How to Trick DraftKings’ Location and Bypass Restrictions

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how to trick draftkings location

DraftKings is a top fantasy sports betting website in the United States. While it features virtual games, participants can stake money and win real prizes.

However, the platform is only accessible in a few select regions globally.

But worry not. We’ll show you how to trick DraftKings’ location so you can access the website and make the big bucks.

Why you might need to trick DraftKings’ location?

Ever heard the saying the house always wins? Yeah-Nah? No problem! But it’s one of the reasons why DraftKings is unavailable in most regions.

Allow us to explain.

Sportsbooks traditionally depended on actual sporting tournaments to offer betting services. But with technology, such platforms can simulate virtual matches for customers to gamble on.

In fantasy betting, a computer usually determines the winners and losers. This challenges the honesty of virtual gambling because operators can change results in their favor.      

This makes websites like DraftKings illegal in most regions. And even if they’re not, they still need regulatory approval in the jurisdictions that allow this type of gambling.

Therefore, DraftKings blocks users in regions where it’s yet to seek legal permission to operate. 

Its services are currently available only in Canada, Austria, Malta, Ireland, Germany, and select states in the US.

So, spoofing your location when using DraftKings can help you:

  • Access the platform wherever you are
  • Minimize the risk of losing your funds due to bans
  • Improve the website’s loading time

Note: DraftKings may display an error message showing it’s unable to determine your region. This could be due to your device blocking location services, amongst other reasons.

How to Trick DraftKings’ Location?

Now, let’s check out the best methods to bypass DraftKings’ geo-restrictions:

1. Use a VPN

A VPN offers the best solution for accessing geo-blocked platforms like DraftKings. It’s ideal for changing your location to unlock content not usually available to you.

Express VPN is great for this job because it has servers in 90+ regions globally. It’s also fast, reliable, and easy to use

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Visit ExpressVPN’s website and subscribe to any plan.
  2. Download and install the app to your phone or computer.
  3. Run the app and follow the on-screen prompts to configure it.
  4. Choose a DraftKings-friendly location and connect.
draftkings country not supported expressvpn new jersey location
  1. Reload DraftKings on your browser to access the platform.
draftkings unblocked with expressvpn new jersey location

Express VPN will effectively mask the origin of your traffic. As a result, DraftKings will have no way of knowing that you’re entering it from a restricted region.



Bypass DraftKings geo-restrictions and enjoy it no matter where you are with this VPN’s secure global network.

2. Change your router’s DNS settings

Changing your router’s DNS address helps bypass geo-blocks hassle-free. 

Here’s how to trick DraftKings’ location using this method:

  1. Go to Smart DNS Proxy and sign up to get two custom DNS server addresses. 
  2. Check the back of your router for the web user interface address. In our case, it’s, but this may vary depending on your device. 
  3. Enter the address in your device’s browser and sign in using your credentials.
  4. Go through the settings and look for the DNS section.
  5. Enter both the first and second DNS addresses obtained from step one above. 
  6. Select Save to apply the changes.
  7. Reboot your router.
  8. Open DraftKings’ website to access the platform.  

Unlike VPNs, DNS servers don’t use encryption to secure your connection. But they’re cheaper and worth a shot for casual gamblers. 

3. Use a Tor Browser

A Tor browser is another free alternative to a VPN. It’s effective at encrypting traffic and securing your online activities.

Here’s how to use one for DraftKings: 

  1. Get a Tor-compatible browser like Brave.
  2. Launch a New private window with Tor.
brave browser settings new private window with tor
  1. Wait for Brave to connect to the Tor network.
brave browser tor connected successfully
  1. Key in the DraftKings domain in the address bar.
draftkings unblocked with tor
  1. Enjoy your fantasy sports experience. 

Tor browsers are available on both mobile and computer devices. However, they’re slightly slow due to their aggressive encryption mechanisms. 

They also don’t provide the privilege of choosing locations like VPNs do. As a result, you may end up using a region that’s not allowed by DraftKings. 

4. Use a VPN-enabled browser  

A VPN-enabled browser is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a cost-free VPN. Moreover, it eliminates the need to bloat your device with third-party apps. 

To take advantage of this strategy:

  1. Install a browser with a built-in VPN like Opera.
  2. Enable the VPN under the browser’s settings.
opera browser enable vpn
  1. Click the VPN icon next to the address bar.
opera browser vpn optimal location not connected
  1. Scroll down a bit and choose Americas under Free locations.
opera browser vpn americas location
  1. Toggle the VPN switch to ON.
opera vpn connected to americas location with draftkings open in the background
  1. Enter DraftKings’ domain name in the address bar to access the platform.  

VPN-enabled browsers use secure protocols to protect your data. But like Tor, they’re fairly slow.

Another thing is you have limited options for changing your location. Given how DraftKings is selective with regions, getting the right one will be kinda hit-or-miss.

5. Use a Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a service that allows you to connect to another computer in a different region. It’s super easy to use from a PC or tablet.

All you need to do is launch the remote machine’s web browser to use DraftKings. 

Here’s how to set that up: 

  1. Purchase an RDP from a provider like Cloudzy. Ensure the configuration you pick is in a DraftKings-friendly location.
  2. Launch Remote Desktop Connection on your Windows PC. Enter the required credentials to access your RDP.
  3. Once you’re ready, open the RDP’s default browser.
  4. Open the DraftKings website. 

An RDP is snappy, secure, and reliable. You can access it from anywhere – all you need is a stable internet connection.

The service offers a dedicated IP address, so you don’t have to worry about your security.

However, depending on the provider, you may also need technical know-how to maintain the RDP. 

Wrap up

And there you have it – you now know how to trick DraftKings location. As we mentioned, using a VPN is the most reliable and safest way to access the platform. If your VPN doesn’t work with DraftKings, here’s how to troubleshoot it.

It’s fast, secure, and gives you the freedom to swap your locations.

But if you’re looking for alternatives – both free and paid – you can try any of the other methods we’ve provided above. 

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