How To Watch Netherlands VS Qatar Live Stream for Free

  • The Netherlands will go head-to-head with Qatar on the 29th of November.
  • This match will definitely attract a high number of football fans worldwide.
  • Enjoy the match as it unfolds, as this article will help you watch it live for free.

The host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar, will play against the Netherlands on the 29th of November. The match will be held at the AI Bayt stadium at 15:00 UTC and will command a good number of viewers.

This fixture will be an exciting one as Qatar would strive to maintain prominence as the anchor of the tournament. Predictably, the Netherlands will also put in maximum effort to take the win.

Are you eager to watch this match but don’t want to pay any service charge? That is easy! We have outlined the course of action you can follow to watch Netherlands vs Qatar live for free on a popular platform.

Where can I watch Netherlands vs Qatar live?

Several channels have been given the license to show this football event across the world. The only setback is that for these channels, you can only access these after paying for a subscription.

The TVs that will broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2022 in both countries are as follows:

In Qatar

  • beIN sports

In the Netherlands

  • NOS – Stichting Nederlandse Omroep Stichting 
  • European Broadcasting Union

The downside is that these channels only stream locally and most require a subscription. Luckily we found a way to watch the game online, from anywhere without having to subscribe to a streaming or TV company.

How to watch it for free from anywhere

Two major television corporations, BBC and iTV, in the United Kingdom, have been authorized to stream World Cup matches live for free. However, these apps are blocked for people outside the UK.

We found a way around this barrier and thus assure you of easy access to these services at any time and from anywhere. That is, to use a reliable VPN with UK servers to mask your real location.

We’ll showcase below how you can watch Netherlands vs Qatar live for free using the BBC iPlayer platform:

  1. Sign up for an ExpressVPN account. We picked it because it does a great job of passing through geo-blocks without being detected.expressvpn download page
  1. Download and install the app to your device.
  2. Log in with either your activation code or emailexpressvpn login page
  3. Connect to your desired UK server.
  4. Go to BBC and create a free account or log in if you already have one.
  5. Click on the iPlayer. Search for the match and netherlands vs qatar live

What ExpressVPN does is assign you to a UK IP address, therefore, making you seem you’re in the country. So you can u watch the match between Netherlands and Qatar from start to finish uninterrupted.

The VPN has multiple servers in the UK and offers unlimited bandwidth, so you don’t have to worry about poor connections.

ExpressVPN ensures subscribers’ data are safe from trackers and the government by using AES 256 military-grade encryption. In addition to this, it also hides your IP to block ISP throttling.

The VPN has 3000 fast servers in 94 countries of the globe with about four servers in the United Kingdom.



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Wrap up

What do you think the score will be at the end of this match? Which national team will emerge victorious? You can only know if you watch. That’s why we found a cheaper way for you to participate.

Feel free to switch servers within the UK if a particular city is giving you trouble. After all, this VPN has more than one server in this country.

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