproxy. But I was able to achieve the same by employing the MultiLogin app.

However, customer support is one area where this provider needs to improve. You’ll find no agents available despite the live chat channel being active.

But you can leave a message and wait for them to respond. Good luck if you need urgent help! 

Here comes the shocker:  

NetNuts pricing plans start from a whooping $100/month. Overall, it’s worth a short for enterprises looking for reliable service.


PrivateProxy is a lesser-known proxy vendor. But its services give the big dogs a run for their money.

You get over 500,000 IPs on residential and data center proxies. These cover major regions like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Scraping is effortless using rotating and static IP addresses. This reduces the chances of encountering bans and CAPTCHAs when running tasks. 

PrivateProxy doesn’t have limits on the connections you can make. Moreover, there’s unlimited bandwidth to elevate your efforts worry-free. 

What I like about this provider is it provides different categories for its SEO services. For instance, you can choose proxies based on preferred regions to avoid paying more.

Currently, the option is available for the US, UK, EU, and Germany. I hope the vendor includes more territories soon. 

That’s the tip of the iceberg:

privateproxy custom scrapper for google search

PrivateProxy offers dedicated proxies for the major search engines. The ones covered comprise Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

Rest assured, you’ll be able to bypass anti-scraping bots and IP bans. This approach saves time without compromising the quality of data.

The local SEO proxies are the icing on the cake. They’re well-suited for targeting businesses and markets within specific geographical areas. 

Aside from that, PrivateProxy’s customer support is average at best. The agents lack product expertise and often give vague responses. 

However, the knowledge base has hundreds of guides with helpful information. Feel free to refer to it if you ever get stuck. 

The pricing plans start from $5/month, perfect for users on a budget. There’s a 7-day free trial to experience the service to the fullest.


Infatica is a multi-purpose proxy provider, suitable for scraping, data harvesting, and SEO. Its network comprises 40+ million IPs that provide extensive global coverage.

Proxies are configurable using sticky and rotational IPs. You can also set a timeout to swap addresses as desirable.  

Customizing geolocations based on regions, countries, and cities is also an option. Additionally, Infatica offers the choice to narrow down results to the ISP level. 

The vendor uses IP addresses from real desktop and mobile devices. Doing so enables its proxies to escape CAPTCHAs and online bans. 

A powerful web unlocker comes built into the service to bypass geo-blocks. Likewise, my spot checks show it can go around platforms with anti-scrapers.

infatica web scrapper api for search engines

There’s a web scraper API that can load dynamic content on websites. Such sites heavily rely on JavaScript, which may prevent proxies from scraping data.

It doesn’t end there.

Multiple formats like CSV, XLSX, and JSON are available for exporting your data. As such, you can save the details for further processing and publishing.

Advanced users can make good use of coding snippets to optimize tasks. Supported programming languages include the likes of JavaScript and Python.

Unfortunately, like Oxylabs, Infatica has a scraping limit of a thousand URLs. But it’s necessary to ensure you generate data with speed.  

Support is accessible via live chat during business hours only. Still, the agents will reply via email if you leave a message.

Other than that, the documentation is well-detailed, but it could be more comprehensive. Nonetheless, it’s a great place to start if things are not working. 

The subscription plans start from $15/month. It has a free trial of up to seven days to test the service.


soax home page

SOAX is an outstanding proxy vendor for SEO if you’ve deep pockets. Its pricing plans start from $99/month, placing it on the same level as NetNut.

Away from cost, the company has an IP pool of over 8.5 million. These include residential, mobile, and ISP addresses for better targeting. 

Coverage comprises 120+ countries vital for local SEO targeting. Like most vendors, you can gather data down to the city level. 

SOAX doesn’t offer a custom browser like Smartproxy. But you can integrate other alternatives, such as AdsPower, MultiLogin, and Indigo

This combination enabled us to create multiple user profiles for online scraping. Each bore unique fingerprinting, which helped us evade platforms with anti-scraping.

I also found the scraper API that’s designed to automate tasks interesting. It only requires a few lines of code to get the job done. 

But worry not if you’re not a nerd. The company has a knowledge base with well-explained articles for guidance. 

Support is also within reach via the live chat widget. The agents are impressively welcoming and provide fast solutions to problems.

On the downside, the onboarding process might be infringing if you care about your privacy. You’ll be required to provide a verifiable phone number alongside taking a selfie.

The 3-day $1.99 trial might also be a turn-off. Though it’s worth a shot if you need a reliable proxy service for SEO.


proxyempire home page

If you need vast network coverage for SEO, get ProxyEmpire. The provider offers over 25 million IPs in 170+ countries across the globe.

This service supports unlimited concurrent connections to meet demanding tasks. Moreover, users get unmetered traffic to scrape the web at full speed. 

The vendor guarantees a 99.98% uptime, which is closer to Bright Data. With such assurance, you can run bulk projects without bogging down.  

Static and rotational proxies are available out of the box. However, the first option has limited coverage of up to 20 countries.

Geotargeting is nothing short of impressive. You can target countries, states, cities, and municipalities for better accuracy.

ProxyEmpire is equally good for the bulk generation of web pages. The function tracks other sites, allowing you to republish their content.

The approach best suits website owners who desire to boost their traffic. This way, you can reach new audiences fast without breaking a sweat.

As earlier said, various plugins are available on WordPress for doing this. Building a custom solution is an alternative if you want a better outcome.

Other features include the ability to bypass CAPTCHAs and geo-restrictions. Moreover, I didn’t encounter any IP bans during testing. 

Customer support is available through live chat during business hours. The agents are helpful and address issues to your satisfaction. 

Pricing plans start from $45/month. There’s also a 3-day $1.99 trial to check out the service.


Rayobyte, formerly Blazing SEO, is a proxy vendor for users who need maximum flexibility. It has a network of 300,000+ IPs and 34 data centers across 17 countries. 

The coverage might not be on par with other vendors. But its 99.9% uptime guarantee is among the industry’s best.

Rayobyte gets IP addresses from reliable vendors. These are clean from spam to reduce your chances of getting banned when scraping.

There are no restrictions on the concurrent connections you can run. Sadly, the company stopped offering unlimited bandwidth and switched to a volume-based model.

Thankfully, the prices are affordable, starting from $15/GB. It can go lower to $1/GB if you order 5TB or more.

A proxy pilot is present to help monitor the performance of your project. You can check request count, success, and failure rates.  

The tool is intelligent enough to reconnect your proxies whenever they fail. It also provides reasons whenever there are issues to help with troubleshooting.

Rayobyte provides a developer-friendly API to integrate with other third-party software. You’ll find it helpful for automating data-scraping tasks of any size. 

rayobyte geo-location customization

You can use geo-targeting to localize your SEO efforts. However, the limited geographical coverage is a huge downside.

Moving on, customer support is available through chat, email, and phone. But agents are only present during working hours.

Overall, Rayobyte is a good proxy vendor for lightweight and demanding SEO projects. Its volume-based pricing best suits beginners in the industry.

How to use a proxy service to maximize your SEO efforts

Proxies can help you up your SEO in the following ways:

Monitoring keyword rankings

Your visibility is at stake if you don’t monitor rankings on SERPs. The good news is proxies can help keep a close eye on the competition.

A web scraping API can enable you to do this with better success. It allows task automation by providing keywords to track and search engines to scrape.   

The tool will generate a list of data with sites that are ranking for the specified phrases. Likewise, you can fine-tune the results by including rival websites to monitor.

As a rule of thumb, I advise using the API alongside residential or ISP proxies. These have a lower chance of getting banned by search engines during scraping.

Keyword research

Websites use keywords that make it possible for users to discover them via search engines. They comprise queries, questions, and other terms that are of interest to your audience.

To do this, you need to choose a proxy within the target location. Then, provide the websites to scrape, mainly from your competitors. 

You can also include popular forums like Reddit, Quora, XDA, and more. As such, the crawling action will generate the SERPs and keywords they’re ranking for.

Competitor analysis

This is the process of identifying rivals with the aim of discovering opportunities to outrank them. You can do this using a web scraping API that’s programmable to run on autopilot.  

All you need is to use queries like keywords, titles, and meta descriptions. The proxy will then scrape the web and gather data about the competition.

Next, run side-to-side comparisons to determine areas of strength and weakness. The outcome should be adequate to determine your next course of action.

This involves acquiring backlinks to enhance the trustworthiness of your website. However, the undertaking is time-consuming and tedious to perform. 

Fortunately, you can use a proxy to snoop on the backlink profile of your rivals. You’ll find this helpful for acquiring high-quality URLs to boost your rankings. 

This works by providing target sites to your proxy. Then, input commands to extract outbound links from your preferred sites.

You need to have a few coding skills to do it using Python. Alternatively, use AI tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard to generate the scripts.

Scaling website content

Proxies are also good at generating website content on a large scale. Again, the web scraper API is also helpful for this purpose. 

With a few lines of code, you can program it to extract specific information from target websites. It includes but is not limited to titles, descriptions, visual images, etc. 

Once done, you can process the data for publishing using third-party apps. Or else creating a custom solution for your website is another alternative. 

The next section should help if you’re still spoilt for choice.

How to choose the best proxy for SEO?

Choosing a proxy for SEO requires careful consideration of your needs. But the pointers below should help you make an informed decision.

Proxy pool size

Go with a service that offers a large pool of IP addresses. The higher the number, the less likely to get blocked.

Moreover, a wider variety gives you more opportunities to scrape the web extensively. You’ll be able to gather data in bulk across different markets.

Oxylabs is a clear winner here with over 100 million IPs. You’ll have a better experience than with Rayobyte, which offers limited coverage.


Proxies can be intimidating, especially if you’re a newbie. But choosing a vendor that matches your needs stands to make things easy for you.

For instance, go with Oxylabs, which provides ready-to-use tools for SEO. These include the X browser, Google Chrome, and Firefox add-ons.  

Traffic may also be an issue, given how vendors use volume-based pricing. If that’s the case, pick PrivateProxy, and you’ll never worry about extra charges. 

Most importantly, monitoring the performance of your proxies is of the essence. Here, Rayobyte’s proxy pilot is second to none. 

It shows errors encountered, successful/failed connections, IP bans, etc. As such, you’ll have an idea of where to start whenever problems arise.

And the list goes on and on and on.

Speed and Uptime

When it comes to SEO, every second counts. A slight lag may cause you to lose sales to your competitors. 

Pick a vendor that guarantees an uptime of 99% or above. There are multiple options available, like Bright Data, ProxyEmpire, and Rayobyte. 

Speed should also be top of your list. Currently, Bright Data’s five-second response time is in a league of its own.

Customer support

You don’t want to get stuck with no one in sight to assist. That’s what I went through when reviewing NetNut.

My experience was commendable when working on Oxylabs and IPRoyal. But it’s SOAX’s customer support that really impressed me

I found the agents fast, knowledgeable, and committed to addressing issues fast. This makes the high price tag for the service worth it.


Ultimately, it all comes down to price. If you’re a beginner, start with IPRoyal’s $1.75/GB proxy service.

You can move up the ladder after sharpening your skills. However, if you have deep pockets, make your choice based on features, speed, and uptime. 


An SEO proxy service is vital for optimizing visibility on search engines. However, choosing a solution is challenging in an already flooded market. 

Hopefully, the information helps you make the right pick. And remember to follow the buyer’s guide carefully before making a purchase.

Alternatively, utilize the free trial offers to have a better experience. Over to you now. 


Is reverse proxy good for SEO?

Yes, it is. A reverse proxy helps accelerate website performance, resulting in page loading speeds. This can boost your ranking in SERP and attract more visitors.

Does DNS affect SEO?

Yes, it does. A DNS functions by redirecting visitor requests to your website. Misconfigurations, slow response times, and server outages may cause your site to experience downtimes. 

As such, your ranking on search engines can tumble if it happens too often.

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