7 Best VPNs for Ahmedabad with Maximum Privacy in 2024

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Ahmedabad is a city in India. As is like other cities, accessing the internet in Ahmedabad presents security and privacy risks, especially for people who are unaware of common hacking and data theft loopholes in the digital space.

No worries. If you stay in Ahmedabad or anywhere for that matter, you can maintain the highest safety and privacy. In this article, we look at the best VPN for Ahmedabad to stay private and secure.

Here, you will read about technologies that aid online privacy while also catching up on security features that make streaming, surfing or gaming online safe.

What to Look for in a Good VPN for India?

Several features make a VPN the right choice for online privacy and security. Whether you are in Ahmedabad, Chicago, or Lagos, there are specific features that will give you the solid protection and privacy you need. We list them below:

? Protocols
Modern VPNs have multiple protocols as we used PIA OpenVPN protocol with Tails here leveraging its OpenVPN protocol to secure Tail-operated devices

? Encryption
ISPs and legal authorities in India may attempt to montor you, which is why it’s important to use a VPN with great encryption algorithms like AES-256-bit or CaCha20

? Ease of Use
Easy apps that that don’t require much know-how are the best because they let you connect in just a few steps, thus secure your traffic as fast as possible

? Flexibility
Being able to connect multiple devices, as well having access to dedicated apps for different operating system is important if you want to protect your entire online activity

? Reach
It’s important to use a VPN that has servers located all around the world, especially if you want to bypass regional blocks.

It’s also important to use up to date apps that combine various VPN technologies with security features to prevent the risk of data leaks. Important features to consider include:

  • Double VPN/ Multi-hop
  • Secure kill switch to block traffic if VPN drops
  • Public Wi-Fi protection

Which is the best VPN to use for Ahmedabad?

Depending on what works for your budget, security, or privacy, our list of the best VPN for Ahmedabad will make your day and you will be able to find one that suits you.

  1. Private Internet Access – reliable VPN with unlimited bandwidth and large server network for fast browsing on any webpage in the world
  2. NordVPN – powerful VPN encryption paired with advanced obfuscation for complete and untraceable online anonimity
  3. ExpressVPN – leading VPN technologies with proprietary protocol designed for speed and unbreakable privacy
  4. Surfshark – budged friendly VPN that lets you connect as many devices as you want, being an ideal tool to secure your entire Ahmedabad household
  5. CyberGhost – straightforward VPN configuration with auto-connect features as well as the possibility to manually configure your connection, for advanced users
  6. VyprVPN – fast VPN with dedicated servers all around the world, including several fast and secure servers in India
  7. IPVanish – advanced IP masking features and simple to use VPN app that lets you connect fast and hide your traffic from your ISP

Note that all of the following VPNs are legal and can be used in India without issues. However, not all of them have Indian servers. For better privacy we actually recommend you connect to servers outside the country.

1. Private Internet Access – Industry Leader With Strong and Fast Servers

PIA VPN interface

Private Internet Access is a reliable VPN that offers security and privacy anywhere in the world. The VPN boasts 35,000 servers across 84 countries with enough security to keep users anonymous in Ahmedabad.

There is no need to worry about connecting to a public WiFi in India or anywhere also, as the VPN offers protection against any type of breach.

You will find its VPN kill switch feature proactive while its multi-hop feature keeps you on a server throughout your Internet sojourn.

We love PIA, particularly for its industry-standard protocols and encryption. It has an AES 256-bit encryption technology to keep you safe on any device or operating system.

We find other notable features of PIA below:

  • Kill Switch
  • Split Tunneling Technology
  • Multi-hop
  • Customer Support
  • Up to 10 connections per license
  • DDoS and Leak protection
  • Personal IP Address
  • 30,000 servers across 84 countries
Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Encrypt your traffic and stay secure with this zero-logs VPN ideal for Ahmedabad!
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2. NordVPN – Swift Protocols and an Impressive Ad-blocker

Nord VPN for Ahmedabad

NordVPN offers the VPN community impressive security and privacy features. Whether you are in Ahmedabad or the UK, you will find the VPN generally effective in protecting you from phishing scams and keeping you private to the maximum.

No disturbances when using most of these modern VPNs. Nord VPN has its CyberSec feature to keep ad pop-ups away from disturbing your streaming or surfing experience.

This is equally useful in blocking in-game ads, so awesome!

That’s not all; Nord VPN takes the privacy and security game further to provide a personal and unique private DNS for its users. This helps you to claim only one undetectable IP address on the internet.

NordVPN is very diffuclt to track, which is probably one of the reasons why is a user favorite. Keep in mind that as of June, the service no longer hosts servers in India, but it is still avialble as a service.

This means that you can encrypt your traffic and connect to a NordVPN server when you are in Ahmedabad, but you won’t be able to access geo-blocked platforms like Aha if you travel outside the country.

Other notable features of Nord VPN include:

  • Double VPN
  • Kill Switch (Automatic)
  • Split Tunneling
  • CyberSec
  • Zero Log Policy
  • Industry Standard Encryption
  • 6 Users Per License


Hide your traffic data for a truly private online experience with leading VPN technologies!
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3. Express VPN – Heavy Encryption

Express VPN

Encryption is everything when talking about online privacy in the digital era. Express VPN understands this and provides a standard AES 256-bit encryption for its users.

The VPN requires a subscription fee, which then allows users to enjoy its wide security and privacy features. These features include a VPN kill switch that secures every connection throughout.

Explore its split tunneling technology that lets you decide which browser or app you want to be covered. You will love the VPN for its multiple protocols and customer support as well.

The split tunneling feature is helpful if you want to boost Internet speed. You will prioritize traffic toward a certain app, while browsing locally at the same time. It can help with ping and lag in games such as GMode.

Express VPN will unblock regional restrictions if you stay in Ahmedabad or anywhere in the world, thanks to its thousands of strong and fast servers.

We have notable features of Express VPN below:

  • 5000+ servers
  • Split tunneling Technology
  • VPN Kill Switch
  • 5 simultaneous connections per license
  • 7-day free trial (mobile)
  • Lightway protocol
  • Personal DNS
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • IP masking


Mask your IP and encrypt your traffic information to remain untraceable when using the Internet in Ahmedabad!
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4. Surfshark VPN – Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

SurfShark Interface

Surfhsrk comes on the list with various sophisticated security and privacy features. The VPN won many users’ hearts with its unlimited simultaneous connections.

That is, family and friends in Ahmedabad can connect unlimitedly and stay private and secure online.

Surfshark, like other reliable VPNs for privacy, will require a certain subscription fee. After this, you will love its encryption technology which allows users to claim one of its thousands of servers.

Privacy on the web or any applications is ensured when you connect to a server. Luckily, conncting is very easy.

Once you have the app installed, you just have to press connect and your traffic will be protected from ISP monitoring.

We trust Surfshark for its other notable features including:

  • No-log policy
  • Split tunneling technology
  • Obfuscation feature
  • Multi-hop feature
  • Private DNS Service
  • CleanWeb Ad-blocker
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections


Protect your identity and browsing information with unlimited VPN for all your devices!
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5. CyberGhost VPN – Most User Friendly

CyberGhost Interface

CyberGhost VPN is that friendly VPN that offers you cutting-edge privacy technology in the easiest way.

Thanks to its good coverage in India as well as ease of use which makes it a good VPN for seniors, we trus CyberGhost to offer you alll the privacy you need.

To use CyberGhost, you will need a subscription which then allows you and 6 others to connect and stay secure and private at a time.

Streaming in Ahmedabad will be seamless when using CyberGhost VPN, thanks to its lag-free nature. It offers access to multiple server locations making it ideal to unlock Hulu or Netflix.

You will not only be able to stay completely private with AES 256-bit encryption, but you will also be able to connect to several servers around the world and bypass any restrictions you may face.

Other notable features of CyberGhost include:

  • Up to 7 Connections per subscription
  • Streaming Compatible
  • DDoS and Leak Protection
  • 7-day free mobile trial
  • 1 day free PC
  • VPN Kill Switch
  • Automatic server selection


Unlock restricted content and protect your data with advanced encryption on all devices!
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6. VyprVPN – Lag-Free and Fast Servers

Vypr VPN vpn ahmedabad

Privacy is the need here, and Vypr VPN does that perfectly while adding icing on the cake with more modern privacy and security features.

The VPN requires and subscription fee after which it offers users a wide range of servers. Users in Ahmedabad and other parts of India will be able to have a private sojourn on the internet when they connect to any of Vypr’s fast and secure servers.

You can stream, surf, and play online games with Vypr without having to worry about speed. We love its agility and bandwidth for that.

The VPN offers this protection over public WiFi so anywhere you are in Ahmedabad, you can be sure to have total privacy and protection.

It has dedicated servers in India, so it’s ideal if you plan to travel abroad and keep track with your local websites and streaming services.

Notable features of the VPN include:

  • Wi-Fi protection
  • AES 256-bit Encryption
  • WireGuard, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec Protocols
  • Manual and automatic server selection
  • Automatic Troubleshooting
  • TAP Adapter configuration


Secure your network and remain private online with advanced and unlimited VPN traffic!
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7. IPVanish VPN – Military Garde Security and Encryption

IPVanish vpn ahmedabad

IPVanish can be used in Ahmedabad and any other Indian location. The VPN requires a subscription fee before users can access its industry-standard privacy and security features.

The client boasts of a military-grade AES 256-bit encryption technology to offer users secure servers. Privacy is at the maximum as ISPs and platform services will be unable to detect your moves online.

That’s not all, IPVanish adds other perks to the club including a proprietary DNS service so you can have your own unique and untraceable address.

Other notable features of IPVanish are:

  • Lag-free
  • Anti-throttling
  • Personal DNS for anonymity
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Customer support
  • Fast servers
  • Accesses blocked websites
  • Over 1000 servers across 60 countries


Encrypt your data to stay protected from online monitoring in Ahmedabad!
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⛔ Is VPN illegal in India?

No. VPN is not illegal in India. You can use a VPN to access services and stay private and safe in various Indian cities.

However, if crime investigations require that you stop or get queried for using a VPN, you may be caught in the loop. But apart from this, it is completely legal to use a VPN in India. \

? Can Indian Police track VPN?

Yes and no. CERT-In, the agency responsible for cybersecurity in India orders VPN clients to log certain user data.

This means that VPN servers that are located on the territory of India will have to keep some user information in order to comply with the law.

However, VPN usage is not banned and if you connect to a server that is located outside the country, you will not be tracked down by the Indian police.

VPN connections are entirely private, with their Private DNS feature that allows users to have a unique address online. It will be impossible for the Indian police to solely detect your online presence and track you.

However, in cases of public crime or investigations, the police may request the license to partner with your ISPs and detect the VPN you use towards uncovering your trails.


VPN technology remains a blessing to this digital era where interruptions, scams, and other unwanted practices impact your privacy and online experience.

Interestingly, so far you have a stable network connection in Ahmedabad, you can enjoy seamless streaming on private servers anywhere and at any time. Get a VPN today and stay safe and private from the world.

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