Best VPN For India in 2024: Content Access and Privacy

Overcome surveillance and bypass censorship

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6 Best VPNs for India to bypass restrictions and censorship

Looking for the best VPN for India but aren’t sure which option to pick? I’ve got you covered.

India’s digital landscape is definitely complicated. A lot of restrictions, anti-privacy privacy regulations as well as ISP monitoring. This makes it difficult to find a VPN that 1. will work in India, 2. provide good privacy despite operating within the country.

Luckily for you, I did the heavy lifting. I tested over 20 VPNs focusing on privacy and found the best options for India. Check them out and see which is the best for you.

What are the best VPN services for India?

In selecting the best VPNs for India, Iprioritized privacy, speed, and access to both local and global content.

Each VPN was tested for its ability to secure online activities, bypass censorship, and connect to Indian and international servers effectively.

Here are the top picks that include safe to use Indian IP addresses:

NordVPN: Privacy Shield for India’s Digital Navigators

nordvpn connected to indian server in mumbai

NordVPN uses AES-256 encryption to keep your online actions under lock and key, perfect for India’s online privacy challenges.

Despite local laws, NordVPN’s servers in India comply with its strict no-logs policy, safeguarding your data from local retention mandates.

It utilizes virtual servers located in India. This means the physical servers are actually located in countries with stronger privacy protections.

With this VPN, you can enjoy Indian streaming services like Hotstar or browse local news sites securely from anywhere.

Additionally, its global server array unlocks international sites, ideal for bypassing censorship on platforms like Twitter or accessing global content like Netflix US.


  • Strong encryption protects your data
  • No-logs policy, even with Indian servers
  • Access to both local and international content


  • Premium pricing
  • Some features may overwhelm new users


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ExpressVPN: Fast Lane for India’s Internet Users

expressvpn indian server

ExpressVPN promises the fastest connections without skimping on security, thanks to its Lightway protocol.

With virtual servers based in India, ExpressVPN offers local content access (e.g., SonyLIV, IRCTC) without direct data retention risks.

The physical servers reside in privacy-respecting countries.

This approach aligns with ExpressVPN’s verified no-logs policy, providing peace of mind amidst India’s surveillance concerns.

Beyond that, it has servers in 100+ countries, giving you the possibility to unlock international platforms that aren’t normally available in India.

Whether you’re streaming, shopping, or simply browsing, ExpressVPN provides a secure, swift connection.

✅ Pros:

  • Lightning-fast speeds with Lightway protocol
  • Trusted no-logs policy for privacy assurance
  • Servers in India and globally for unrestricted access


  • Higher cost than competitors
  • Limited to five simultaneous connections


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Surfshark: Budget-Friendly Guardian for India’s Netizens

surfshark user interface

Surfshark proves you don’t have to spend much for top-notch online privacy and freedom in India.

Offering unlimited devices per account, it’s ideal for families or individuals with multiple gadgets.

Its no-logs policy ensures your online activities aren’t stored, crucial for navigating India’s internet landscape safely.

With Indian servers, you maintain access to local content like Flipkart or Aha, while its global servers let you bypass restrictions on international sites.

Surfshark’s Camouflage Mode masks your VPN use, making it easier to use in restricted areas without detection.


  • Affordable with unlimited connections
  • No-logs policy for assured privacy
  • Local and global servers for wide access


  • Speed can vary on distant servers
  • Advanced features might be limited for tech enthusiasts


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CyberGhost: Streaming Freedom for India’s Movie Buffs

cyberghost indian servers

CyberGhost is your ticket to a world of streaming, with servers optimized for a buffer-free experience.

Its dedicated profiles make accessing platforms like Netflix US or Disney+ Hotstar straightforward, ensuring you don’t miss out on global hits or local favorites.

With servers in India, it’s easy to stay connected to home, and its staunch no-logs policy means your viewing habits stay between you and your screen.

CyberGhost navigates India’s digital space by offering encrypted connections, crucial for accessing censored sites or securing your data on public Wi-Fi.


  • Streaming-optimized servers
  • No-logs policy keeps browsing private
  • Access to local and international platforms


  • Some servers might be slower than competitors’


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Private Internet Access (PIA): Customizable Control for India’s Tech-Savvy

pia connected to indian server

PIA puts the power of privacy in your hands, offering detailed settings for those who love to customize.

Its strict no-logs policy is a solid foundation for anyone in India looking to protect their online activities from surveillance.

With servers in India, PIA ensures you can access local content like Bigg Boss or BharatMatrimony securely.

At the same time, its global reach opens up a world of content, from Netflix to BBC iPlayer.

PIA’s MACE feature blocks ads and trackers, enhancing your browsing experience, whether you’re shopping on Indian e-commerce sites or exploring international news.


  • Advanced customization for the perfect setup
  • Strong no-logs policy for privacy assurance
  • Indian servers support local and global content access


  • Interface may intimidate beginners
  • Speed inconsistencies across some servers


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Why Do I Need a VPN in India?

There are many benefits of using VPN India. First of all, it offers privacy protection by stopping ISPs and the government from logging your online activity, even when using public WiFi. Second, it can help you unblock international streaming services and visit restricted sites and platforms freely. Lastly, a VPN will allow you to access Indian local sites and shows from abroad by giving you an Indian IP address.

Can Indian Police Track VPN?

No, it is not possible for Indian police to track your VPN usage. Every provider has its privacy policy and you should be aware of the conditions.

Even if the police can’t track your data per se, it is possible that they reach your ISP or contact the VPN company for log data.

Yes, using a VPN in India is legal as long as it’s not for unlawful activities. VPNs are widely used for privacy, security, and accessing geo-restricted content.

Can I Download VPN in India?

Absolutely. VPN services can be downloaded and used in India, offering a solution for secure internet access and bypassing geo-blocks.

Can the Indian Government Force My VPN to Log Data?

The Indian government can ask local internet companies to track and save user data, but it’s harder for them to do this with foreign VPNs. VPNs from countries that protect privacy usually don’t keep user data, so there’s nothing to give, even if asked.

However, VPNs with a physical presence in India or those registered under Indian jurisdiction might be subject to local laws, which could include data retention directives.

If you want privacy, go for a VPN headquartered outside India.

Which VPN Server is Best for India?

A server located in India is best for accessing local content while abroad. For privacy and bypassing censorship within India, servers in nearby countries with strong privacy laws are ideal.

How Can I Get an Indian IP Address?

  1. Choose a VPN with Indian Servers: Like NordVPN.
  2. Install the VPN: Follow setup instructions.
  3. Connect to an Indian Server: Open the VPN app and select a server in India.
  4. You Now Have an Indian IP Address: Browse as if you’re in India.

How to Access Banned Sites in India?

To access banned sites in India, start by selecting a reliable VPN with strong encryption and privacy features. Connect to a server where the site isn’t banned, ensuring your IP address is masked. Then, navigate to the desired site, utilizing incognito mode for added privacy. Once done, disconnect from the VPN to return to regular browsing.

Bottom Line

In India, internet censorship includes blocking adult content, torrenting sites, and apps like TikTok and WeChat.

During political tension, access to social media and news sites may be restricted. Surveillance involves monitoring online activities, sparking privacy debates.

VPNs are essential for privacy, bypassing restrictions, and ensuring uninterrupted access to the internet while protecting against monitoring.

Using any of the VPNs for India mentioned in this article, you’ll have a censor-free and private experience on the web.

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