IPVanish Statistics on Market Share, Traffic and User Base

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ipvanish statistics

Are you aware that the popular IPVanish has a strong foothold in the VPN market?

Also, did you know it has an annual revenue worth up to $50 million

Well, that’s just a few intriguing facts about the VPN service. But there’s more, and we’ll show you.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of over 20 IPVanish statistics on several factors, including market share, traffic, and user base. 

Check them out!

Important IPVanish statistics

  • About 41.82% of IPVanish’s website traffic comes from direct ones
  • The provider has 40,000+ IP addresses from 2,200+ Servers in 75+ countries
  • Its website’s estimated revenue is $253,800 million per year
  • IPVanish.com’s global ranking decreased from 29,055 to 42,382 between March and May 2023.
  • The US sent the most traffic to ipvanish.com, accounting for 58.79% of the total traffic.
  • 28.9% of the IPVanish users are 25-24 year old

General IPVanish stats and facts

IPVanish appeals to a wide range of individuals, including privacy-conscious individuals, professionals, and even organizations seeking enhanced online security. 

Here are some of the general IPVanish statistics and facts:

1. Current owner: Ziff Davis, Inc., a media and technology company

(Source: IPVanish.com, Proprivacy)

IPVanish has a long history of ownership changes, but a US-based company has always owned it. 

Here is a timeline of IPVanish’s ownership history:

  • 2012: IPVanish is founded by Mudhook Media, Inc.
  • 2017: Highwinds Network Group acquires IPVanish.
  • 2019: J2 Global acquires IPVanish.
  • 2021: J2 Global is acquired by Ziff Davis, Inc.

As of 2023, IPVanish is owned by Ziff Davis, Inc.

2. Server network: 40,000+ IP addresses from 2,200+ servers and 75+ VPN locations

(Source: IPVanish)

IPVanish has a huge network to keep its users’ internet connection private and secure.

It has over 40,000 different IP addresses available through its 2,200+ servers in more than 75 locations worldwide.

This means everyone has plenty of options and can connect to the internet from different virtual locations. 

Ultimately, you can trust the provider for a fast and reliable connection.

3. Google Play Store ratings: 4.4 of 5.0

(Source: Google Play Store)

An average Android app has a 4.05-star rating on Google Play Store.

Conversely, the IPVanish app receives high praise from users, revealed by its impressive average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 on the Google Play Store. 

This positive rating reflects the satisfaction and appreciation expressed by users using the IPVanish Android app.

 4. IPVanish app has over 30+ million downloads across all devices

(Source: IPvanish)

The IPVanish app continues to gain tremendous popularity, with over 30 million downloads across various devices. 

This significant number of downloads highlights the widespread adoption of IPVanish as a trusted VPN provider among users worldwide. 

Whether on Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, FireTV, routers, or Chrome or computers, these users embraced the app to protect their online privacy and secure their internet connections.

5. Users can get an IPVanish subscription for as low as costs $3.33 per month

(Source: IPvanish)

IPVanish offers flexible pricing plans to suit different user preferences. These include monthly, yearly, or 2-year commitments.

Here are the details of their pricing plans:

  • Monthly Plan: Priced at $11.99 per month.
  • Yearly Plan: Available at $4.50 per month, billed at $53.99 for the first year, offering a savings of 62%.
  • 2-Year Plan: Costs $3.33 per month, billed at $79.99 for the first 2 years, allowing users to save 72% on the regular monthly price.

Additionally, IPVanish provides a 30-day risk-free period for users who choose the yearly or 2-year plans. 

This allows users to try out the service without any commitment and ensures that it meets their expectations.

6. Userbase: over 1 million active subscribers worldwide

(Source: Ziff Davis)

IPVanish boasts an extensive user base with over 1 million active subscribers worldwide

This impressive figure also confirms the trust and popularity that the VPN service has among users across the globe. 

Overall, it has been a trusted choice for individuals, businesses, and organizations seeking reliable and secure Internet connections.

IPVanish user traffic and demographic statistics

Taking a closer look at the user and demographic IPVanish statistics can provide us with valuable insights into how widely it is used around the world and by whom.

However, it’s worth noting that these findings may change over time as people’s preferences and the market evolve.

7. In terms of social media platforms, YouTube is the primary source of traffic for ipvanish.com.

(Source: Similarweb)

Most social media traffic to ipvanish.com comes from YouTube, accounting for 74.29% of the total traffic. 

Following YouTube, there is a significant gap in traffic, with Facebook contributing 9.65% and Reddit contributing 7.63% (on desktop devices). 

Twitter holds a share of 2.93% in driving traffic to the website, while LinkedIn has the smallest proportion, with 2.34%.

8. IPVanish.com’s global ranking decreased from 29,055 to 42,382 between March and May 2023.

(Source: Similarweb)

Within March and May, the global ranking of ipvanish.com experienced a significant decrease, dropping from 29,055 to 42,382

This decline in global ranking indicates a notable shift or fluctuation in the website’s popularity and overall visibility online.

However, no one yet knows the cause of the decrease.

9. The US sent the most traffic to ipvanish.com, accounting for 58.79% of the total traffic.

(Source: Semrush)

the most traffic on the ipvanish website comes from us visitors, as seen on the similar web stats

IPVanish.com’s core audience is primarily located in the United States, making up 58.79% of its user base. 

This translates to approximately 935.5K users across all devices, with desktop users accounting for 30.3% and mobile users comprising 69.7% of the total. 

Also, the United Kingdom represents the second-largest audience, comprising 9.8% of the user base, corresponding to approximately 156K users

Among them, desktop users comprise 38.36%, while mobile users account for 61.64%

Lastly, France constitutes a small portion of the audience, with 4.86%, which equates to around 77.3K users. 

Of these, desktop users comprise 7.96%, while mobile users represent 92.04% of the total.

 10. 75.89% of visitors to ipvanish.com are males

(Source: Similarweb)

A larger proportion of the website’s visitors are male, accounting for approximately 75.89% of the total audience, while females make up around 24.11%.

This means that out of every 100 people who visit the IPVanish website, about 76 are men, and about 24 are women. 

In other words, men are more interested in IPVanish than women.

11. 28.9% of the IPVanish users are 25 to 34 year old

(Source: Similarweb)

ipvanish age distribution of users

The largest age group of visitors on ipvanish.com is the 25-34-year-olds, who made up 28.9% of the visitors on desktop devices. 

After that are 18-24-year-olds, accounting for 24.06% of the visitors.

The next largest age group is the 34-44-year-olds, making up 20.06% of the visitors. 

Then, as the age groups progress, there is a gradual decrease in the proportion of visitors.

12. About 41.82% of IPVanish’s website traffic comes from direct traffic

(Source: Similarweb)

Direct traffic is the primary source of visitors to ipvanish.com, accounting for 41.82% of desktop visits last month.

The second highest source is Organic Search, contributing 34.30% of the website’s traffic.

Overall, among the channels, Mail drives the least traffic.

13. 62.86% of the referrals traffic comes file sharing and hosting sites

(Source: Similarweb)

ipvanish referrals traffic stats

The majority of the traffic comes from file sharing and hosting sites, which contribute 62.86% of the referrals. 

Other significant sources include websites related to computers, electronics, and technology (8.92%) as well as faith and beliefs (8.33%). 

The remaining traffic comes from various sources categorized as business services, digital marketing, and other sources.

14. On IPVanish.com, the average visit duration is 2 minutes and 56 seconds

(Source: Similarweb)

This means that, on average, visitors spend about 2 minutes and 56 seconds browsing the website before leaving.

Also, the bounce rate is 51.29%

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who leave the website after viewing only one page, without interacting with any other pages or taking any further actions.

In this case, 51.29% of the visitors to IPVanish.com leave the website without exploring additional pages.

Revenue and IPVanish company statistics

Getting precise revenue figures for IPVanish can be challenging since private companies keep such information confidential. 

However, being a prominent VPN service, it has substantial revenue in line with its large user base and strong market presence. 

Here are a few IPVanish statistics on generated revenue and the company.

15. IPVanish.com attracts approximately 16,941,600 visits per year

(Source: WorthOfWeb)

ipvanish yearly visists statistics

IPVanish.com attracts a significant amount of traffic, with an estimated 47,060 visits per day

This translates to approximately 1,411,800 visits per month, highlighting the considerable interest and engagement of users seeking VPN services. 

Ultimately, over a year, IPVanish.com garners an estimated 16,941,600 visits.

 This is a good figure for its popularity and user trust in the platform.

16. The average salary for IPVanish employees is around $109,277 yearly

(Source: Salary.com)

The typical salary at IPVanish is approximately $109,277 per year, equivalent to $53 per hour

However, it’s important to note that individual salaries may differ based on various factors such as job role, department, location, level of education, certifications, and additional skills. 

The highest earners, found in the top 75th percentile, receive salaries surpassing $123,329.

17. The company’s total annual revenue is estimated to be $25.0M – $50.0M 

(Source: Similarweb)

According to Similarweb, IPVanish VPN’s estimated annual revenue is between $25 million and $50 million.

This translates to an average daily revenue of approximately $68,493 to $136,986

Monthly, the revenue amounts to approximately $2,054,790 to $4,109,589

 18. Workforce: IPvanish employees ranges from 11-50.

(Sources: Linkedin, Zoominfo, Encylopedia.com)

According to their LinkedIn page, IPVanish employees range from 11-50

However, other sources, such as Zoominfo, list the number of employees as 11 and 25

The number of employees at IPVanish will likely fluctuate depending on the company’s needs. 

For example, the company may hire more employees during periods of growth or when it is launching new products or services.

It is also worth noting that IPVanish is owned by Ziff Davis, Inc., a larger company with over 3,000 employees. 

So, it is possible that some of the employees listed as working for Ziff Davis may sometimes work for IPVanish.

Ultimately, the exact number of employees that IPVanish has is not publicly available.

19. IPVanish app ranks 1,079 in the US and 2,038 in the UK

(Source: Similarweb)

ipvanish ranks statistics in the UK and US

In terms of usage rank, Ipvanish.com holds the 1,079th position in the United States and the 2,038th position in the United Kingdom. 

This indicates a higher user base and popularity in the United States than in the United Kingdom.

When considering the Google Play rank, Ipvanish.com secures the 133rd position in the United States and the 200th position in the United Kingdom. 

These rankings suggest that the Android app offered by Ipvanish.com is more popular and widely downloaded in the United States than in the United Kingdom.

20. IPVanish stands out on customer support with a response time of just 68 seconds

(Source: Ziff Davis)

When it comes to customer support, IPVanish takes the lead by providing industry-leading response times

Whether users prefer to speak with a representative over the phone, send an inquiry via email, or engage in a live chat session, IPVanish offers swift and effective assistance.

 This reflects their average response time of 68 seconds to customer inquiries and complaints.

Wrap up

IPVanish has positioned itself as a well-known VPN provider, boasting many users.

Although specific IPvanish statistics regarding users, revenue figures, and internal company information may not be publicly disclosed, the service’s popularity and positive reception strongly indicate its success.

Overall, its ability to cater to diverse users and its steadfast dedication to privacy and security contribute to its expanding presence worldwide and astonishing standing in the VPN market.


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