Most Dangerous Countries for Cyber Attacks – [Report]

the most dangerous countries for cyber attacks

Global cyber threats are more than ever on the rise. As homes and businesses embrace technology, so is the upsurge of hackers. Moreover, the 2020 COVID-19 impact saw organizations embrace work-from-home policies. The move, though productive, partly became the center stage for cross-border online attacks. This positioned some nations as catalysts for cybercrime activities while … Read more

Cheapest YouTube Premium Country in 2023 & How To Subscribe

cheapest youtube premium country

We all agree that watching YouTube without ads is a treat. However, this privilege is reserved for the Premium plans.  Below, we’ll help you find the cheapest YouTube Premium country. Moreover, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to subscribe and save some bucks. Let’s get the ball rolling! What’s the cheapest YouTube Premium country? … Read more

15+ Cisco Market Share Statistics That Show How Big It Is in 2023

cisco market share statistics

Cisco provides almost half of the world’s internet networking equipment. And chances are your connection passed through its hardware to get here. Surprised? Don’t be! This vendor is always at the forefront of innovating web-accelerating technologies. Be it routers, network switches, firewalls, or VPNs – its presence is virtually everywhere.  But how does it stack … Read more

Clop Ransomware Gang Uses Torrents to Escape Authorities

Clop Ransomware Gang Uses Torrents to Escape Authorities

The Clop Ransomware group has once more switched extortion tactics to evade takedowns. The crew is now utilizing torrents to expose data compromised in MOVEit attacks. The move leaves the data of around 600 organizations exposed online. Security researcher Dominic Alvieri was the first to report this behavior. This follows sting raids by law enforcement … Read more

Twitter Rebrands To ‘X’ [All You Need to Know]

twitter rebrand x

Twitter has officially rebranded its logo to simply ‘X’. Elon Musk, the company’s owner, tweeted the news on Sunday.  Following Musk’s announcement, redirects to Users started noticing the change on the platform’s website on Monday. But it’s yet to reflect on mobile apps at the time of writing.  Twitter’s headquarters now feature the … Read more