5 Best VPNs for SoulWorker to Reduce Ping and Lag

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To get the best out of your gaming, you should consider using a VPN with SoulWorker. It can help you reduce ping and lag for a smoother experience.

SoulWorker is an anime action MMO that you can play on Steam for free. It’s a fast-paced combat game set in a post-apocalyptic world.

You can either play solo or co-op with 3 other players to fight off demons in dungeons.

SoulWorker hosts several game servers across the world, including Europe, Asia, and North America. However, many Steam users report SoulWorker lag and delays.

If you’re one of them, you can use a VPN app to improve ping, speed up your Internet connection, and ultimately enhance your gaming experience.

Soulworker servers for Asia, namely Korea and Japan are the fastest private servers provided by VPN services in 2022 that you can access for smooth gameplay.

If you’re wondering which VPN works best with SoulWorker, we’re here to help. We listed the best VPN app below, along with two other services that can obfuscate your VPN traffic in case SoulWorker blocks your VPN connection.

Do you need VPN to play Soulworker on Steam?

You need a VPN for a latency-free and secure gaming session. While VPNs are not mandatory, they are of tremendous help.

Connecting to a VPN server that is located closer to the servers of the game can improve Internet speed and reduce latency issues. Also, you may fix Soulworker server overload in 2022 by generating a custom DNS and unique IP from the VPN providers.

Besides that, using a VPN while gaming online is recommended to prevent DDoS attacks or phishing attempts that frequently occur on gaming servers/ chatrooms.

Another important benefit is that a VPN can help you bypass bans. Games like Soulworker sometimes ban your IP address if you break their internal rules and regulations.

With a VPN, you can overcome that because you will reroute your traffic. The data you send to the game will link you to the IP address of the VPN, not your real IP.

How to play SoulWorker with a VPN

  1. Decide on a VPN service that suits your needs. Check our recommendations to make an informed decision. For this example, we picked Private Internet Access because it’s fast and resourceful.
  2. Download the dedicated VPN app for your computer and install it.watch masters australia
  3. Launch the application and enter your credentials.PIA VPN login
  4. Click on the power button to connect to a VPN server.PIA VPN connect
  5. If you want to manually pick a server location, select the VPN Server section, and then click on the city you want to connect to. You can search for a specific country and get a list of all the servers available:PIA servers
  6. Open your Steam application.
  7. Open SoulWorker and enjoy high-speed gaming.Soulworker PIA VPN

What are the best VPNs to fix SoulWorker lag?

1. Private Internet Access – Biggest server network

vpn for soulworker

Developed by Kape Technologies, Private Internet Access (PIA) is one of the best in the business.

It provides some of the fastest VPN apps that can reduce your ping when playing SoulWorker, thanks to high-speed servers.

The idea is pretty simple: connect to a VPN server located in the same region as the SoulWorker game server, and you should be good to go.

PIA redirects your gaming traffic to its virtual server to make it look like you’re closer to the SoulWorker server. The best part is that Soulworker server overload can be bypassed with PIA, and is one of the best VPN for Soulworker servers in Asia to connect to.

This VPN is the best if you want to connect to US servers because it has a large network there. So it’s a perfect candidate to combine with SoulWork.

PIA has powerful encryption algorithms to ensure your data is completely private. Paired with unlimited bandwidth, you don’t have to worry about facing any data restrictions imposed by the VPN client or your ISP.

What PIA offers:

  • Over 3,500 servers in 46 countries
  • Use private or custom DNS to protect your privacy
  • Auto-connect to the nearest VPN server
  • No traffic logs
Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Connect to a VPN server provided by PIA to reduce your ping while playing SoulWorker on Steam.
Check price Visit website

2. ExpressVPN– Fastest servers

ExpressVPN connected

Next, we have a VPN client that is very popular in the gaming world. ExpressVPN offers its own VPN protocol known as Lightway.

It is based on OpenVPN principles but built to provide a faster connection without having a negative impact on security.

Third-party tests have proven that it takes very little time to establish a secure VPN connection with ExpressVPN, much less than it does with other VPN options.

With this VPN you will be able to get a private IP address that will hide all your traffic data from the SoulWork servers and from your ISP.

There’s no risk of leaking any private data online, plus your traffic will not be restricted. Even if you use an ISP that imposes artificial throttling, the VPN will protect you against it.

Not only that, but ExpressVPN offers unlimited bandwidth, so you will be able to connect to a suitable server and enjoy SoulWork at all times, for as long as you want.

Other notable features of ExpressVPN include:

  • Thousands of servers in 94 countries
  • Powerful AES-256 encryption
  • IP masking
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Compatible with all popular devices
  • Split tunneling
  • Network killswitch
Express VPN

Express VPN

Protect your data and play SoulWork lag-free all month round!
Free trial Visit website

3. NordVPN – Top-level obfuscation

NordVPN server locations

Made by Tefincom & Co., S.A., NordVPN is another great choice to reduce ping while playing SoulWorker.

What makes it special is that it can disguise your VPN connection to make it look like regular HTTP traffic.

It’s a sneaky way to overcome the SoulWorker VPN blocks. The platform won’t be able to detect that you use a VPN in the first place.

So if your IP is blocked or is in a restricted geographical area, activating the obfuscation feature is one of the best things you can do.

Just like PIA, NordVPN has servers in every corner of the world, and you just need to connect to the one closest to your SoulWorker game server.

NordVPN doesn’t have a free trial either, but it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What NordVPN offers:

  • More than 5,200 servers in 59 countries
  • Obfuscate VPN traffic
  • Quickly connect to the closest VPN server
  • Strict no-logging policy


Obfuscate your VPN traffic to make it look like regular HTTP if SoulWorker blocks your VPN connection.
Check price Visit website

4. Surfshark – Unlimited devices

Surfshark server locations

Created by Surfshark LTD, Surfshark is quite popular in the VPN user community. And it works great with SoulWorker when it comes to reducing your ping time and improving your Internet connection speed.

Similar to NordVPN, Surfshark supports VPN cloaking so that you can easily hide behind its servers in case SoulWorker is actively blocking your VPN connections.

This budget-friendly VPN has very easy-to-use applications for multiple devices. So it’s a great option if you want to spoof your IP and protect your data on your mobile, smart TV, and even your gaming consoles.

We must also mention that Surfshark keeps no logs of your data. The VPN client itself does not know what you do online when using their servers.

So the risk of getting hacked or tracked down is very very small. Plus, like PIA and NordVPN it has an emergency killswitch that stops all traffic data in case you lose connection.

What Surfshark offers:

  • More than 1,700 servers in over 63 countries
  • Obfuscation mode to get around SoulWorker VPN blocks
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • No data logging

There’s no free trial available, but you receive a 30-day money-back guarantee with your Surfshark subscription.



Reduce ping and disguise your VPN connections to play SoulWorker using this VPN solution.
Check price Visit website

5. CyberGhost VPN – Most user-friendly apps

CyberGhost server locations

Last but not least, we propose a VPN service that is very much appreciated for its ease of use. Developed by Kape Technologies, CyberGhost has the security features and fast servers to provide a great time in SoulWork.

CyberGhost shields your data with military-grade 256-bit encryption. This algorithm is so strong that even if somebody succeeds in hacking you, they won’t be able to read any data.

Not only that, but this VPN has Soulworker private servers in 2022 with top-level security. This results in both a faster and more secure connection.

Thanks to its fast servers, this VPN is not only suitable for gaming but for streaming as well. It uses advanced spoofing technologies that are able to bypass even really strong geo-blocks like those imposed by Netflix.

CyberGhost has over 6 000 servers located everywhere in the world, so you will be able to connect to a fast server for SoulWork regardless of location.

Other key features of CyberGhost VPN include:

  • Secure Killswitch
  • Dedicated apps for mobile
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Split tunneling
  • 1-day free trial (no credit card)
CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN

Focus on the game and let CyberGhost VPN take care of Internet performance and speed!
Free trial Visit website

What VPN provides a private server for Soulworker?

Lion games released a new server global expansion for Soulworker in 2022, and it has been on a constant update with its in-game unanticipated issues since it was released on Gameforge.

The new server file locations for Soulworker for Europe and North America have yet to be announced by Lion Games. However, we may guess about the locations based on where other prominent game publishers host their games. Well, thankfully a VPN that offers Soulworker private server in 2022 is available at a glance.

Connecting to Washington, DC, Los Angeles, London, or Frankfurt is preferred on NordVPN. ExpressVPN provides amazing Asian servers if you want to play on older servers.

Connecting to South Korea, Tokyo, Sydney, Singapore, or India is encouraged with Private Internet Access for the Soulworker new servers in 2022.

Can I still play Soulworker on Gameforge?

In April 2021 the SoulWorker game had several days when the servers were offline due to the termination of the publisher contract with Gameforge. The publisher had namely been Steam to this day, so it’s not available anymore to play on Gameforge.

Lion Games, the development studio of SoulWorker, has informed users that there are plans for an international server expansion. However, an account transfer is not possible from Gameforge to Steam.

Also, keep in mind that you should always have the Steam platform up to date to avoid server overload and most importantly to find servers that are not so crowded to play Soulworker.

To sum up, if you can’t enjoy playing SoulWorker on Steam due to lagging, use a reliable VPN to reduce ping by connecting to a VPN server closer to the SoulWorker game server.

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