DewVPN Not Working? Is It Dead? What Now?

  • DewVPN has not been working for over a month.
  • Furthermore, users have been unsatisfied with the service for a while now.
  • If you’re experiencing issues with it, it seems your best bet would be to switch to another reputable VPN provider.

DewVPN used to be a fairly popular VPN newcomer. Users flocked to it because it was free, but now it has stopped working.

Strange, right?

We’ll cover why the service isn’t available anymore and suggest some valid alternatives that will give you better results.

Why is DewVPN not working?

It appears the provider is no longer available. The official website has been down for a month. It’s nothing but a blank page.

Just before it got shut down, many users reported getting connection errors.

DewVPN was one of those free VPNs that seemed too good and turned out rather untrustworthy.

It promised high speeds, unlimited bandwidth, location switching, and a zero-logging policy.

However, it was actually a peer-to-peer network where users shared each other’s IP addresses — which isn’t safe.

That way, you could get penalized for someone else’s illegal activities.

Overall, it wasn’t a legitimate service because it didn’t own (or rent) any servers that you could connect to.

Best 3 DewVPN alternatives

With DewVPN out of the picture, you’re better off switching to one of these providers:

  • ExpressVPN — Regularly deemed one of the overall best services, it offers advanced security features and excellent unblocking capabilities.
  • NordVPN — A great all-rounder with a broad server distribution, multi-hop connections, and a strict no-log policy. 
  • Surfshark — Budget-friendly and robust, this VPN grants you lightning-fast speeds, unlimited connected devices, and handy extra tools.

Wrap up

Free VPNs appear and disappear all the time, so DewVPN isn’t an exception. As a peer-to-peer network, it didn’t offer the protection you might expect.

But since DewVPN is not working anymore, you should consider better options. Express VPN, NordVPN, and Surshark are all worthy of your time.

Stay safe!

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