VPN vs Proxy: Are They the Same or Is VPN Better Than Proxy?

VPN vs Proxy

Nowadays, geo-blocking, anonymity, privacy and security are issues of main concern for many Internet users like you, and that is for good reason. Whether you simply want to access geo-restricted content regardless of your location, surf the web anonymously, privately, and securely, you can fully or partially achieve these with the use of a tool … Read more

Fastest VPN Server Locations: 7 VPNs with Most Locations

Best VPN server location: 6 VPNs with the largest server networks

VPN services vary across providers in terms of the number of servers and locations available. Some VPNs offer large and diverse server networks, whereas others only a few servers and locations. Besides the maximum number available with a certain VPN provider, subscription plans can also limit the number of locations and servers a subscriber has … Read more

VPN Speed Test Comparison & Results [2023 Updated]

VPN server speed test 5 fastest VPNs

VPN server speed tests effectively indicate how fast your VPN is when you connect to different server locations worldwide. With very few exceptions, you’ll generally notice a slight or significant speed drop if you run a speed test using a VPN. This is primarily due to encryption, as VPNs reroute your traffic via a secure … Read more

How to Check If Your ISP Is Throttling YouTube and Stop it

How to check if your ISP is throttling YouTube

If you experience lagging, buffering, or any other interruptions during your YouTube sessions, this may be due to the fact that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is throttling YouTube. ISP throttling or bandwidth throttling happens when your ISP intentionally limits your Internet bandwidth, which will lead to slower connection speeds. Internet providers choose to limit … Read more