The Cheapest Country to Buy Plane Tickets (Revealed!)

Stop overpaying for flights and travel for less.

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cheapest country to buy plane tickets

Are you hunting for the cheapest country to buy plane tickets? Your search comes to an end here.

As you know, airlines charge different prices depending on your location. This is commonly known as dynamic pricing, which aims at maximizing profits.

However, it can be a burden for budget-conscious travelers like you. Even if you have the money, saving something is always a relief.

Fortunately, I’ll show you the trick I use to get cheap plane tickets. So, you can get value for money on your next and future flights.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Why do plane tickets cost cheaper in some countries?

Plane tickets can cost cheaper in some countries due to several factors. One reason is the difference in taxes and fees governments impose on airlines.

Another factor is the level of competition in the aviation market. Aggressive competition can lead to lower prices in regions with more airlines.

Currency exchange rates also play a significant role in determining ticket prices. A weak local currency can make tickets appear cheaper to international travelers.

A country’s purchasing power is another factor that airlines consider when pricing tickets. Travelers in strong economies get charged more than those in developing countries.

Now, let’s save you some money.

The cheapest country to buy plane tickets – Revealed

There are various countries where you can secure cheap plane tickets. However, the following do rank top:

CountryReason for Cheap Plane Prices
ArgentinaThe dollar’s continued growth against the local currency enables foreigners to enjoy low prices due to favorable exchange rates.
BrazilPopular aviation market with stiff competition, driving down the prices.
CambodiaThe country has one of the lowest living costs in Asia. This makes airlines offer cheap prices to match the demands of the economy.
ColombiaOver 20+ international airlines operate or transit through this country. As such, the carriers have to offer favorite prices to attract customers.
IndiaLike Brazil, India’s aviation market is popular, with 35+ airlines operating there. With such competition, companies have to offer affordable prices to win customers.
IndonesiaIndonesia is a major aviation hub and gateway to the Asian continent. Major global airlines transit through the region, offering cheap tickets to win customers.
NigeriaThe Naira, Nigeria’s currency, has been on a free fall lately. Its poor performance enables foreigners to book tickets for cheap.
Sri LankaThis country’s current economic and political crisis has greatly impacted livelihoods. Carriers are currently offering affordable rates to cushion the residents.
VenezuelaThe Venezuelan currency isn’t doing well on the global forex market. If you’re a foreigner, getting great deals on airline tickets will be easy.

So, how can you secure cheap airplane tickets? Get a virtual private network (VPN).

How to buy the cheapest plane tickets using a VPN

As you know, airlines display costly ticket prices when searching for flights. This happens because they can detect and adjust prices based on your location.

However, a VPN can be a great investment in securing cheap tickets. The service offers location spoofing, tricking aircraft carriers to display affordable routes. 

The vendor achieves this by assigning you an IP address of a cheaper country. That way, airlines will treat you as a local, allowing you to book low-cost tickets.

But not every VPN on the market can do this. To save your time and money, I suggest you:

Get ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a user-friendly VPN designed for novice and expert users. The vendor offers 3,000+ servers available across 110+ locations for superior reliability.

Such vast connectivity enables you to discover cheap plane tickets from virtually anywhere. Apart from that, you can browse with speed and evade online geo-restrictions.

ExpressVPN also secures your connection using 256-bit encryption for secure internet access. Additionally, the vendor offers privacy-friendly protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, and Lightway. 

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Go to ExpressVPN and subscribe to any plan.
  2. Download and install the VPN service.
  3. Run the VPN and connect to any country with cheap airline tickets.

connect expressvpn to a cheap plane ticket country

  1. Do a Google search for flights. Alternatively, use platforms like Kayak and Momondo that curate airline ticket prices.
hunt for cheap flights using expressvpn
  1. Complete the purchase of your ticket and prepare for travelling.

A quick analysis reveals you can save 10%—50% on flights. You also need to search multiple times to discover cheap tickets.


Unlock cheap plane tickets using this robust, secure, and reliable novice-friendly VPN.
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One more thing.

Tips to get cheaper plane tickets

Find below more tips to increase your chances of securing cheap flights.

  • Be flexible: This is often the most critical factor in finding cheap tickets. Search for weekday flights, which are more affordable than weekends. Early-morning and late-night flights are often cheaper than flights during peak hours.
  • Choose non-prime airports: You’ll likely get cheap flights if you choose less popular landing airports. These are usually located on the outskirts or cities or smaller towns. From there, you can take a train or bus to your final destination.
  • Book in advance: The earlier you book your ticket, the cheaper it will be. However, there can be exceptions to this rule. Sometimes airlines will offer last-minute deals on flights with poor sales.
  • Fly off-season: Flights are typically cheaper during off-seasons. This is the time of year when there’s less demand for travel. Therefore, airlines tend to lower prices to attract non-frequent and new travellers. 
  • Fly on a budget airline. Budget airlines typically offer lower fares than traditional airlines. Still, they may charge extra fees for things like baggage allowance. Ensure you double-check the applicable costs before booking.

That’s about it.

Wrapping up

You now know the cheapest country to buy plane tickets. As you’ve seen, you’ll also need a reliable VPN to secure the affordable flights.

I’ve also provided you with the top tips to increase your success rate. As a rule of thumb, make bookings early to land the best deals.

Another thing to consider is traveling off-season and off-peak. Airlines tend to charge less when the demand for flights is low.

There you have it! Start planning your next trip early to secure big discounts.

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