Fix: Your IP address Has Been Blocked From Editing On Wikipedia 

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your ip address has been blocked from editing wikipedia

Wikipedia serves as a valuable source of information for millions of users around the globe. However, with such a vast audience, the website faces a constant battle against misinformation.

If you’ve received a message indicating that your IP address had been blocked from editing on Wikipedia it’s probably because some of your activity seems suspicious.

To combat misinformation and spam issues, Wikipedia has implemented various measures to maintain the accuracy and reliability of its content.

This includes blocking IP addresses that engage in inappropriate behavior. 

Why has your IP been blocked from editing Wikipedia?

your ip address has been blocked from editing wikipedia

Wikipedia is an open-source platform that allows anyone to edit its pages. However, there are certain policies and guidelines that Wikipedia expects users to follow while editing the pages. 

In case any user violates those policies, Wikipedia takes immediate action. There are several reasons why your IP address has been blocked from editing Wikipedia.

Some of the most common factors include:

  • Vandalism – if you make edits that Wikipedia considers malicious, such as adding false information, removing factual information, or inserting inappropriate content, it will block your IP.
  • Spamming – repeatedly adding links to your website or promoting a product or service may cause Wikipedia to block your IP address.
  • Copyright infringement – if you copy and paste content from other websites or sources without proper attribution, Wikipedia will likely block your IP address.
  • Edit warring – If you have repeatedly made the same edit to a page despite objections from other editors, this website will block your IP address.
  • Sockpuppetry– misuse of multiple Wikipedia accounts, to edit a page, push a controversial topic, or cause vandalism. Wikipedia will block your IP address because of this action.
  • Error in the system – in which case it should be very easy to get it back

It is important to note that Wikipedia takes its policies and guidelines very seriously, and any violation may result in a permanent ban from editing the platform. 

Therefore, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the policies and guidelines before making any edits to Wikipedia pages.

How to fix it?

Did you receive a message that Wikipedia has blocked you from editing? It means that Wikipedia has associated your IP with spamming or other disruptive behavior on the site.

To fix this issue follow the instructions below:

1. Appeal a block on Wikipedia 

  1. Go to your user talk page.
  2. Click on Edit.
  3. Copy this message {{unblock|1=Insert your reason to be unblocked here ~~~~}} and paste it there. 
  4. Replace the second part of the template after the equal sign with the reason Wikipedia should unblock you.
  5. Click on Publish changes.
  6. Wait for feedback

When you do this, Wikipedia’s mods and admins will take a look a your user account, verify your activity and give you editing rights back if the block was a mistake.

2. Use a VPN

With a VPN you can change your actual IP address to one belonging to the VPN’s server. So even if your original IP is blocked, you can continue editing on Wikipedia just by connecting to a VPN.

A reliable option that won’t let you down is ExpressVPN. Here’s how to use it for unblocking Wikipedia:

  1. Signup for an ExpressVPN account. download expressvpn

  2. Download and install the software to your device.

  3. Launch the VPN and log in with your details. expressvpn activation code

  4. Connect to a server. expressvpn dashboard

  5. Go back and try to edit Wikipedia again.



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Involvement in vandalism and spamming is one of the main reasons your IP address had been blocked from editing Wikipedia. Wikipedia takes this action to protect its users from cybercrime.

Nevertheless, the fastest way to make it past this block is by using a VPN. Apart from this solution, you can appeal to Wikipedia to unblock your IP address.

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