Can FanDuel Detect VPN? [And What To Do if it Blocks You]

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Can FanDuel detect VPN

FanDuel is a company that offers an online gambling platform in states such as New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and a few others.

Unfortunately, FanDuel shares this policy with many other online services that don’t permit users to utilize VPN to access their services. This policy is called geo-block or geo-restriction.

So you may wonder, is it entirely illegal to use a VPN to gamble online? The answer might not be a simple yes or no.

Nevertheless, many people use VPNs to bypass such geo-restrictions.

On top of that, gamblers may find the privacy provided by a VPN essential to protect their financial information while being active on an online gambling platform.

Now let’s get back to our main concern: Can FanDuel detect VPN? Continue reading this article to find out the answer.

Can FanDuel detect VPN?

Yes, FanDuel can detect VPNs, and using a VPN is against their terms of service.

How FanDuel can detect VPN usage is not publicly disclosed since this can provide a clue on how to circumvent their measures.

But here are some of the potential ways they can detect VPN usage.

1. Accessing your actual location using geo-locating systems

Accessing a user’s real location using geo-locating systems is one of the main methods to detect if someone is using a VPN.

If you’re using the FanDuel app on your mobile device, it will ask you to turn on your Location Access while using the app.

So, when you’re using a VPN, your real location would be different than the VPN server you’re connected to.

Meaning, FanDuel’s geo-locating system will be able to detect that you’re using a VPN because of the location discrepancy.

2. Blacklisted GeoIPs

As you may already know, a VPN connection changes your IP address to protect your identity and bypass geo-restrictions.

Now many VPN providers use specific IP addresses that are indexed as VPN IPs. Numerous databases collect such IP addresses.

They identify these IPs by analyzing their traffic and the concentration on requests sent by them.

Companies like FanDuel may use these databases to blacklist suspicious IPs like this.

3. IP and DNS leaks

IP or DNS leakage refers to having the user’s actual IP address or DNS exposed.

Technological vulnerabilities can cause IP leaks, like problems with your web browser, operating system, VPN app malfunction, etc.

It is worth noting that a VPN provider’s failure to encrypt your requests properly is the main culprit for DNS leaks.

FanDuel VPN detections carefully monitor each user’s connection for IP or DNS leaks and, therefore, spot your VPN usage.

What to do if FanDuel blocks your account because of VPN usage?

If FanDuel finds out that you’re using a VPN to access their service with their VPN detection system, there can be two possible outcomes.

They will ban your VPN-provided IP upon trying to log in, and you will be asked to turn it off your VPN.

Or, if you’ve placed bets and had your account balance changed, the outcome might be different.

In this case, there is a strong chance that your account will be suspended upon detection.

When your account was blocked, there is nothing much to do other than contact their support using these ways:

FanDuel is more sensitive to using VPNs than other betting platforms, and you should expect suspensions or bans when violating this.

So, you have a better chance if you don’t mention using a VPN at all.

Responding to your submissions other than live chat can take some time, so patience is the key here.

However, if all you want is to access FanDuel, with the minimal risk of losing your account, you should only use trusted and reliable VPNs.

These VPN providers offer obfuscated servers that bypass the VPN detection system, and your account will be safe.

These VPN providers offer superb customer service that can help you with VPN-related problems, such as when your VPN isn’t working with FanDuel.


Gambling on FanDuel is only available in certain US states, meaning it is geo-blocked.

On the other hand, they declare that using a VPN to bypass this restriction violates their terms of service.

Whether you’re using VPN to bypass geo-restriction or to protect your online activity, you may wonder, “Can FanDuel detect VPNs?” The answer is yes.

However, if you’re persistent in accessing FanDuel, your only option is to use premium VPNs that support obfuscated servers.

These VPNs are armed to the tooth with servers with strong IP and DNS protection, hiding from VPN detection systems.

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