5 Best VPNs for Starlink [+ a Step-by-Step Set Up Guide]

While Starlink employs cutting-edge security measures to guarantee user security, the internet can never be 100% safe. The VPN provides anonymity, helps you bypass geo-restrictions, and optimizes cybersecurity. What’s more, VPNs can sometimes also increase internet speed. This can be a big plus if you use Starlink and have problems with slow speeds and throttling. … Read more

Brave VPN Extensions: 7 Best For Private Browsing

vpn brave browser

Brave is an open-source web browser founded by the inventor of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla. It is based on Chromium, which is the open-source code behind Chrome. In addition, it comes with features such as one-click anti-fingerprinting, built-in ad-blocker, script blocker, tracking protection, and HTTPS-Everywhere functionality. However, keep in mind that using Brave Browser alone is … Read more