Best VPN Location for PUBG for a Great Gameplay

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PUBG Mobile is arguably one of the most played games worldwide, but it has also been involved in several controversies.

It has become subject to temporary bans in certain countries, including Nepal and certain regions of India, Iraq, and China.

This makes it necessary for many lovers of the game to circumvent these bans by using a VPN. VPNs make it super easy to bypass even the most stringent geo-restrictions.

This allows users to access games like PUBG even where it is illegal. That is why it is important to know the best VPN location for PUBG.

You should also remember that a VPN provides numerous benefits even if you do not live in countries that have restricted PUBG. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) server will protect you from being hacked and reduce your latency and overall lag.

Which VPN location is best for PUBG crate opening?

Though Asia and Europe servers are considered to be the most competitive of all servers due to the high number of skilled players.

However, the following countries are the seven best locations or servers to choose when playing PUBG due to their super low latency and the way they reduce ping:

➡️ Europe – The players can reduce ping by choosing servers from the EU region

➡️ The US – You can benefit from high speeds and open crates seamlessly from this region

➡️ Germany – Know that European PUBG servers are located in Frankfurt, so you’ll have increased game speeds in this country

➡️ Taiwan – Connecting for this location can offer you low ping scores especially connecting to Asian servers

➡️ Thailand – This country offers fine game quality as many skilled players come from Asia servers

➡️ Hong Kong – Chinese players can get lower ping scores, especially playing on NA servers

➡️ South Korea – Some players advise this location as the best for crate opening and skins

China is also a good server to choose when you want to play the localized version of PUBG

Which are the best VPNs for PUBG with a wide number of servers

We tested the best VPNs available on PUBG and here are the best VPNs for enjoyable and fast PUBG gameplay:

  1. ExpressVPN – Server locations in 94 different regions with the highest speed for gaming
  2. NordVPN – Fast server network of 5500+ addresses worldwide and enhanced security
  3. Surfshark VPN – Plenty of servers for lower ping rates on your gameplay
  4. ProtonVPN – Free VPN software with great connection speed and encryption

1. ExpressVPN – Swift servers for PUBG ?

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ExpressVPN is the most suited VPN for PUBG due to its gaming-optimized servers and fast speeds in many locations.

Not only does it have over 3,000 servers in 94 countries, which gives you the ability to select from any of the 160 diverse locations, but it also has the quickest internet speed.

It is also an excellent choice for gamers, as it offers unlimited customization and can be adapted to meet the needs of gamers.

ExpressVPN also provides split tunnels, allowing the user to select precisely the type of traffic they want the VPN to secure for usage.

It will also help to protect your personal information, as ExpressVPN will encrypt your data with its 256-bit encryption feature.

If you’re unsure if the service is worth the cost before signing up, you should take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee.



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2. NordVPN – Greatest server coverage for PUBG

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NordVPN is among the best VPNs for PUBG due to its extensive server network or blazing-fast connection to fix low game performance.

It is feature-rich and has all of the capabilities one would anticipate from a VPN. For instance, NordVPN also provides Dark Web protection against cyber threats or obfuscated servers.

You can also connect it to six devices simultaneously without worrying about slow service.

With NordVPN, you won’t experience any lag while playing PUBG, and you’ll also be able to access content normally blocked in your region.

It also employs 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and protection against DNS and IPv6 attacks.

In addition to having a built-in ad blocker and virus scanning, NordVPN also boasts dedicated servers for countries with stringent internet use regulations.



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3. Surfshark – Reliable and secure VPN

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Surfshark VPN is well known for its fast speeds, affordable price, and numerous servers worldwide.

With Surfshark, you get over 3,200 servers spread over 95 sites, with 12 of those servers located in either Asia or the Middle East.

It also helps you to configure your GPS settings and set your IP address to any virtual address of your choice. Its split tunneling also operates very well on any device, including Mac, Android, and others.

In addition, it has a camouflage mode and a function known as NoBorders. These features are useful for countries that restrict VPN usage.

It would be best if you also remembered that Surfshark uses military-grade AES-256 encryption, two-factor authentication, and a kill switch that operates smoothly.



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4. ProtonVPN – No-lag PUBG gameplay

This VPN is also recommended for PUBG and it has a relatively fast speed. Though it does not have as many servers as other VPNs, its servers are located in relevant server locations.

It also has split tunneling, so you can route only the traffic related to playing through the VPN connection. At the same time, all your online activities will continue to function normally and at their normal speeds. 

It offers a high level of protection for its users. It makes use of AES-256bit encryption tools that are military-grade.

The VPN also adheres to a no-logs policy that is fairly stringent. There is also a free version of ProtonVPN which will enable you to use it without paying, though it offers far less functionality, and you’ll have to pay to unlock most of its features.

The free version only has three servers available, and the speed is excruciatingly slow on most of them. You should not use the free version of ProtonVPN for playing PUBG or any other online game.



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Why do you need a VPN to play PUBG?

If you are still debating why you need a VPN to play PUBG effectively, then you should consider the following reasons:

✅ To unblock mobile games and restriction

Countries like China, India, Bangladesh, Jordan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nepal currently restrict access to PUBG.

To play PUBG in these areas, you may need to mask and change your zip code. This is where a VPN comes in handy. With VPN, you will be able to encrypt your data and change your IP address.

Also, you should be aware that certain countries, such as Korea and Japan, also have their own version of PUBG, which is available exclusively to those living there.

It is also common knowledge that because Korea and China built these versions locally, they have superior graphics and gameplay experiences that are more fluid or smooth.

So, if you use a VPN to play PUBG, you can access any other geographically restricted games in your area.

✅ To get free skins and weaponry 

You will also access specific servers and receive free exclusive skins and weapons if you use a VPN.

This is because the exclusive skins and weapons might not be available at your current location, making it impossible to get them without a VPN.

✅ To defend against DDoS attacks 

DDoS is rampant in PUBG and has been known to inconvenience players. A VPN will help you to avoid this type of attack as it conceals your actual IP address.

Thus, it prevents potential attackers from getting access to you or obtaining sensitive information from you.

✅ For faster internet speed and less ping

We all know how infuriating an unstable or slow network makes us feel. Players with faster internet speeds tend to detect the enemy faster and eliminate them in PUBG.

Therefore, connecting to a VPN’s speedy server will help increase your speed and decrease your ping for enjoyable gameplay.

✅ To avoid unjustified IP bans

In the case of bans, connecting to a new VPN server automatically assigns you a new virtual IP address. This is the simplest and most effective way to keep playing the game even after you get banned.

Therefore, nothing can stop you from enjoying uninterrupted gameplay when you use a VPN for PUBG.

✅ To get rid of computer hackers

Using a VPN offers an extra layer of protection for you during gameplay, PUBG crate opening, and other activities.

You will be entirely safe thanks to the highly secure AES-256 encryption and VPN protocols that we have established.

This is why you should consider using our PUBG VPN to protect your sensitive data from hackers in the game.

What to look for when choosing a VPN for PUBG?

To get the best VPN for PUBG, you should keep in mind the essential elements to determine the best VPN tool for your usage. These elements are as follows:

  • Ability to encrypt your data online and conceal your IP address effectively
  • Bypass geo-restriction
  • Increase the speed of your network
  • It provides support for all the necessary platforms to play PUBD
  • Do not lag and reduce the delay
  • Utilize the most sophisticated encryption


You should never underestimate the importance of choosing the right servers to play PUBG. Certain servers have faster speeds and reduce pings.

If you want to play PUBG from a restricted country or eat that famous chicken dinner, the VPNs mentioned on this list are the best options available.

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