BlueStacks not Working with VPN? Here's the Fix You Need!

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bluestacks vpn not working

Many users of the app say that their BlueStacks connection is not working with VPN.

That leads to error messages such as you are offline or are not connected to the internet. Please restore your internet when using VPN with BlueStacks 5.

Similar messages show up for BlueStacks X users, including Could not download, please check your Internet connection.

The good news is that there are several solutions you can try to overcome these issues.

You just have to figure out what’s causing the VPN not to work in the first place and get rid of that underlying issue.

Why is BlueStacks blocking your VPN?

bluestacks no internet
  • Slow internet speed
  • Connecting to a server far away from your location
  • Unsuitable VPN protocol
  • Buggy or slow router

How to fix BlueStacks not working with your VPN?

To fix the BlueStacks not connecting to the internet with your VPN on, we’ll show you methods that tackle different causes of the issue, so if one isn’t working, move to the next one.

1. Change the VPN server

Switching to a VPN server closer to your location can reduce latency, provide a faster connection, and resolve BlueStacks VPN issues. 

Here’s how to do that on NordVPN.

  1. In your VPN app, go to the server list and pick a different location. The server list is usually visible in the main UI. You can also use the search option to find an exact location, as you can see below.
nordvpn search
  1. Select the server and connect.
nordvpn us server
  1. Then launch your BlueStacks.
bluestacks working with vpn

2. Clear BlueStacks app cache

App cookies and cache can store information about your real location if you use it without VPN, so this conflicting info can be the reason why BlueStacks is not working.

Clearing the app cache can remove this data, clear up storage space and improve the performance of specific applications, and possibly allow your VPN to work properly:

  1. Launch the BlueStacks app.

  2. Click on the gear icon to open settings.

    bluestacks settings

  3. Click on User Data as shown below.

    bluestacks user data

  4. Select Free up space.

    bluestacks disk cleanup

  5. Click on continue and wait for Bluestack to restart.

    bluestacks confirm cleanup

  6. Connect to your VPN again. Now the app should launch without any connection error.

    bluestacks working with vpn

3. Switch to a different protocol

Switching to a different protocol than the one you’ve been using may boost the performance and solve the issues you’re having with a VPN in BlueStacks.

Some protocols can offer better speed. For example, TCP is good for stable connections but slower and it’s mainly used for web browsing. 

At the same time, UDP is faster but less stable and it’s mainly used for streaming and downloading. Here’s how to switch your VPN protocol:

  1. Launch your VPN.
  1. Click on the gear icon to access the app settings.
nordvpn settings
  1. Click on Connection.
nordvpn connections
  1. Under VPN protocol, select OpenVPN (UDP) or OpenVPN (TCP) from the drop-down menu.
nordvpn protocol
  1. Launch your BlueStacks. Now it should work without any issues.

4. Upgrade to a better VPN

If you’ve tried everything and the VPN is still not working, it’s possible you don’t have a good enough client for BlueStacks.

A great VPN option for BlueStacks in NordVPN. Not only is it fast and reliable, but easy to use too:

  1. Subscribe to a NordVPN plan and download the software.
download nordvpn
  1. Install the NordVPN app on your computer.
nordvpn install
  1. Log in with your credentials.
  1. Search for a server.
nordvpn search
  1. Select and connect.
nordvpn us server
  1. Launch your BlueStacks.
NordVPN connected to US server


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Wrap Up

The methods listed in the article provide a comprehensive guide for troubleshooting and resolving issues related to BlueStacks VPN not working.

Ultimately, the choice of VPN provider, protocol, and server can significantly impact the performance of BlueStacks. 

Therefore, choosing a provider that offers many server options, stronger encryption, or additional security features that can enhance your BlueStacks experience is crucial.