Will a VPN Stop Throttling? Best VPN to Avoid ISP Throttling

Can VPN stop throttling? How to get the best Internet speed

When throttling happens, your ISP intentionally slows down your Internet speed depending on the type of activity you’re doing online, like streaming or torrenting, but a VPN may help. All Internet traffic that flows in and out of your home network is visible to the Internet service provider. As soon as you start watching a movie or … Read more

Cricket Wireless: 3 Best VPN Apps That Will Stop Throttling

best cricket wireless vpn featured

If you are curious to know about the best Cricket Wireless VPNs, go through this article. Cricket Wireless is a US wireless service provider that is owned by AT&T. It is currently providing service to more than 12 million subscribers. Availability and attractive data plans are the reason it has gained that much popularity. Even … Read more

How to Check If Your ISP Is Throttling YouTube and Stop it

How to check if your ISP is throttling YouTube

If you experience lagging, buffering, or any other interruptions during your YouTube sessions, this may be due to the fact that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is throttling YouTube. ISP throttling or bandwidth throttling happens when your ISP intentionally limits your Internet bandwidth, which will lead to slower connection speeds. Internet providers choose to limit … Read more