VPN Blocking Your Text Messages? Here’s How to Fix It for Good!

By default, a VPN encrypts the entire traffic of your device. However, that can have its downsides. Namely, texting services that use data may malfunction and prevent you from sending or receiving messages. On the bright side, we can explain why this happens and how to fix it. Let’s dive in! Why is your VPN … Read more

These VPNs Work Perfectly For TextNow [We Tested 20]

TextNow is a VoIP app that allows cheap calls and texts for residents in the US and Canada. Though users can make international calls, they can’t create an account outside these countries. Customers have complained of network instability on this app. Privacy is not at its strongest either, with many being contacted by unknown users. … Read more

Snapchat Not Available in Your Country? Here’s an Easy Fix

Snapchat Not Available in Your Country

Snapchat is a popular messaging app where you can send messages and pictures that are only available for a limited time, after which they disappear. It’s mainly popular among teenagers and youngsters, but that doesn’t stop others from using it on a daily basis. Long story short, Snapchat is cool, but there’s also some bad … Read more

4 Best VPNs for FaceTime for Secure and Buffer-Free Calls

Facetime is an Apple VoIP application used for audio and video calls by millions of users worldwide. If you use a VPN with it, you can optimize your connection for high-quality and uninterrupted video calls. Although Apple Inc. is known for exalting its users’ privacy above other features and FaceTime uses end-to-end encryption, there are … Read more