Proxy Seller Review: Performance Tests, Features, & Pricing

Looking for a reliable proxy vendor? You might just have found your go-to.

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proxy seller review

I took time to work on this Proxy Seller review.

The service promises incredible reliability, fast speeds, high success rates, etc.

But forget the marketing fluff.

The only way to find out is to analyze its services up close. 

To do this, I cross-examined Proxy Seller based on: 

  • Services on offer
  • Analysis of the features
  • Performance of proxies
  • Customer support
  • Pricing plans

Prepare to crunch some numbers.

Proxy Seller services

Proxy Seller isn’t a popular name on the market. But it’s been around since 2015, offering services to 100,000+ customers worldwide. 

The vendor has a pool of 15+ million IPs in over 220 countries. It’s backed by an expansive infrastructure consisting of 400 networks and 800 subnets.

Proxies run on a gigabit speed channel to maximize reliability and consistency. Additionally, services come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is ideal for scaling up projects.

Several products are on offer including residential, mobile, and ISP proxies. However, it’s datacenter proxies that are popular due to the cheap prices. 

Apart from that, getting started with Proxy Seller is super easy. It offers a novice-friendly dashboard and intuitive options to configure proxies quickly. 

If you get stuck, technical support is always on standby to offer help 24/7. The agents are welcoming, and fast, and resolve issues to your satisfaction.

Let’s get hands-on with the services.

1. Residential proxies

Residential proxies are the creme of the crop of Proxy Seller’s services. The plan provides access to 15+ million IPs sourced from ethical suppliers.

There are over 220 countries to choose from, offering superior geo-filtering capabilities. These include targeting based on country, city, and ISP level. 

Another thing I like about the service is continent-level filtering. It makes it easier to focus on specific regions to enhance the accuracy of results.

You can secure your residential proxies using username/password authentication. Another good alternative comprises IP whitelisting to wade off intruders.

Automatic proxy rotation is available with intervals ranging from 5 to 60 minutes. You’ll also find sticky sessions for running tasks that require persistent connectivity.

Multiple connection protocols are present, including HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5. The first option prioritizes speed, while the rest provide superior security and privacy. 

You can generate proxies with up to a thousand proxy ports. There’s room to name the lists for easy identification and organization.

Regarding pricing, plans start from 18/month for 3GB of bandwidth. Or else, you can go with the pay-as-you-go (PAYG) for $7/GB.

Performance benchmarks

Proxy Seller’s residential proxies offer incredible all-around performance. I was particularly impressed with the speeds and success rates. 

I set up a test server based in the United States to do this test. Then, I ran about 9,000 requests with Cloudflare CDN as the target. 

Other tools employed in this test include FOGLDN software alongside our in-house scripts.  

Here are the results:

GatewayRequests SentSucessfulFailed Requests% SuccessfulAvg Speed (Seconds)
United States1000993799.30%0.71s
South Africa10009693196.90%1.04s
Performance Benchmarks

Proxy Seller has outstanding response times from the table above. The success rate is equally great for most regions benchmarked in this test.

So, expect exceptional results when scraping the web. However, geo-targeting India requires vigilance due to the slightly higher number of failed requests.

Geo-targeting benchmarks

Proxy Seller shines when it comes to deploying geo-targeting proxies. Unlike the likes of Smartproxy, I didn’t notice any discrepancies for the targeted locations.

The outcome was as follows: 

GatewayRequests SentSucessfulDiscrepancy% Successful% Discrepancy
United States100010000100.00%0.00%
South Africa100010000100.00%0.00%
Geo-Targeting Benchmarks

The results above are outstanding for a service that comes cheap. This leaves no room for errors when scraping data from specific locations.

Performance with popular targets

I made about 1,000 requests to each platform using US-based proxies. My computer was located in the United States to enhance the consistency of results. 

Below are the findings: 

GatewayRequests SentSucessfulFailed Requests% SuccessfulAvg Speed (Seconds)
Social media1000993799.30%0.80s
Performance with Popular Targets

Proxy Seller, unlike Smartproxy, recorded remarkable results across the board. Most proxy providers often struggle to scrap Google and social media platforms.

2. Mobile proxies

Proxy Seller offers multipurpose mobile proxies for work and play. You can use them for web scraping, SEO optimization, and internet browsing.

There are 50+ countries to choose from, like the US, England, and Australia. Additionally, there’s an option to target specific mobile carriers during proxy configuration.

Proxies support HTTPS and SOCKS5 by default. Besides that, you get username/password authorization and IP whitelisting to secure them.

The vendor uses an IP-based pricing model starting from $ 7/IP. Moreover, you get unlimited bandwidth to run your projects at scale.

On the downside, targeting based on mobile operating systems is unavailable. Furthermore, the service only supports country-based geo-targeting unlike what the competition provides

But how does it compare?

Performance benchmarks

I sent about 6,000+ requests using Proxy Seller’s mobile proxies. The main target was Cloudflare CDN using a computer located in the US. 

Only a few locations were available for benchmarking. These comprise the United States, England, and Australia.

Accordingly, you should expect different outcomes depending on your setup and targeted regions. That said, the results are as follows: 

GatewayRequests SentSuccessfulFailed Requests% SuccessfulAvg Speed (Seconds)
United States10009168491.60%2.45s
Performance Benchmarks

Proxy Seller’s mobile proxies record high success rates in England and Australia. However, I wasn’t impressed with the results for the United States.

The assigned US-based mobile proxy failed to work. Luckily, the vendor quickly replaced it after I logged a complaint. 

Still, the replacement was shaky during the initial test with network timeouts. Eventually, it worked but fell short of my expectations.

Proxy Seller was likely experiencing technical issues during testing. Accordingly, you should anticipate a different outcome when using US-based mobile proxies.

Geo-targeting benchmarks

Once again, Proxy Seller excels in geo-targeting capabilities. None of the 6,000+ requests sent went off target. 

Check out the numbers below:

GatewayRequests SentSuccessfulDiscrepancy% Successful% Discrepancy
United States100010000100.00%0.00%
Geo-Targeting Benchmarks

As you can see, there’s nothing to poke from the results above. Even big players like Smartproxy can’t come close.

In a nutshell, expect high-quality results when geo-targeting specific regions. Hopefully, the vendor will add more options like state, city, and ZIP code targeting.

Performance with popular targets

Mobile proxies are known to be effective due to their association with real user devices. I had to prove this by running 6,000+ requests targeting popular platforms.

The results are as follows: 

GatewayRequests SentSuccessfulFailed Requests% SuccessfulAvg Speed (Seconds)
Social media10009806198.00%2.63s
Performance with Popular Targets

Sadly, the US-based mobile proxies don’t live up to the hype. Targeting Google and Amazon resulted in about half of requests failing.

The response speeds were slightly slower but within acceptable limits. Otherwise, expect smooth operations with Walmart, Target, and social media platforms.

3. ISP proxies

ISP proxies comprise static residential proxies sourced from internet service providers (ISPS). They have IPs hosted in datacenters but are identified as real users. 

At Proxy Seller, the service comes bundled with unlimited traffic. Even better, you get gigabit speed connectivity to turbocharge your tasks. 

The vendor offers customers dedicated IP pools to maximize security and privacy. This also increases the capability to evade online CAPTCHAs and anti-proxy firewalls.

The ISP proxies are HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5 compatible. This ensures you enjoy unmatched peace of mind while going about your business. 

Let’s check out how they perform.

Performance benchmarks

I made about 2,000 requests using the US and England-based ISP proxies. The results? Close to perfect.

GatewayRequests SentSuccessfulFailed Requests% SuccessfulAvg Speed (Seconds)
United States1000999199.90%0.38s
Performance Benchmarks

99.9% of the requests sailed through at neck-breaking response times. Such results can give big industry players a run for their money. 

Geo-targeting benchmarks

By now, you should be aware that Proxy Seller aces geo-targeting benchmarks. Allow me to let the numbers do the talking. 

GatewayRequests SentSuccessfulDiscrepancy% Successful% Discrepancy
United States100010000100.00%0.00%
Geo-targeting Benchmarks

This outcome further showcases Proxy Seller’s reliability in geo-targeting. The accuracy of these results will be essential in shaping your decisions.

Performance with popular targets

I made about 1,000+ requests to each of the following targets. Again, Proxy Seller’s ISP proxies didn’t fall short of glory. 

GatewayRequests SentSuccessfulFailed Requests% SuccessfulAvg Speed (Seconds)
Social media100010000100.00%0.37s
Performance with Popular Targets

As you can see, almost all requests recorded a 100% success rate. The average 0.33 seconds response speed will always keep you ahead of schedule.

4. Datacenter proxies

Datacenter proxies (DC) are Proxy Seller’s cheapest option yet. Plans start from $0.49/IP and come bundled with dedicated IPs and unlimited data. 

You can choose from IPv4 and IPv6 architecture. The former enjoys broad compatibility online, with a few platforms supporting the latter.

DC proxies are usually fast, making them ideal for web scraping and automating tasks. But they often get flagged due to their lack of association with real users. 

Proxy Seller provides username/password authorization and IP whitelisting for security. And like with other services, you get the usual HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5 connection protocols. 

Check out how this service performs below.

Performance benchmarks

I ran two tests to compare IPv4 DC proxies with their IPv6 counterparts. Like the earlier benchmarks, targeting Cloudflare CDN helped affirm the reliability of results.

GatewayDC TypeRequests SentSuccessfulFailed Requests% SuccessfulAvg Speed (Seconds)
IPv4 Datacenter Proxies

The IPv4 DC proxies have high success rates alongside faster response times. 

GatewayDC TypeRequests SentSuccessfulFailed Requests% SuccessfulAvg Speed (Seconds)
IPv6 Datacenter Proxies

The IPv6 DC proxies also recorded remarkable results. But their response times slightly lag behind the IPv4s. 

Download speeds

I configured both IPv4 and IPv6 DC proxies on separate devices for this benchmark. Afterward, I employed third-party services like Fast and Speedtest to compare download speeds.

W/Out ProxyIPv4 DownloadsIPv4 LatencyIPv6 DownloadsIPv6 Latency
Download Speeds IPv4 vs IPv6

The above results show IPv4 proxies are slightly faster than IPv6. Regardless, you’ll find either option handy for streaming, downloading, and web browsing.

Performance with popular targets

I ran 1,500 requests using the England-based IPv4 proxies. Afterwards, I repeated the same but this time using US-based IPv6 proxies. 

Each target received about 500 connections to ensure uniformity during reporting. Below is how they compare. 

GatewayRequests SentSuccessfulFailed Requests% SuccessfulAvg Speed (Seconds)
IPv4 Performance with Popular Targets

None of the connection requests to the targets failed. Additionally, the fast response times make IPv4 proxies suitable for bulk data gathering. 

GatewayRequests SentSuccessfulFailed Requests% SuccessfulAvg Speed (Seconds)
IPv6 Performance with Popular Targets

The IPv6 DC proxies don’t slack either. All connections to the targets were successful but a tad bit slower.

Customer support

Proxy Seller provides superb support throughout the day and night. You can make inquiries via live chat, Skype, Facebook, Telegram, and email. 

The agents are incredibly friendly and give speedy responses. They’re fully committed to resolving issues even for the most complex cases.

A good example is how quickly they changed a faulty US-based mobile proxy assigned to me. Even though the new replacement experienced glitches, I appreciated their fast approach.

On the downside, the vendor doesn’t have a dedicated knowledge base. But you can find some helpful articles on the company’s blog.

How to use Proxy Seller

It’s easy to start with Proxy Seller, thanks to the simple onboarding process. Additionally, the vendor provides an intuitive user dashboard that makes getting around straightforward. 

Let’s examine this up close. 

1. Signing up

Proxy Seller requires you to select a preferred service when signing up. You’ll need to provide a valid email to complete account creation. 

Once done, you can link other single sign-on (SSO) providers for seamless logins. The available ones include Google, Apple, Facebook, and Telegram.

proxy seller account registration process

However, it would be ideal if the SSO options were available during registration. This could’ve made the signing up for service fast. 

The good news is Proxy Seller doesn’t enforce ID verification of users. This ensures you don’t sacrifice your privacy to access its services. 

2. User dashboard

As mentioned earlier, the customer panel is simple and easy to navigate. However, a few areas need improvement to enhance the user experience. 

For example, the first thing you see when you log in is the password reset page. Instead, redirecting users to the list of subscribed services could’ve been convenient. 

proxy seller dashboard barely unnoticeable drop-drown menu

Another thing is the drop-down menu on the dashboard is hardly visible. You’ll eventually get accustomed to it after figuring your way around.

3. Subscribing to services

Proxy Seller provides separate tabs for subscribing to the available services. You’ll also find additional options to configure your proxies before purchase. 

You can pay with a credit card, PayPal, and Bitcoin. Likewise, the vendor accepts tons of altcoins out there.

Some services, like the residential proxies, offer a $1.99 3-day paid trial. Unfortunately, the Proxy Seller has a limited 24-hour refund policy.

4. Managing proxies

Proxy Seller manages most of the proxy services on your behalf. However, residential proxies require manual configuration before use. 

You can create lists and name them for easy identification. Other options include geo-targeting, authorization, and port limit.

proxy seller configuration options

There are different export formats, such as TXT and CSV. You’ll also appreciate using direct links to access your proxies from anywhere. 

5. Usage tracking

Proxy Seller only provides usage tracking for residential proxies. That’s because they come with metered bandwidth, making monitoring usage vital.

traffic usage monitoring on proxy seller

On the downside, it’s lacking here, unlike what you get with Smartproxy. For instance, There’s no option to view requests made and the targets.

Another thing is traffic usage doesn’t update in real-time. You have to wait a few minutes for traffic consumption to reflect.  

Proxy Seller

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Proxy Seller offers a diverse range of services at competitive rates. Additionally, it delivers exceptional 24/7 support, guaranteeing the smooth running of tasks.

The residential, ISP, and datacenter proxies stand out in performance. They offer unmatched speeds, success rates, and pinpoint geo-targeting accuracy.

But as you’ve seen, the US-based mobile proxies need fine-tuning. Likewise, the customer console also requires a facelift to improve usability.  

Overall, I trust this Proxy Seller review contributes to your decision-making. If still undecided, get the $1.99 3-day paid trial to experience it firsthand. 

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