Is Your VPN Not Working With Taobao? Try These Fixes!

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Why is your VPN not working with Taobao?

Taobao is a Chinese online shopping hub that’s open to customers worldwide. So, strictly speaking, you don’t need a VPN for it — except for security reasons.

The problem is: Taobao doesn’t always work with a VPN.

Luckily, we’ll tell you why this happens and how to fix the issue. Let’s get down to business!

Is Taobao blocking VPN services?

Taobao is known to block VPN services. You might have experienced this error screen while trying to log in:

Taobao VPN error screen

Here’s why it happens:

  • IP banning – This online marketplace keeps a blacklist of IPs linked to VPN companies. It may be banning them to prevent shoppers from concealing their identity from the Chinese authorities. 
  • Server maintenance – No computer can run perfectly all year without routine checkups; VPN servers are no exception. If you connect to one during its scheduled downtime, it may reject your traffic or leak your IP to Taobao.
  • Cached data – Taobao collects data from your device through its site or app to improve your online experience. Unfortunately, that includes your location. So, it’ll know you’re using a VPN when the new IP address doesn’t match its records.
  • Outdated software – If you haven’t downloaded the latest version of your VPN, browser, or Taobao, it may not work as intended.
  • Faulty device – Your phone, tablet, or desktop may be interfering with your connection.

What to do if Taobao is not working with a VPN?

Here’s what you should do when your VPN isn’t working with Taobao:

Hop on to a different server

Your first move should be connecting to another VPN server. It’s an easy way to get around Taobao’s IP ban!

Still, some providers don’t allow you to choose a specific one. You might have to reconnect or pick a different city or country.

Here’s a little demonstration on Surfshark:

  1. Disconnect your VPN. 

  2. Tap Locations. 

    Surfshark VPN app dashboard

  3. Select a different country or city from the one you previously used.

    Surfshark VPN server locations

  4. Once connected, feel free to fill your Taobao cart.

Go stealth mode

If your VPN supports obfuscation, you should take advantage of it. Basically, it’ll mask your VPN connection and make it seem like regular internet traffic.

Here’s how to activate this feature on Surfshark:

1. Launch your VPN.

2. Tap Settings

Surfshark VPN for Android Settings

3. Go to VPN Settings.

Surfshark VPN Settings

4. Choose Protocol.

5. Set it to any OpenVPN option.

6. Proceed to Locations.

Surfshark VPN app dashboard

7. Connect to any country or city you like.

Surfshark VPN locations

8. Once you’ve successfully connected, revisit Taobao.

Clear your cache

Have you tried every obfuscated server at your disposal to no avail? Maybe you should erase Taobao’s memory first.

If you’re using Google Chrome, follow these steps:

1. Close the Taobao tab.

2. Press Ctrl+H to open your browser’s history.

Chrome history window

3. Click the Clear browsing data button.

Clear browsing data button

4. Open the Advanced tab.

5. Make sure the boxes for Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files are checked.

Clear browsing data advanced tab

6. Pick your preferred time range.

7. Delete everything by clicking the Clear data button.

Clear browsing data button

8. Launch your VPN and connect to a country of your choosing. You can now return to Taobao to snag the best deals!

Restart your device

Still can’t access the website with your VPN on? In that case, you should restart your device. Doing so may prompt software updates you don’t know about or you keep putting off.

Go with another vendor

If all else fails, try a different service provider. 

We recommend Surfshark VPN. We’ve seen it work with the shopping platform first-hand! Its entire network supports obfuscation, so you won’t be limited to a handful of locations.

It also doesn’t log your session information and browsing history. On top of that, it lets you connect as many devices as you want.



Enjoy carefree shopping with Surfshark’s obfuscated worldwide servers.


A VPN can hide your activity on Taobao from snoopers. Still, don’t be surprised if the platform suddenly stops working because of it.

On the brighter side, you can fix the issue all by yourself in most cases. Try changing your server, obfuscation, deleting your cached data, and more.

If your VPN is still not working with Taobao, you should try your luck with Surfshark. It worked flawlessly for us while doing our tests!

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