Best Wireguard VPNs for Router [Top 5 Picks]

best wireguard vpn for router

Generally, you can’t use WireGuard to protect devices that don’t natively support VPN clients. Until recently, your safest choice was to use either OpenVPN or IKEv2 configuration files for manual setup. But as this revolutionary protocol gained mainstream recognition, the number of WireGuard config providers started to grow. Today, we talk about our five top … Read more

Top 5 VPNs with Obfuscated Servers for Linux & Set-up Guide

vpn with obfuscated servers for linux

Finding a VPN with obfuscated servers can be more challenging for Linux users.  Here’s why: Some VPNs don’t support Linux at all, and some of those that do support Linux don’t offer obfuscated servers. For example, Proton VPN has stealth servers for other operating systems but has yet to integrate this feature in its Linux … Read more

3 Best Double VPN Services [And When to Use Them]

Best double VPN services

Double VPN (also known as multi-hop or cascading) is a flashy feature most users ignore. Many say it drives up latency while others, including gamers, believe that it’s overkill. Although its negative reputation is not unfounded, it does have real benefits. Most importantly, it can take your online privacy and security to new heights. The … Read more

3 Best Chegg VPNs to Maintain Complete Anonymity

chegg vpn

Chegg is a valuable tool for accessing textbooks, study guides, and other academic resources. However, many educational institutions block access to the website and penalize students who try to use their services. For example, Curtin University and the University of Auckland explicitly forbid students from using Chegg’s homework-help services.  In these situations, a VPN can … Read more