Qobuz Cheapest Country [+ How to Get it Cheaper]

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qobuz cheapest country

Are you looking for the Qobuz cheapest country deals? Stop searching!

This French music streaming platform boasts a vast catalog of hidden gems. All the content is available in high-fidelity quality, enriching your listening experience.

The service charges an arm and leg in some countries. In other regions, however, it costs relatively low. 

Knowing about them can help you get the most value for your money. Lucky you – that’s what I’m about to reveal today. 

Why is Qobuz cheap in some countries?

There are a few reasons why Qobuz is cheaper in certain countries. These include the following: 

  • Licensing costs: Music licensing fees can vary depending on the region. In some countries, Qobuz may have better deals with rights holders, leading to lower subscription costs.
  • Market competition: The level of competition in the music streaming market does influence pricing. In countries with fewer rivals, Qobuz offers lower prices to attract customers.
  • Currency exchange rates: Fluctuations in currency exchange rates can impact pricing decisions. A strong local currency compared to the Euro (Qobuz’s main currency) cheapens the service.
  • Business strategy: Qobuz might prioritize market penetration by offering lower prices to gain users. This strategy could explain price variations across countries.
  • Local taxes and regulations:  Some countries have lower taxes on streaming services. This enables Qobuz to offer more competitive rates.

The wait is now over.

Qobuz cheapest country – Revealed

Qobuz is fairly cheap in several countries. Argentina leads the pack, with plans starting from $4.19/month. 

Brazil and Chile follow closely with $4.21/month and $4.29/month respectively. From here, prices start to double and vary from country to country. 

Here’s the complete list:

CountryLocal Currency/MonthUSD/Month
New ZealandNZD17.49$10.69
United StatesUSD10.83$10.83
Most EU countriesEUR12.49$13.55

Qobuz costs about $13.55/month across most European Union countries. These include the likes of Germany, Belgium, France, Ireland, and more.

Qobuz expensive countries

As earlier noted, users in some regions pay hefty Qobuz subscriptions. However, the number is sizable considering it’s available across 27 countries right now.

The list is as follows:

CountryLocal Currency/MonthUSD/Month
United KingdomGBP10.83$13.72

One thing you’ll notice is Columbians pay a hefty $16.19/month. This is quite the opposite of what other South American users enjoy.

How to subscribe to Qobuz for a steal

Qobuz recently stopped processing payments from outside the officially supported countries. This move restricts users behind VPNs from accessing the service for cheap.

Fortunately, here are some workarounds: 

  • Family/friend assistance: You can ask a relative or friend in a supported country to help. They can subscribe to a Qobuz on your behalf using their payment details. This way, you can have a valid account linked to your email address.
  • Gift card purchase: Qobuz offers gift cards that users can purchase and share with anyone. Again, you can ask a friend or relative to buy them. They will help you subscribe and renew your subscriptions.

Qobuz may implement stricter verification methods in the future. Additionally, relying on third parties introduces delays and logistical hurdles.

Why is Qobuz unavailable in some countries?

Unlike most streaming services, Qobuz isn’t available everywhere. This limitation is due to a complex interplay of factors.

Firstly, music licensing deals can vary significantly by country. Negotiating rights with artists and labels does involve complicated revenue-sharing agreements. 

Additionally, Qobuz currently lacks the necessary regulatory approvals to serve some regions. This could be due to ongoing negotiations, local regulations, or resource restrictions.

Secondly, competition in the music streaming market plays a role. Outpacing big players in well-established regions poses a huge challenge. 

While these factors contribute to Qobuz’s reach, there’s always hope for expansion. Of course, I’ll be here to update the list when that happens. 

Wrapping up

You were looking for the Qobuz cheapest country deal, right? Now, you’ve found it.

In general, most South American countries, excluding Colombia, cost less. Choosing any of them allows you to get value for your money. 

Subscribing, however, may be a hurdle. But you can get a relative or friend to help.

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