28 Mind-Blowing Bumble Statistics You Should Know

Unwrap Bumble: Decoding the Numbers Behind Love, Friendship, and Business Connections

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bumble statistics

Bumble statistics unveil the latest trends in the dynamic realm of online dating.

Ever since its inception, the app has been hitting the headlines, thanks to its unique approach that empowers women to make the first move.

But this platform goes beyond dating, offering features like Bumble BFF for making friends and Bumble Bizz for professional networking.

It makes this app more than just a dating tool, addressing various social needs.

Does this model work addressing people’s dating and social needs? I’ve checked out the latest Bumble stats and I’ve outlined the most intriguing ones below.

Let’s begin.

Key Bumble Statistics

Here are the most interesting Bumble statistics you should know:

  • Bumble holds 26.04% of the US dating app market share in 2023.
  • Valued at $6 billion in 2022, Bumble is a major player in online dating.
  • Bumble gains 94,000 new users daily, fostering 23 million weekly connections.
  • 58 million users make Bumble a preferred platform for meaningful connections.
  • Bumble’s unique approach led to a 44% rise in Bumble BFF engagement by August 2021.
  • 38% of Bumble users in 2023 are open to dating beyond their typical physical type.
  • Bumble reported revenues of $221 million in Q3 2023, showcasing continued growth.


Let’s find out more.

General Bumble Statistics

Bumble is here to take over the online dating industry.

Below are the general Bumble stats that prove that:

1. Bumble was launched in 2014

(Source: Business Insider)

In December 2014, Whitney, the Bumble founder, got support from Badoo’s Andrey Andreev. She teamed up with her co-founder from Tinder, Chris Gulczynski, and ex-VP of Design Sarah Mick to launch Bumble.

2. 85% of Bumble users are looking for committed relationships

(Source: Bumble)

As Bumble keeps growing day by day, users develop different interests.

Compared to other dating apps like Tinder, Bublewhose user bases seem

Around 8 in every 10 Bumble users actively seek meaningful relationships. This includes individuals specifically interested in finding a life partner through marriage. 

3. As of 2023, Bumble holds a market share of 26.04% in the USA

(Source: Business of Apps)

Bumble market share statistics
Bumble Market Share Statistics, Courtesy of Business of Apps

People increasingly use online platforms for connections, which has led to the rise of dating apps. 

In 2023, Bumble commands over a quarter of the market share in the United States. It positioned itself as the second-largest dating app by market share, following closely behind Tinder. 

This signifies Bumble’s significant presence and popularity in the competitive industry of dating applications.

4. Bumble was valued at $6 billion in 2022

(Source: Business of Apps)

Bumble has solidified its presence as a noteworthy player in the dating app space.

In 2022, its value hit $6 billion.

In early 2021, Bumble got ready to become a publicly traded company. They expected the company would be worth between $6 billion and $8 billion.

It is evident from these figures that Bumble has established itself as a significant competitor in the online dating sector.

5. Bumble had nearly 18 million website visits in November 2023

(Source: Similarweb)

Bumble is still one of the giants regarding dating and connection platforms.

The website attracted 17.8 million visits in November 2023. It also recorded the following in the same month: 

  • 34.04% bounce rate
  • 3.83 pages per visit
  • 00:06:12 Average visit duration

Bumble Users Statistics

This section will highlight some key statistics related to Bumble users, including usage patterns within the Bumble community.

Understanding these figures will provide insights into the platform’s user base and its dynamics.

Let’s dig in.

6. Bumble has 58 million users in 2023

(Source: Business of Apps)

Bumble has become a preferred platform for millions seeking meaningful connections. The year 2023 marks a substantial milestone for Bumble, as it boasts an impressive user base of 58 million people. 

The figure shows a 8 million increment compared to 2022 when it had 50 million users.

This signifies the app’s widespread popularity among people who want to build romantic relationships as well as friendships.

7. Bumble gains 94,000 new users daily.

(Source: Bumble)

Every day, 94,000 new people join Bumble. Each week, 23 million new connections happen on this platform.

This just goes to show that the app’s approach meant to shake up those old-fashioned dating rules, really clicks with people who want to create new connections.

8. Nearly 4 in every 10 Bumble users in 2023 are open to dating beyond their typical physical type

(Source: Bumble)

In 2023, people’s preferences in dating have changed compared to 2022.

38% are now open to dating outside their usual type, and 28% worry less about meeting others’ expectations about who they should date. 

Additionally, 63% prioritize emotional maturity over physical appearance when seeking a match.

9. 39% of Bumble users in 2023 have divorced or ended a serious relationship in the past two years

(Source: Bumble)

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted many breakups, and now, over a third of Bumble users have ended a relationship in the past two years. 

Of those, 36% are new to dating apps, highlighting that people are adapting to an ever-changing dating scene.

10. 4 in every 10 Bumble users in 2023 are approaching sex and intimacy with an open and exploratory mindset

(Source: Bumble)

Daters are placing growing importance on sex and exploring their desires within their sex lives.

According to recent research, approximately 40% approach sex openly, with over half of Bumble users emphasizing the importance of discussing desires early in a relationship.

Additionally, 2 in every 10 users have explored their sexuality more in the past year. However, 34% of respondents are currently not engaging in sex, and they are comfortable with that.

11. 74% of men on Bumble report examining their behavior more in the past year

(Source: Bumble)

Bumble’s empowering environment fosters respectful connections and self-awareness in dating, which makes men look over their behavior.

Over 52% of Bumble users are actively challenging traditional gender stereotypes.

Nearly 4 in every 10 are expressing their emotions openly with male friends. Furthermore, around half acknowledge that breaking gender roles positively impacts their overall dating experiences.

Bumble Demographic Statistics

Let’s look at who uses Bumble and find out some stats about the age, gender, and other details of the people on the app.

It will help you understand more about the different types of Bumble users. These are the Bumble stats related to demographics.

12. More than half of Bumble Users globally as of November 2023 were Male

(Source: Similarweb)

Bumble was launched to give women an opportunity to make a move first toward men. Surprisingly, men have dominated the platform with around 57.29% of users while women are 42.71%.

13. 25-34-year-olds make up Bumble’s largest age group, as of November 2023

(Source: Similarweb)

bumble visitors statistics on similar web
Age Groups of Bumble Website Visitors, Courtesy of Similarweb

Users aged between 25 and 34 make up the majority of Bumble’s visitors, with 34.5% of all users. The next largest demographic comes from 35 to 44 aged individuals taking a 19.94% share. 

Turns out that the app isn’t very popular among senior users, with the 65+ age group representing only 4.52%.

14. In March 2021, there were more US male users on Bumble than female users

(Source: Statista)

This data reveals the breakdown of Bumble’s monthly active users in the United States as of March 2021, categorized by gender.

According to findings, male users constituted 67.4% while females represent 32.6% of Bumble active users.

This is consistent with the global tendency, as more males are using the app worldwide, not just in the States.

15. India drives the most Bumble traffic in 2023

(Source: World Population Review)

Since its introduction in 2014, people have used Bumble worldwide for dating.

Notably, India stands out as the highest contributor to Bumble’s traffic, with 4.1 million monthly visits. This represents 15.74% of the platform’s global traffic.

The table below shows the top 5 countries with the highest monthly Bumble traffic and the percentage of global traffic in 2023.

CountryGlobal Trafic (%)Monthly Traffic in Millions
United States12.243.20
United Kingdom5.81.50

Bumble BFF Statistics

Bumble BFF made its debut in 2016, offering a straightforward and enjoyable method to connect with fresh faces and establish a supportive social circle.

Below are some of the statistics:

16. Bumble BFF achieved 50 million swipes and one million matches in its initial months

(Source: Bumble)

Upon its 2016 launch, users joined Bumble BFF for various reasons. Some included relocating to a new city, engaging in fitness activities, organizing dog meetups, coordinating playdates for their children, and more.

Bumble BFF experienced remarkable success, accumulating more than 50 million swipes and facilitating over a million matches.

Early engagement on the platform highlights its popularity and effectiveness in connecting individuals seeking new friendships. 

The significant number of swipes and matches underscores the widespread interest and positive response from users as they embraced the concept of Bumble BFF as a means to forge new connections and friendships.

17. Bumble BFF had been utilized by 15% of users by the end of 2021

(Source: Nasdaq)

In May 2021, Bumble noted a 44% rise in average time spent on BFF for women and an 83% increase for men. Additionally, around 9 in every 10 women initiating contact in March found at least one match. 

By August, 1 in every 10 Bumble users were engaging with BFF. In November, the company reported a 45% year-over-year increase in BFF’s monthly active users for the third quarter.

18. Bumble introduced the Hives feature to Bumble BFF in 2022

(Source: The Motley Fool, Centennial)

The Hive feature enables BFF members to enjoy different features including.

  • Establishing profiles
  • Participating in interest groups led by administrators
  • Sharing posts
  • Taking part in group chats
  • Creating and responding to polls. 
  • Offers the option for group video calls and more.

During the Bumble BFF test, 4 in every 10 active Bumble BFF users engaged with the Hives feature, showcasing its popularity and adoption. 

Furthermore, the feature demonstrated a strong one-month retention rate, with approximately 75% of users continuing to utilize it. It indicates sustained interest and satisfaction with the Hives functionality.

19. In 2022, the weekly sessions for BFF members rose by two-thirds on average

(Source: Tech Crunch)

In the testing phase, Bumble reported a substantial increase in user engagement for BFF members. Specifically, the weekly average number of sessions surged by two-thirds, indicating a significant uptick in user activity. 

Additionally, there was a notable 16% increase in the weekly time spent within the app by BFF members, underscoring a heightened level of user involvement and prolonged interaction with the platform during the testing period.

Bumble Bizz Statistics

Bumble Bizz was introduced in 2017. It aimed to extend Bumble’s female-driven swiping model to the professional space.

Since its inception, the platform has evolved into a space where professionals can easily connect and build meaningful networks. 

It offered a unique avenue for career-oriented individuals to engage in professional networking experiences. Below are some notable numbers:

20. Bumble introduced the Bumble Fund in 2018

(Source: Bumble)

In 2018, Bumble initiated the Bumble Fund, aiming to expand inclusivity in business by investing in seed- and early-stage companies.

Its primary focus is on those led by women of color and individuals from underrepresented groups.

21. Bumble offers an average check ranging from $25,000 to $50,000

(Source: Inc)

As stated by Bumble, the fund offers financial support typically ranging from $25,000 to $50,000, focusing on:

  • Companies founded by individuals underrepresented in the venture capital ecosystem.
  • Early-stage companies, specifically those at the Seed or Series A funding stages.
  • Companies address issues that disproportionately affect women, emphasizing a commitment to fostering solutions for gender-related challenges.

22. Bumble is committed to aiding small businesses with financial support of up to $5,000

(Source: Bumble)

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bumble committed to assist 200 businesses across 11 countries.

Small business owners seeking support had to connect with the Bumble Bizz, BFF, or Date mode to submit their requests. 

This demonstrates Bumble’s multifaceted approach to providing aid and fostering community support in difficult times.

Bumble Revenue and Ad Statistics

This section will highlight the financial side of Bumble by mentioning its revenue and advertising statistics.

Understanding how Bumble generates income and utilizes advertising can provide insights into the business aspects of the platform.

23. Bumble reported revenues of $221 million in Q3 2023

(Source: Business of Apps)

In the latest financial report for Q3 2023, Bumble showcased its continued growth and success in the online dating industry. The company’s innovative approach to connecting people has contributed to its strong performance. 

In this quarter, Bumble reported revenues of $221 million, emphasizing its significant financial impact on the market. The previous quarter (Q2 2023) had a revenue of $208 million, registering a $13.7 million increment compared to Q1 2023.

24. Bumble generated over $33.5 million in revenue globally in July 2023

(Source: Statista)

Bumble has attracted a lot of revenue from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. NALA generated the most revenue globally, pumping in over $20.9 million. 

EMEA came second with over $8 million in revenue and APAC took the third spot with over $4.6 million worldwide.

25. Bumble Inc. spent nearly $250 million in selling and marketing expenses in 2022

(Source: Statista)

Selling and marketing expenses include: 

  • Brand marketing.
  • Social media and digital spending.
  • Fieldwork marketing.
  • Restructuring charges.
  • Compensation expenses.
  • Personnel costs related to sales and marketing.

In the fiscal year 2022, Bumble Inc. allocated $249.27 million towards its selling and marketing expenses.

It reflects an increment of around $37.56 million from $211.71 million spent in 2021.

This upward trend in expenditure shows the company’s commitment and investment in promotional activities, sales initiatives, and marketing strategies.

Bumble App Statistics

Let’s look at some key statistics related to the Bumble app. Analyzing its popularity, usage patterns, and overall impact on online dating.

Examining these app-specific statistics will highlight Bumble’s significance in the dating app arena.

26. Bumble was the second most downloaded dating app globally in 2022.

(Source: Statista)

Bumble kept on gaining popularity in 2022 ahead of some of its dating app competitors.

The app attracted 28 million downloads becoming the second most downloaded dating app after Tinder with 64 million.

It beats other competitors like Badoo with 26 million, Tan Tan with 24 million, and Grindr with 13.6 million.

27. Bumble was the second most popular dating app in the United States in July 2023

(Source: Statista)

Bumble keeps Tinder on its toes in terms of downloads in the United States.

Bumble attracted 755,272 downloads in the United States in July 2023 taking the second spot after Tinder with 927,647 downloads. 

Hinge Dating App came third after Bumble with 617,035 downloads and Plenty of Fish Dating took the fourth spot with 363,888 downloads.

28. Bumble had the most downloads nearly 1.4 million from North and Latin America in July 2023 

(Source: Statista)

North and Latin Americans found Bumble as an interesting dating and networking app because it was easy to use and had a large user base. Additionally, Bumble offers a unique user experience with features such as Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz.

Bumble attracted over 1.39 million downloads in North and Latin America (NALA). Followed by Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) with over 0.7 million. Asia-Pacific (APAC) came third with over 0.6 million downloads in July 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the success rate of Bumble?

Men on Bumble have a 2.5% success rate, meaning they get 1 match out of 40 likes. In contrast, women experience a higher success rate, with a 45% ratio of matches to likes.

What percentage of Bumble is female?

According to SimilarWeb figures, 42.71% of Bumble users are female.

25 to 34 years representing 34.5%. Other age brackets include:

  • 18 – 24 (19%)
  • 35 – 44 (19.94%)
  • 45 – 54 (13.48%)
  • 55 – 64 (8.55%)
  • 65+ (4.52%)

Which country uses Bumble the most?

The United States. It contributes 28% of the global Bumble users.

Final Words

Learning about Bumble statistics is like discovering secrets about how people date nowadays. The numbers show success and give a peek into who’s using the app. 

It’s a secure online dating app but use it cautiously. While the company has robust security measures, remember to avoid common internet security mistakes on your end.

Don’t fall for scammers asking for personal information and check a million times before entering your passwords.

Given that dating apps collect approximately 16 data points, I advise you tread lightly.

If you want to make sure your dating info remains private on all networks, invest in a good  VPN service.


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