How to Watch NASCAR if not Available in Europe [Tested]

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View of a NASCAR car on the race track

We all have different hobbies and activities that keep up the fun flame in us. This guide is written for NASCAR race lovers, especially those facing the issue of the NASCAR race not being available in Europe.

No worries, this article will help you access NASCAR races from wherever you are. It’s the digital era and a bunch of media options are available to catch the fun. However, as options increase, geo-restriction takes its toll on user exploration and you might like to know how to bypass them.

Platforms limit their coverage to certain regions and leave fans with little or no option to watch the race. But then, the good news is that there is a reliable way around this issue.

Say you’re picky, and that’s fine. We have more than one tested option for you to try different platforms. They come with an overview that puts you through their use. Keep with us.

Is the NASCAR Race Available in Europe?

NASCAR race is available and broadcast across Europe. The popular race gives fans a special moment to catch the thrills and actions live on TV and other devices.

You can explore NASCAR via cable or online streaming services.

This is no news. Live NASCAR races are available in most of the largest countries. NASCAR race competition covers key markets, with seamless and quality broadcast across Europe, but also other countries with different degrees of streaming restrictions, like:

  • China
  • Russia
  • Brazil

Europe, however, places a considerable focus on NASCAR races, with the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series based in the continent. There is a lot of fun to catch for NASCAR fanatics.

Meanwhile, catching the fun at the event is awesome, but for others who prefer to watch from the room sitting comfortably with a cup of cheese, streaming becomes a thing to explore.

In the face of restrictions, we provide these viable solutions to you.

How to watch the NASCAR Race in Europe

1. Subscribe to a VPN

Web pages and services that impose geo-restrictions may have a good shield put in place, but then we present you with the unmatchable power and need of the VPN.

There are multiple VPN clients around that you can choose from. However, for this purpose and many others, we find that Private Internet Access (PIA) is the best and most reliable in the market.

To explore NASCAR race competition in Europe with the help of a VPN, you can follow this guide:

  1. Choose a preferred VPN Service, we recommend using Private Internet Access.
  2. Open an account and buy a VPN subscription plan (monthly or annual) and download the app.
    Download Private Internet Access
  3. Log in with your credentials.

  4. Click on the VPN server section to access the server list.

    Choosing a server to watch nascar
  5. Select a server from a region outside Europe. We picked US New York City.

    nascar race not available in europe VPN Server Choose New York To Watch Nascar Race
  6. Once connected, you are good to explore any website at any time without restrictions.

To use this (and any other trustworthy) VPN as a solution, you may have to pay a certain access fee for a strong unbreakable connection and data encryption for your total privacy online.

With the guide above you will be able to bypass geo-restrictions on NOW TV, Premier Player, and the NASCAR TrackPass App, if you face any.

NASCAR races not being available in Europe is not a new scenario, and smart race fanatics have always found ways to bypass restrictions.

With thousands of servers across the US, Europe, Africa, and Asia, you can bounce anywhere and everywhere around the globe without restrictions. And that is why you should subscribe to it today.

Get Private Internet Access

2. Use a Smart DNS Service

It’s not the end yet. You can also watch NASCAR races in Europe by using a service like Smart DNS Proxy to bypass geo-restrictions.

The Smart DNS Service solution does not only allow you to enjoy restricted content within Europe alone. Like the VPN, it works to break worldwide internet barriers.

How does it work? The smart DNS service sends out a different location to queries from websites. It’s simple.

Say you are trying to stream a NASCAR race from your couch in Berlin, Germany. The DNS service sends the streaming platform (Now TV, Premier Player, or TrackPass app) to a different location.

Similar to a VPN, you have to choose your location. You are hereby unblockable since you have chosen a non-restricted zone.

However, you will need to configure your system or router in order to use the Smart DNS service. Follow our simple guide below to do this:

  1. Open the taskbar and go to the Settings panel.

    Windows Settings App to Change DNS for Nascar Race
  2. Select Network and Internet.

    Change DNS in Settings Network and Internet to Watch Nascar
  3. Select Change adapter options

    Change Adapter Options to Watch Nascar Race
  4. Right-click on your Wi-Fi connection and select Properties at the bottom.

    Click Properties to Change DNS
  5. Untick the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) box

    Untick Internet Protocol 6 to Change DNS for NASCAR Race
  6. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP IPv4) and click on Properties.

  7. Select Use the following DNS server addresses in the General tab.

    Windows 10 DNS Server Address Page
  • Proceed to Input values offered by your Smart DNS Service in these boxes: Preferred DNS Server and Alternate DNS Server.

Where to Watch NASCAR?

1. NASCAR TrackPass App

You can get behind the displeasure of the NASCAR race not being available in Europe by using the NASCAR TrackPass App.

Offering firsthand race coverage and live results, the NASCAR TrackPass app is a great streaming app. It requires a paid subscription, but it’s pretty affordable.

  1. Visit to buy a plan.
  2. Visit the App Store to download the NASCAR TrackPass App.
  3. Open the app and tap the icon at the top left corner.

    NASCAR Race TrackPass App Interface
  4. Click on Sign in.

    NASCAR Race Sign in Button
  5. Input Email and Password, then click Login.

Paired with a VPN app, you can use this app and watch NASCAR races with no problems, regardless of where you are located in the world.

The NASCAR app is available on multiple devices including Android, and iPhone.

2. Now TV

A pay-TV owned by Sky, Now TV is among the top go-to sources for TV entertainment. The UK-based streaming service serves a wide range of users with different subscription plans.

NOW TV has various subscription plans you can find suitable. The monthly membership is available on the Now website, and it offers access to all Sky Sports channels, dishing real-time action in the Open golf championship, Formula 1 races, Cricket, etc.

A one-day one-off payment is available as well, giving 24-hour access to Sky Sports and a streaming experience for 5 channels, including Sky Sports Premier League.

To watch outside the UK, you need to activate a strong VPN or use a DNS service to change your virtual location.

3. Premier Sports

Premier Sports is a buzzing stop for sports fans in the UK. NASCAR races are available on Premier Sports, giving the drifts and other actions as they happen.

Unfortunately, this is only available for viewers in the UK, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland. Similar to NOW TV, access to Premier Sports is limited, as opposed to all EU countries in the pre-Brexit time.

You’re not in the UK or Ireland? Then our VPN and Smart DNS service change solution is for you. These tested methods help to bypass any geo-restriction you face online and make NASCAR races available to you in Europe or anywhere.

Meanwhile, if you are looking to explore Premier Sports to catch your favorite racers, you have a few options you can choose including the Premier Player and the Premier Sports TV.

Is the NASCAR Race Shown in the UK?

Yes. Nascar is available in the UK. But, the regional barrier remains in some parts of Europe.

For the UK and, in most cases, Ireland viewers, there is no restriction to watching NASCAR races either online or via a Television cable, although you can still stream with a VPN if you want your data protected.

Restrictions online are typically faced by other EU countries due to new international laws, causing geographical restrictions.

Premier Sports is the most popular platform to explore NASCAR races in the UK, while the Premier Player allows tapping into the multi-platform version of the broadcast.

However, NASCAR races are still pretty much available outside Europe. Viewers who find themselves in Europe (outside UK and Ireland) still have a chance to catch the drill using our other tested methods.


These tested methods have been proven to help solve many geo-restriction scenarios. Multiple cases of internet blocked at home but not elsewhere have also been eliminated, allowing users to surf and stream unlimitedly.

This is a world we are proud to be a part of, especially when you can’t trust Internet Service Providers to prioritize your information and entertainment needs over some boundary laws.

Go ahead, and stream that NASCAR race in Europe, Asia, Africa, or anywhere else. Unblock sites and disregard whether you stay in the US or Europe before enjoying what you love. However, we would love to hear your experience, feel free to use the comment section.

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