7 Ways to Fix CyberGhost VPN Service Not Reachable

  • Getting the CyberGhost VPN service not reachable error may seem a lot worse than it actually is.
  • This issue is usually fixed by simply restarting the VPN client or doing absolutely nothing.
  • If restarting CyberGhost VPN doesn't do the trick, you can try some of our suggested fixes.
  • Ultimately, if nothing does the trick for you, you may have to turn to another VPN service.

CyberGhost VPN service not reachable is the type of error that we use to call a showstopper.

There’s no warning, either. One day you wake up and CyberGhost VPN just stands there, denying you access to its service.

For many people, CyberGhost API not being reachable might be no biggie, but users who are concerned about their online privacy and security are really affected by this issue.

However, you shouldn’t worry. This error isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds.

In fact, many users report that a simple restart did the trick for them, so maybe you’re among the lucky ones.

Either way, we’ll walk you through the most common ways you can fix the CyberGhost VPN service’s not a reachable error in no time.

Why is CyberGhost not reachable?

If you get the Service not reachable error message when you attempt to access CyberGhost, there are multiple possible explanations:

➡️ Servers are down – it’s possible that the specific server you try to access is down or overpopulated, which makes it very difficult or impossible to connect

➡️ Your Internet connection is bad – if your network is fluctuating or not working at all, your VPN will not perform either

➡️ Security settings are blocking CyberGhost – your firewall or antivirus may prevent CyberGhost from accessing the Internet, thus connecting to a server

These problems can be fixed if you check your configuration and change up your VPN setup. Read more below about what you can do.

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How can I fix CyberGhost VPN service not reachable?

1. Try a different server

Sometimes CyberGhost VPN‘s servers can get overcrowded.

As a result, you may experience connectivity issues such as the service becoming unavailable.

If that’s the case, you’re among the lucky ones.

Simply choosing another VPN server and connecting to it should get you up and going in no time.

If that doesn’t work, log out of your account in the VPN client, close the CyberGhost VPN app, re-launch it, and log back in.

Now try connecting to another server and everything should work just fine.

2. Switch protocols

It’s not exactly classified information that certain protocols could sometimes work better than others.

If your CyberGhost VPN client is set to choose its own protocol automatically, try changing this setting.

  1. Open CyberGhost VPN‘s settings screen.
  2. Head to the Connection category.
  3. Select a different option from the VPN protocol dropdown menu and check if there’s any improvement.

If you still get the CyberGhost VPN service not reachable error, try toggling the Use TCP instead of UDP setting.

Still nothing? Disable the Use a random port to connect option.

We’re quite confident that if this issue was caused by a stubborn protocol/port combination, this should’ve done the trick.

3. Reinstall CyberGhost VPN

This method is quite simple, you only need to uninstall CyberGhost VPN from your PC and reinstall it from scratch.

If you have problems such as the CyberGhost API not reachable domain fronting unsuccessful, a fresh install could help.

However, you also need to make sure that CyberGhost VPN‘s TAP adapter driver is also uninstalled during the process.

  1. Right-click your Start Menu
  2. Select Device Manager
  3. Expand the Network adapters category
  4. Right-click the TAP adapter driver (provided you only have one VPN installed on your PC)
  5. Select Uninstall device
  6. Restart your PC

Once your PC comes back to life, go ahead and download the latest version of CyberGhost VPN. Now install it.

When the setup process comes to an end, log in to your account, and check if the problem is gone.

Also, you should try to launch CyberGhost VPN as an Administrator. You know, for good measure.

4. Flush your DNS

  1. Launch CMD with Administrator rights
  2. Type these commands one by one, and press Enter after each of them:
    • ipconfig /flushdns
    • ipconfig /registerdns
    • ipconfig /release
    • ipconfig /renew
    • netsh winsock reset
  3. Restart your PC

After your PC finishes its boot sequence, launch CyberGhost VPN and check if it’s still unavailable.

Sometimes cached data can mess with your connectivity, and your VPN makes no exception from this cruel situation.

Simply flushing your DNS and resetting your Winsock should take care of things in a jiffy.

5. Check your firewall/antivirus

If you recently installed CyberGhost VPN and remember skipping some permission-related dialogs from your security software, keep on reading.

Usually, your Windows Firewall detects whenever you’re about to run an Internet-enabled program for the first time and asks you what to do.

Depending on your security settings, skipping the dialog by closing the window or clicking the Cancel button could mean extra restrictions.

For that reason, you’ll need to check that your firewall isn’t actively blocking CyberGhost VPN‘s access to the Internet.

Once you make sure that your firewall isn’t restricting CyberGhost VPN, you should do the same thing with your antivirus. You know, for good measure.

6. Contact customer support

If the issue presists and you are not able to find exactly what’s causing it, you can try contacting customer support.

Luckily, CyberGhost has a 24/7 customer support service where you can contact an agent about your problem and they will look at your particular situation and find a solution for you.

7. Other suggestions

  • Restart your PC, router, and/or modem
  • Perform a clean install of your Windows 10 operating system
  • Update your system drivers (especially network drivers)
  • Use an external network adapter
  • Upgrade your network card


All things considered, the CyberGhost VPN service not reachable error occurs quite rarely, so you may not even stumble upon it.

However, if it happens, you should try all of our suggested fixes. We’re quite confident you’ll find one that does the job eventually.

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