Solved: Can’t access Adidas website

  • If you are trying to access the Adidas website but can't, your IP address might be blacklisted
  • You should also disable your free VPN extension or desktop app since it could get detected and blocked by Adidas
  • When configuring your proxy settings and clearing the cache doesn't work, contact the website admin
  • If you still have doubts about VPNs, remember that you can bypass geo-blocking with a premium service

Are you one of the users that can’t access the Adidas website? Worry no more, because this article will help you fix this problem so you can get back on this website in no time.

First, let’s understand where the problem is.

Even the most popular websites may go down from time to time. For some is a matter of seconds, while others may be down for hours or even days.

But sometimes, websites crash for other reasons that prevent you from accessing them. Maybe it is blocked in your country (see geo-blocking), by your browser (because parts of it are unsecure) or your IP address is banned.

In the following lines, we came up with a list of suggestions for you, to address the access denied issue.

What can you do if you can’t access Adidas website?

1. Check if you can access other websites

Open a site in the browser’s address bar and see if you encounter the same error message. If it works, refresh the Adidas page and analyze if it was a temporary connection issue that solved in the meantime.

If your access is still denied, proceed to the next steps below.

2. Ask someone if they can access the website

Asking a friend if their access is also denied, it may help you find out more about the issue. This can trigger an issue related to your Internet Service Provider, but also geo-location related.

3. Try a different browser or incognito mode (private browsing)

Sometimes things behave different across browsers and there are some reasons why issues may occur (bugs, differently implemented features). It is no wonder, since some browsers are old with little to no technical support or improvement.

You may realize that the website that you are trying to access, works just fine on Incognito mode, because your history, cache and cookies are not saved.

For example millions of people all over the world choose Opera because it focuses on using less of your computer’s and Internet resources, making your browsing experience smoother.


This browser is recognized for its free VPN, that comes with enhanced privacy and security and also a built-in ad blocker that helps your page load faster.

Remember that no matter what browser you are using, in order to avoid getting viruses, always make sure it is up to date and download it from its official website and never from an unknown source.

4. Check if your browser blocked parts of the website

If you are using Firefox for example, and have trouble with a website, click on the lock icon in the address bar and check if Firefox has blocked unsecure content from the page you are visiting.

user checks if Firefox blocked parts of the website

5. Use VPN to avoid geo-blocking or EU GDPR restrictions

Since the European Economic Area enforced the General Data Protection Regulation and you live in an EU country, you may face 451 error: Unavailable due to legal reasons and therefore you will not have access to some websites.

Most of the time, websites use IP addresses to determine your geo location. If your address is outside a certain region, your access is denied. This may happen when you get the Can’t access Adidas website error.

Check out some of the VPN’s benefits in our latest post and why using it can bypass geo-blocking and GDPR restrictions.

6. Upgrade to a premium VPN for better performance

Most of the free VPN services are different from their premium/paid counterparts in terms of overall performance.

By choosing a free VPN, you will notice that many problems can arise at any time. For instance, you might have access to bad quality or a limited number of servers that might not work properly.

On the other hand, if you go for a Premium VPN, the overall performance of the paid private network service is undeniable. You will be able to select from the large numbers of quality servers available that keep you completely anonymous online and provide you the best possible user experience.

Finally, a major disadvantage of the free VPN is for certain security and privacy issues, because free services do not care about protecting your data. We recommend PIA (Private Internet Access) as one of the best VPNs currently available.

7. Clear cache and cookies

Cookies are files that store your browsing data from the website that you visit. If you can’t access the Adidas website, clearing the cache and cookies may fix this certain problem.

The cache saves parts of pages (e.g. images) to open them faster on your next visit to that website. To delete your browsing history, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome on your computer.
  2. In the right corner of the address bar, click on More More Chrome settings.
  3. Click HistoryClear browsing data.
Google Chrome History
  1. On History page, click on Clear browsing data option.
Chrome History displays clear browsing data
  1. Select the time range. To delete the entire browsing history, select All time.
Chrome displays Clear browsing data time range
  1. Click on the Browsing history, Cookies and other site data, and Cached images and files checkboxes.
Browsing-history-Cookies-and-Chrome displays Cached images and files
  1. Click Clear data.

8. Disable the proxy server for your LAN

To do that, follow this steps:

  • Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog box
  • Type inetcpl.cpl and press Enter to see the Internet Properties
Windows shows run and internet properties
  • From the Connection tab, select the LAN settings
Internet Properties displays LAN settings
  • Uncheck the Use a Proxy Server for your LAN option and verify that Automatically detect settings option is checked.
Windows displays LAN settings
  • Click the OK and Apply buttons.
  • Restart your computer.

9. Reach out to Adidas website admin

contact adidas

If all the above do not work well for you, it means that the IP address on the other end of the server has been blocked or blacklisted.

It is possible that Adidas flagged your IP address as spam and banned it because your computer sent too many requests on their website.

Go ahead and send an email to see if they can fix something. If you are not able to contact the site manager because of the IP ban, try using a VPN service to connect with them in a chat, or call the number provided in the print screen above.


We hope that our research will help you, considering that the Adidas inaccessible website error may not be easy to solve, depending on its cause.

You can fix denied access by using a different browser, a reliable VPN or if you have one, by disabling your free VPN, configuring your proxy settings and also clearing your cache and cookies.

Remember you can always use human interaction and contact the website admin, by sending an email or even calling them.