3 Ways To Fix Grindr Not Working With VPN

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A lot of people go on Grindr to find dates in the LGBTQ+ community. However, due to the geo-restricted nature of the platform, it is only available everywhere.

That is why people use a VPN to bypass these restrictions. Unfortunately, due to misconfigurations, they don’t always work.

To fix this issue, you need to figure out why Grindr is not working with your VPN. We found the most common causes and suitable fixes. Find all about that below and pick the method that best suits your needs.

Why is Grindr blocking your VPN?

Common reasons why Grindr blocks users’ VPNs from its servers include:

  • Connecting from a banned IP – Grindr doesn’t ban VPNs, but it can ban individual IP addresses of VPN users that break their rules and regulations
  • Strict local regulations – some countries that do not allow access to Grindr also have strict anti-VPN regulations and detection systems, and can block your connection, especially if you use a free or poor VPN
  • Grindr collected your real traffic information– if you ever connected without a VPN and Grindr logged your information, it’s possible you’ll have trouble when you attempt to connect again

Now, let’s take a look and what we can do to fix them and make Grindr work again.

How To Fix Grindr not Working with VPN

If you have been experiencing issues while using Grindr with a VPN, we have a few things you can try to sort the issue out.

However, before you try these fixes, it is important that you first check and ensure that your internet connection is working well.

Also, make sure to update the app to get rid of delays in connection and other issues that arise with old apps.

These basic fixes are a must-try before you proceed to the more in-depth methods from below.

1. Clear your app’s cache

To make sure Grindr doesn’t have any information about your real location, clear your data. That will remove the information about any previous logs, including accounts and locations.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open your phone’s settings and click on Apps.
  2. Select Grindr from the list.
  3. Find the cache settings. They may be located in different places depending on your device’s model and OS.:
    • On Android, select Manage Storage.
    • On iOS, select Troubleshooting.
  4. Finally, select Clear cache.
grindr storage settings to clear cache

You may need to log back in afterward, so make sure you have your credentials.

2. Reinstall the app

If you are trying to fix the VPN not working error on Grindr, go ahead and reinstall the app. To reinstall the Grindr app on your device:

  1. Launch your PC/ mobile phone.
  2. Select Grindr from your app list.
  3. Select Uninstall and wait for the process to complete.
  4. Download the app again from an official source.
grindr connected with nordvpn running

Now you should be able to access it without any issues. Remember to connect to your VPN before you launch Grindr.

3. Change your VPN provider

If all else fails, consider switching to a different VPN. It’s possible the one you’re currently using is simply not the best for Grindr.

Generally, premium VPNs have better-quality servers and way fewer limitations. One such client is NordVPN which ticks all our boxes and works great with Grindr.

Here’s how to use it to access Grindr:

  1. Visit NordVPN’s official website, select your preferred subscription and download the software suitable for your device
nordvpn download page
  1. Launch the app and log in. Connect to a server in a country where Grindr is allowed.
nordvpn connected to us
  1. Access Grindr and enjoy meeting new people.
grindr app working with nordvpn connected

NordVPN ticks all our boxes as it works best with Grindr. It has 5300+ servers in 59 countries and this allows for worldwide access.

The Panama-based VPN provider operates a no-log policy such that no user data or information is stored, thereby reducing the potential risk of your data being stolen, even if the VPN itself gets hacked.

NordVPN uses a wide range of security features to ensure its users are safe while browsing online.

They include a kill switch and AES 256-bit encryption. Also, its fast NordLynx tunneling protocol allows for fast connection to the Grindr platform without lag or delays.



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With these fixes, the underlying causes that lead to Grindr not working with a VPN should be fixed. Let us know which option you ended up using.

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