Can Betfair Detect VPN? [And What To Do if it Detects it]

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can betfair detect vpn

Betfair has been a household name in online gambling since its inception in 2000.

Like some other online gambling sites, it considers using VPNs a violation of its terms of service.

That being said, the legal conditions for using a VPN to access online gambling services can be convoluted.

However, many gamblers feel the need to use a VPN for online gambling, whether bypassing the geo-restrictions or simply protecting their financial information.

Now, the question that Betfair fanatics may have is, can Betfair detect VPN usage? Keep reading to find out the answer.

Can Betfair detect VPN?

Yes, Betfair can detect VPN usage.

In their General terms and conditions under the heading of prohibited activities, Betfair makes it quite clear that they take steps to ensure that its users are not using a VPN.

Hence, whether you use a VPN or another method to conceal your actual IP address, you risk punishment if they discover it.

Betfair has not disclosed the methods it uses for such ends, so there is no official way of knowing these specific VPN detection systems.

However, some methods are pretty popular, and we can assume Betfair also implements them for VPN detection.

Here are some of the measures that Betfair uses to detect VPN usage:

1. IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks

A VPN masks your identity by changing your IP address and sending DNS requests to a safe server.

Leaking means having your original IP address or DNS displayed, rather than the intended masked IP and safe DNS server.

Subpar VPNs are prone to such leakages, and sites that prohibit VPN usage, like Betfair, run regular checks for this security loophole.

2. Blacklisted GeoIPs

There are many databases on the internet that index and track certain IP addresses that are frequently used by VPN providers.

These IPs can be tracked by monitoring their traffic, and the concentration of users sending requests from such IP addresses.

VPN-restricted websites like Betfair can easily blacklist these IP addresses, which subsequently prevents you from using their website or service.

3. Other specific checks

Other methods can be a bit more sophisticated, such as latency checks and the maximum transmission unit (MTU) size, which can be specific for certain VPN providers.

What to do if Betfair blocks your account because of VPN usage?

If you’re using a VPN and Betfair detects it, you may find your account banned or suspended.

However, this is not usually the case, and only your IP would be blacklisted. In this case, you can try fixes for VPN not working with Betfair, including:

  • Switching to a different VPN server to get an IP that’s not blacklisted
  • Change your DNS servers to prevent leaks
  • Disable IPv6 on your device if your VPN doesn’t support it

However, the only thing you can do at the point of account blocking or suspension is to contact Betfair customer service through one of these ways:

When contacting their customer service, don’t mention that you have used VPN to access Betfair as that will surely keep you blocked.

Remember, if you don’t want your account to get banned or suspended, you should use a reputable VPN.

These premium VPNs offer obfuscated servers that cover up the fact that you’re using a VPN.

Therefore, you can circumvent geo-blocked websites like Betfair or protect your data from cybercriminals knowing that using VPN won’t get you suspended.


Using a VPN to access different online betting exchanges is common, mostly due to geo-restrictions and the demand for privacy and security.

But, in the case of Betfair, it is against the terms of service to hide or change your IP address.

So if you’re wondering, “Can Betfair detect VPNs?” the answer is yes, Betfair can detect VPNs.

However, you can bypass their VPN detection system with premium VPNs since they support obfuscated servers.

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