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avast secureline vpn statistics

Before we dive into Avast SecureLine VPN statistics, here’s a fun fact:

Avast SecureLine VPN is available in 24 languages and includes English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Russian, and many others.

Also, this VPN is available for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. In addition to that, it is set to automatically turn on when a user connects to public WiFi.

But, there’s so much more to know about this provider.

Keep reading for all the key facts about this VPN you didn’t know!

Impressive Avast SecureLine VPN statistics

  • Avast SecureLine Android app has 10 million plus downloads on Google Play.
  • The VPN supports OpenVPN, WireGuard, and Mimic protocols on Windows.
  • Avast SecureLine VPN has over 700 servers in 30 countries worldwide.
  • In the United Kingdom, Avast SecureLine ranks 1935 as the most used VPN.
  • The VPN has a 4.7 rating and 16,000 plus reviews on the Apple App Store.
  • Avast SecureLine had a merger with NortonLifeLock in September 2022.

Background Avast SecureLine VPN facts and statistics

Let’s dive into the eye-opening statistics on the origin of the Avast SecureLine VPN and the creators that have contributed to its success:

1. Avast SecureLine was launched in 2014 by Avast Software

Source: [Avast blog]

SecureLIne is owned by Avast Software which is based in the Czech Republic. This company launched the VPN for iOS, Android, PCs, and desktops in 2014.

Due to its location, SecureLine VPN is an excellent option for privacy. That’s because the Czech Republic’s laws protect citizens’ data. What this means for VPNs is they’re not legally bound to store and share user information.

2. Avast SecureLine VPN stores users’ connection history

Source: [Allaboutcookies]

Although this VPN is not under the influence of the Four and Five Eyes Alliance, it stores users’ connection history. 

However, this is not a security threat as it only records the time people connect to or disconnected from Avast SecureLine and not their internet activities while the VPN was active.

This means that even though a data leak occurs, no users’ personal data would be revealed to third-party websites or apps. Furthermore, this VPN only stores this information for 35 days.

3. Avast SecureLine Apple-based services use the IKEv2/IPsec protocol on its Apple apps

Source: [Allaboutcookies]

The industry’s most popular protocol is OpenVPN, known for its speed and security. However, Avast SecureLine reserves this protocol along with WireGuard and Mimic for Windows.

On the other hand, its  Apple-based services run on only the IKEV2/IPsec protocol which also offers a good level of protection but not as good as the OpenVPN or WireGuard protocols. 

4. NortonLifeLock integrated with Avast SecureLine in September 2022

Source: [TechCrunch]

NortonLifeLock an American company,  which provides cybersecurity software and services, combined with Avast SecureLine on September 13, 2022. 

Jointly, these two companies have a customer base of over 500 million users and are set to protect and empower the digital lives of these people.

5. Avast SecureLine has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store

Source: [Google Play Store, Apple App Store]

With over 193+ thousand reviews and a 4.5 rating on Google Play Store, this VPN has proven to be resourceful and reliable to Android users.

On the other hand, this VPN has a well-placed 4.7 rating, a tad higher than Google’s, and a whopping 16+ thousand reviews with mixed reactions. 

It is also worthy of note that the developers have responded to most of the customers’ feedback on the app store. This ensures users of the app’s improvement and quality services.

6. Avast SecureLine was fined €13.7m in March 2023 for GDPR breach

Source: [Techradar, Vice]

Avast SecureLine has faced some legal issues in the past. In 2018, the company was fined €10 million by the Italian Data Protection Authority (DPA) for collecting and storing user data without their consent. 

The DPA found that Avast had violated the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is a European Union law that protects the privacy of consumers’ personal data.

Furthermore, in 2020, due to data collection issues with Avast SecureLine, Mozilla, Opera, and Google removed Avast extensions from their respective browser extension stores.

Nevertheless, Avast SecureLine had since closed down the operation of sending data to its subsidiary, Jumpshot. 

7. In 2023, Avast Software has over 1700 employees worldwide

Source: [cloudstorageinfo, Zippia] 

This company, currently headed by Ondrej Vlcek, the Chief Executive Officer, has headquarters its headquarters in the Czech Republic. 

According to Zippia, the estimated revenue per employee ratio of 1700+ employees is $475,470. Also, Avast’s peak revenue in 2022 was $808.3 million.

This goes to show that not only does Avast company have a large user base, but it also has sufficient employees to attend to its global consumers. This is especially useful in the case of customer support.

Avast SecureLine VPN growth and demographic statistics

Over the years, the Avast company has grown massively. Let’s look at all the little successes that contributed to this feat.

8. Benin citizens searched the most for Avast SecureLine VPN between April – July 2023

Source: [Google Trends]

Following Benin is Cote d’lvoire with a 44% web search rate and, Myanmar (Burma) with 26%. Then, Bahrain and Ethiopia follow closely with 18% each.

Countries like the United States, Italy, India, Indonesia, Spain, Philippines, Russia, Germany, and so on, had lower search attempts for Avast Secureline between April – July 2023.

9. Avast SecureLine VPN last known server update was in 2018

Source: [Avast official website]

According to my research, it is obvious Avast SecureLine had added more servers since 2018. However, the company has not announced any recent server expansion on its blog.

Currently, Avast SecureLine VPN has 700+ servers in 30 countries globally including Canada, Costa Rica, Estonia, Iceland, and so on.

In 2018, before the addition of the extra 23 servers, Avast SecureLine VPN was available in only 23 countries. As a result of the expansion, it reached 41 locations in 33 countries and has since grown.

The countries that were added are:

  • Austria (Vienna), Belgium (Brussels), Denmark (Copenhagen), Hungary (Budapest), South Korea (Seoul), Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Malaysia (Johor Bahru), New Zeland (Auckland), Switzerland (Zurich), Portugal (Leiria), Israel (Petah Tikva), Norway (Oslo).

The cities that were given servers include:

  • Berlin (Germany), Barcelona (Spain), Glasgow, UK, Phoenix, AZ (USA), Los Angeles, CA (USA), Washington D.C. (USA), Jacksonville, FL (USA), Atlanta, GA (USA), Honolulu, HI (USA), Boston, MA (USA), Las Vegas, NV (USA).

No telling how many branches Avast SecureLine would send into the world in the future but there’s a possibility it will add more servers as time goes on.

10. In 2020 Avast SecureLine relocated Hong Kong servers

Source: [Avast blog]

The Chinese government passed a law in 2020 that will allow it to request the data of users at any time from VPN providers. Therefore, Avast had to temporarily move its Hong Kong servers.

Consequently, when users tried to connect to a Hong Kong server, they were redirected to nearby servers such as those in Taiwan and Singapore.

11. Between April-June 2023, the Avast website saw a total of 39.95 million visits

Source: [Similarweb]

67.02% of these visits came from desktops while 32.98% came from mobile web. In addition to this, the total number of pages viewed per visit is about 3.23 with an average duration of 2 minutes.

The bounce rate for the Avast SecureLine website is 45.40% which means that the website retains active readers 54.6% of the time and that’s fair enough.

Within these months, people looked for this website on the internet about 7.38% of the time using the term Avast. This is followed by the term Avast antivirus which makes up 1.64% of organic web searches.

12. Organic search drew in about 45.84% of traffic to the Avast website from April-June 2023

Source: [Similarweb]

Avast company seems to have gained its position among other popular VPNs as most of the traffic that goes to the website is from users actively searching for it.

In addition to that, direct traffic makes up 40.19%, referrals – 3.55%, social – 0.93%, paid search – 4.54%, display ads – 3.77%, and email – 1.18%.

The Support-valiant-riot games website shares 20.74% of referral traffic to the Avast website, followed by statistic teams which share 9.66%.

Regarding traffic from social media apps between April – June 2023 to the Avast blog, YouTube sends in a whopping 59.42%. 

Then, Facebook shares 22.36%, Reddit – 4.50%, Twitter – 2.38%, LinkedIn – 2.23%, and other apps make up 9.10%.

13. 66.90% of males searched for the Avast SecureLine website between April-June 2023

Source: [Similarweb]

Females take up the remainder 33.10% of the gender that uses the Avast website frequently. Furthermore, people aged 25-34 make up 30.06% of the users that searched for Avast between April-June 2023.

Users in the range of 18-24 years follow closely at 20.30%, then, 19.05% of customers aged 35-44 years visited this website within these months. 

According to Similarweb, the Avast website is the least popular among people aged 65 and above.

14. In June 2023, Avast SecureLine VPN was downloaded 311.8 thousand times on Google Play Store

Source: [Similarweb]

Although this was 2.43% lower than in the month of May, it is still an impressive number. It also suggests that thousands of people trust the company to erase their digital footprints and protect their data.

Avast SecureLine VPN research statistics

The Avast company has also in one way or another played a part in the cybersecurity industry apart from providing VPN and anti-virus services. 

This is evident in its extensive research and extending helping hands to other companies in fixing threats to users’ privacy. Let’s take a look at a few of its contributions.

15. In May 2023, Avast researchers discovered a dangerous vulnerability in Microsoft software

Source: [Avast blog]

The team of Avast researchers found out that this vulnerability allows for Local Privilege Escalation (LPE) which can grant an attacker permissions on a compromised system.

Following this discovery, the team immediately reached out to Microsoft with its findings. Then both companies worked closely together and were able to develop a patch for this issue.

16. Avast researchers uncovered a disturbing crowdfunding scheme in June 2023

Source: [Avast blog]

Avast’s cybersecurity researchers recently exposed a scheme targeting the public’s goodwill, disguising itself as a charity crowdfunding campaign. 

The cybersecurity company brought this deceptive endeavor to light as it involved a series of compelling video advertisements spread across YouTube and Instagram.

It consisted of emotional videos revolving around the heart-wrenching story of a child named “Semion”. He is portrayed as a cancer patient in need of immediate financial support for his treatment. 

The narrative is primarily in Russian, accompanied by subtitles in English, French, Spanish, and Ukrainian. 

Since the aim was to appeal to encourage generous contributions toward Semion’s medical care, at the end of the video, viewers are guided to a donation page for potential donors to contribute. 

It also offered several payment avenues including direct bank transfers as well as online payments. The online option allows for sums up to 10,000 EUR.

17. Avast developed a decryptor for BianLian ransomware in January 2023

Source: [Avast Decoded]

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that is designed to block access to a computer system until a particular sum of money is paid. It targets both individuals and businesses.

The BianLian ransomware strain which is written in Go language and compiled as a 64-bit Windows executable emerged in August 2022. 

This ransomware performed targeted attacks in various industries such as media and entertainment, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors.

Furthermore, it raised the threat bar by encrypting files at high speeds. However, Avast took it upon itself to develop a decryptor for the ransomware as it was a risk to people’s privacy. 

Now, the decryptor which can only restore files by a known variant of the BianLian ransomware is available to the public for download.

18. Avast researchers developed a decryptor for the Akira ransomware in June 2023

Source: [Avast Decoded]

The Akira ransomware that appeared in March 2023 had successfully attacked various organizations in the education, finance, and real estate industries, amongst others.

This dangerous cryptovirus comes as a 64-bit Windows binary written in C++ for the Windows operating system. Also, to implement asynchronous encryption the ransomware uses the Boost library.

The binary of this file is linked by Microsoft Linker version 14.35. Furthermore, in June, a security researcher published a sample compiled for Linux.

Thankfully, Avast researchers came to the rescue by creating a decryptor that can break through the ransomware’s walls and release encoded information.

Hence, reducing, if not totally eliminating the attacks from Akira on the affected industries. Avast has also made the decryptor accessible to anyone that wants to download it.

19. Avast decrypts the TaRRak ransomware in June 2022

Source: [Avast Decoded]

The TaRRak ransomware which is written in .NET came into the limelight in June 2021. Its binary is clean and contains no obfuscations or protection.

When the sample is executed, it creates a mutex named TaRRak in order to ensure that only one instance of the malware is put into effect.

Since this was a threat to anyone that this ransomware attacked and as Avast saw samples of this crypto-malware in its user base, the company decided to create a decryptor for it.

Not only that, Avast gives detailed instructions on how the public can implement this decryptor.

20. The Avast Q1 2023 Threat Report reveals a 40% increase in phishing attempts

Source: [Avast blog]

According to Avast, the first quarter of 2023 saw an obvious increase in cyberattacks, and the report also revealed a 40% increase in phishing in 2022.

Following the report, scammers have become adept at exploiting people’s trust in well-known brands. 

Avast identified a growing trend in this regard involving two popular work applications: Microsoft OneNote and Adobe Acrobat Sign. 

These fraudsters send out email attachments in the form of Microsoft OneNote files. So, when recipients open these files, it will compromise their devices and automatically download the malware.

Furthermore, Avast has specifically detected the presence of malware such as Qbot and Raccoon, which employ this distribution technique to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information. 

Additionally, Avast has observed instances where IcedID, a banking Trojan, also utilizes OneNote attachments to carry out fraudulent activities and steal money.

During the first quarter of 2023, Avast successfully safeguarded over 47,000 customers worldwide, with more than 18,000 customers from the United States, against these types of attacks.

Wrap up

Since Avast SecureLine VPN made its entry into the cybersecurity industry in 2014, it has had its fair share of challenges, success stories, and contributions. The brand has evolved steadily yet purposefully.

Having pulled in over half a million users from all around the globe Avast’s future seems rather promising. Hence, this article contains all major statistics on Avast SecureLine VPN.

Apart from assurance of users’ data privacy, Avast SecureLine has one of the best VPN deals in the industry. Its monthly plan goes for as low as $2.59 and a yearly subscription of $19.99 for Android.


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