HBO Max Cheapest Country: Get It For $2/Month! [2024]

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Cheapest country for HBO Max

Looking for the cheapest country for HBO Max? We’ve got you covered.

Pricing differences between regions have left some viewers wondering if they can watch their favorite content for cheaper.

The answer is yes. Below, we’ll show you where the best deals are. We’ll also show you how to spoof your location and successfully subscribe. Let’s go!

What’s the cheapest country for HBO Max?

The cheapest country for HBO Max relative to US Dollars is Argentina, which equates to roughly $2 a month.

Comparatively, the standard tier monthly price for the US is $9.99, so that’s a saving of around $4. Interestingly, in Mexico and Finland, the price surpasses $10.

Additionally, the HBO Max price for Argentina and Brazil is around $7, while in Poland, it’s $7.31.

Most other countries are similarly priced to the United States. For example, in the Czech Republic, it’s roughly $9, and in Norway, it’s $9.30.

HBO Max Cheapest Country

Here are the cheapest HBO prices sorted by country:

CountryBasic with Ads (Local Currency)Basic with Ads (USD)Standard (Local Currency)Standard (USD)Platinum (Local Currency)Platinum (USD)
PolandN/AN/A19,58 zł$4.97N/AN/A

HBO Max Most Expensive Country

Most expensive countries for HBO MaxPrice for the basic monthly plan
United States$9.99
Czech Republic$9

You can always use a VPN later to unblock the content libraries outside these countries.

Note: Exchange rates are always changing so the relative price will also fluctuate. If you don’t want any nasty surprises, it’s best to stick with a region that’s significantly cheaper.

How to buy HBO Max cheaper?

You should use a VPN to change your location to Argentina to buy HBO Max cheaper. You can even access it from Qatar or other countries where it’s unavailable.

CyberGhost is the best option because it has dedicated streaming servers in most of the locations on our list. However, there are many good VPNs to choose from.

It’s best to open a brand-new account when doing this. Here’s everything you need to know to get the cheapest HBO Max subscription:

1. Subscribe to CyberGhost and download the app.

2. Open it and scroll down the list of servers to find Argentina.

cyberghost argentinian server

3. Click the big connect button and navigate to HBO Max.

4. Scroll down to the plans to find the Argentinian price, which is about $2. Alternatively, you can pick another option if it suits your needs.

hbo max argentina price

5. It’ll then ask for your full name, email, and password to set up an account.

Additionally, here’s how to troubleshoot if you’re struggling with a VPN not working with HBO Max.


CyberGhost’s Argentinian servers are speedy and lag-free for a flawless streaming experience.

How to pay for HBO Max in Argentina

HBO Max will ask for your credit card information when signing up but only the cardholder’s name. As long as this matches your account and the VPN is still enabled, you should be able to make payment.

If it asks for an Argentinian address, your next option is to sign up on a mobile device. Then, you should use Google Pay or Apple Pay, which is linked to your card.

Here’s how:

1. Open your mobile device and use the CyberGhost app with Argentina as the location.

2. Download the HBO Max app and follow the subscription prompts.

3. Use Google or Apple Pay to complete payment.

If you’re located outside of HBO Max’s supported countries, you may need to update your location in Google Play or App Store. Simply follow these instructions:

On Android

1. Open Google Play and tap on your profile icon in the top right.

2. Select Settings and find General. Then, tap on Account and device preferences.

Change Google Play location

3. Swipe down to locate Country and profiles and choose Argentina.

On iOS

1. Go to App Store and tap the profile in the top right.

2. Select the profile name and email link.

Change App Store Region

3. Tap Country/Region and choose Argentina.


All things considered, Argentina is the cheapest country for HBO Max. It costs roughly $6 for the same plan that’s $9.99 in the US. With a VPN and some clever region switching,  you can watch your favorite shows without paying full price.


Is HBO Max the same in every country?

No, HBO Max isn’t the same in every country. First, its content libraries vary based on regional licensing. So, some movies and shows available in the US might not be available in Europe or Latin America.

Furthermore, some countries can’t get MAX at all without a VPN. Content ratings are also different across countries, which might change your parental control settings.

Fortunately, you can play shows and movies that you’ve already downloaded for offline viewing. This is helpful for traveling or changing regions.

What is the cheapest way to get HBO Max in Canada?

The cheapest way to get HBO Max in Canada is to use a VPN and change your location to Argentina.

The service isn’t officially available in Canada, so you may be tempted to use a VPN for the United States. However, a monthly subscription is only $6 in Argentina, while it’s $9.99 in the US.

How can I get HBO Max for free?

There’s no legal way to get HBO Max for free, though there are numerous free trial offers. HBO Max can also be found for free on some IPTV services, but these aren’t legitimate.

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