Deloitte Verifies Surfshark’s No-Logs Statement

Deloitte verifies Surfshark's no-logs statement

Surfshark has just taken another big step towards increasing its transparency with customers.  The VPN service announced in a blog post that the auditing firm Deloitte performed tests on its no-logs policy, verifying Surfshark doesn’t store user data. Deloitte confirmed that in an official report. “Based on the procedures performed and the evidence obtained, in … Read more

GoTo Confirms Hackers Stole Customer Account Information

GoTo confirms data breach

GoTo, the company behind LastPass, has confirmed that hackers stole customer account information in an attack on November 2022. Initially, Last Pass CEO, Karim Toubba, announced the breach, revealing that an unauthorized party stole some customers’ information from a third-party cloud service. Two months later, GoTo released a statement saying the attack impacted several of … Read more

FanDuel Warns About Possibly Stolen User Data in a Breach

FanDuel Warns About Possibly Stolen User Data in a Breach

FanDuel customers received an email from the vendor confirming that an unauthorized actor had obtained their names and email addresses. However, the gambling company also stressed that no customer passwords, financial account information, or any other personal details were exposed. FanDuel previously said that this wasn’t a breach of its internal systems. Instead, a third-party … Read more

“Disinformation” Law in Turkey Sparks a Record VPN Demand

Disinformation Law in Turkey Sparks a Record VPN Demand

Following the announcement of Turkey’s new media law, the term VPN saw a 12-month record in online searches in the country. The same goes for the query internet censorship circumvention, which showed a spike of 250% compared to the last 12 months. Data on the actual adoption of VPNs in Turkey shows that nearly a … Read more