Disney+ Not Working on PS4: 8 Quick Solutions to Fix It Now

  • Sometimes Disney+ might not be working on PlayStation 4 (PS4) home video game consoles, which may be frustrating.
  • Disney+ is one of the most popular video streaming services on the market and is available on many platforms and devices.
  • Although the service generally works fine on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices, sometimes you may have a different experience with your console.
  • Although there is no one specific reason or issue as to why Disney+ is malfunctioning on your PS4, we provided a few solutions from which you can choose to fix your issue.

Disney+ is an American subscription-based video streaming service owned and operated by the Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution (DMED) division of the Walt Disney Company.

With Disney+ you can enjoy plenty of films and TV shows produced by The Walt Disney Studios & Television – endless entertainment from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

As far as the geographical distribution is concerned, Disney+ is available in these countries as of now, but there are plans for expansion since the service extends its global presence since it launched in 2019 and will continue to do so in the future.

The service is available on multiple devices with different operating systems, such as various smart TV brands, Windows and macOS computers, Android and iPhone devices as well as PlayStation (PS4 & PS5) game consoles.

It is already known that Disney+ is particularly buggy with PS4, and while there’s no single clear reason as to why this happens, it might be because of app development, namely, apps are not created equal and they perform differently on different devices or platforms.

If Disney+ is not working on your PS4, you shouldn’t be upset anymore, as we came up with a bunch of solutions that we hope we’ll help you fix your issue (s) and start watching Disney+ as if nothing happened.

Why won’t Disney+ work on my PS4?

Disney + supports both PS4 and PS5, but can occasionally not work, thanks to connection or configuration issues.

The number one reason why you have Disney Plus PS4 issues is an internal problem on their part. If the platform has servers down in your area or is undergoing maintenance, you will have trouble accessing it.

It’s also possible that your Internet connection is down or fluctuating. Check your connection and contact your ISP if necessary.

A platform like Disney + needs a good and steady connection because loading video content is a rather demanding task. Check your DNS settings as well.

Other things that can come in your way are out-of-date Disney+ apps or outdated PS4 system software. Make sure to run the latest versions to avoid any errors.

It’s also possible that you connect from an area where the platform is not supported yet.

Disney+ related issues on PS4

Although the Disney+ app is accessible on a variety of platforms, the experience is not the same. Along with this error of Disney+ on PS4, there are some more related issues like:

  • Disney+ slow / not loading
  • Can’t log into Disney+ 
  • Disney+ keeps buffering
  • Disney+ sound skipping
  • Disney app not working – If you got this error, don’t worry, your account has not been blocked, but the app must be reinstalled.

What can I do if Disney+ is not working on my PS4?

1. Check the status of Disney+

First off, in order to make sure that Disney+ is up and running and that the issue isn’t coming from your side, you should check the status of its servers, that is, whether the service is up or down.

You can easily do this by using a service like Downdetector. Just go to the website, enter the name of the website you’re checking – in our case Disney+ – and check its status.

If you’re shown a message the likes of User reports indicate no current problems at Disney+, then you can continue with other steps; otherwise, wait until the servers will be up again.

2. Use a VPN service

One of the other potential reasons for which Disney+ is not working on your PS4 is due to geo-blocking. You can see here where the service is currently available, so if your country is not on the list and you want to access Disney+, you will be geo-restricted unfortunately.

What you can do in this situation is to use a VPN service that will allocate you a new IP address from a country where Disney+ is currently available; this way, you will trick Disney+ into thinking you’re located in that country.

In addition, you will benefit from privacy and security since your browsing activity will be anonymized and your traffic will be routed via an encrypted tunnel which will help protect your sensitive data.

Moreover, since you have a PS4 console that is primarily designed for gaming, by using a VPN not only will you be able to bypass geo-blocking if Disney+ is unavailable in your region but you’ll also have a smoother gaming experience since the VPN will lower your ping which causes lag.

Although most VPNs are used in the form of either PC, laptop, or mobile clients that can be installed on their operating systems, you can actually configure a VPN on your PS4 as well.

The only difference is that you’ll need to manually configure your PS4 console to use a VPN. You’ll need first to look for a VPN provider, so we recommend you NordVPN since it’s very reliable and also has many tutorials on how you can configure it on various routers.

You can set up the VPN on your PS4 either via your router, in which case all your devices connected to the internet will use the VPN as well, or you can set it up via your PC.

3. Check or reset your internet settings

Run an internet speed test

If Disney+ is not working properly on your PS4, an inexistent or slow internet connection might be one of the reasons, so you need to make sure you have a good connection to use the service accordingly.

Initially, you can run a speed test to check the quality of your connection. Go to the Speedtest by Ookla website, run the speed test and take a look at the results.

If the results show that you have a good connection, access again Disney+ and start streaming some content to see if anything changed. However, if your connection is slow, you can check whether the problem lies with your router.

Reboot your router

  1. Reboot your router by turning the power button off or by unplugging the power cable.
  2. Turn the power button on or plug the router back in and wait until it powers up.
  3. Check all the router lights and make sure they are all green.
  4. Check your internet connection again.
  5. If the connection isn’t improved, try resetting the router.

Reset your router

  1. Press and hold the Reset button for no less than 10 seconds.
  2. Release the button and wait for the router to turn on with the default factory settings.
  3. Reconfigure your router as you did the first time.
  4. Check whether the lights turned green and try to connect to the internet.

If your connection speed doesn’t improve after you try all of the above, contact your internet service provider to find out whether there is any problem with their infrastructure.

4. Update your PS4

If your PS4 is running an old software version, this may cause other applications like Disney+ not work, so you need to update it since new versions come with new improvements and fixes.

Update your PS4 by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings using your controller.
  2. Select System Software Update.
  3. Select Update Now.
  4. If there are updates available, select Next and wait for the download to complete.
  5. The update should install automatically. Your PS4 may restart at least once during this.

5. Update Disney+

For the best functionality and experience, it’s very important that you always have the most recent version of Disney+ or else you may end up with the app not working properly.

You can update Disney+ on your PS4 as follows:

  1. Go to the main screen and find Disney+.
  2. Select Disney+ with your controller, then press the Options button.
  3. In the right side menu, select Check for Update.
  4. Press the X button on your controller.
  5. Your PS4 will check for a new version of Disney+ and download it automatically.
  6. If there is no update, you will get the message The installed application is the latest version.

If Disney plus won’t update on PS4, we suggest you reinstall the app.

6. Factory reset your PS4

Whether you or other applications changed some settings or configurations – which can cause Disney+ not to work on PS4 – you can reset your PS4 to its factory default settings instead of searching for the wrong configurations.

Make sure to back up your console before doing this because the reset will erase all data on your console from user data, images, videos, games, apps, etc.

Follow these steps to factory reset your PS4:

  1. Go to Settings using your controller.
  2. Go to the Initialization page.
  3. Select Initialize PS4.
  4. On the next page, select Full to perform a full reset.
  5. Your PS4 will begin the reset process. This may take a while.

After the factory reset is complete, reinstall Disney+ on your console and try using the service again.

7. Change your DNS settings

DNS stands for Domain Name System and is sort of an internet phone book that makes possible the connection between devices and websites or application servers.

A DNS associates a domain name to a place to find content for that domain, so the DNS server tells your PS4 where gaming servers, websites, or Disney+ – to be more specific – are physically located on the Web.

If Disney+ is not working with your PS4, this might be because your ISP-provided DNS is having issues and doesn’t allow your console to communicate effectively with the Disney+ servers.

Changing your DNS settings to use other DNS servers will help if this is the cause of the issue. You can easily do this on your PS4 console by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings and select Network.
  2. Select Set Up Internet Connection.
  3. Choose your connection type (WiFi/LAN Cable).
  4. Select Custom connection setup.
  5. Under IP Address Settings, select Automatic.
  6. Under DHCP Host Name, select Do Not Specify.
  7. Under DNS Settings, select Manual.
  8. Set your Primary DNS to
  9. Set your Secondary DNS to, then select Next.
  10. Under MTU Settings, select Automatic.
  11. Under Proxy Server, select Do Not Use.
  12. Select Test Internet Connection and you’re done.

8. Contact Disney+ Help Center

In case Disney+ is still not working on your PS4 after trying out all of the above solutions, you always have the option of visiting the Disney+ Help Center and contacting their support team.

There might be problems associated with your account that have to be solved by Disney+. Make sure to provide them with any additional information (e.g. screenshots) to help them single out the issue.

Can’t log in to Disney Plus on PS 4

Some users report not being able to log in. The first thing to consider is to check that your credentials are correct. Next, check your Internet and make sure that the device you try to access Disney+ from is online.

Some Disney PLus subscribers say that they were able to get back into their accounts after updating the application.


All things considered, Disney+ can give you sometimes a hard time if you want to make it work properly on your PS4 console but don’t get disappointed because there are solutions that can be of great help.

Although it may not be easy to identify the root cause of the error, trying out multiple solutions like the ones presented above, will help you isolate the issue quickly.

Whether Disney+ is not working on your PS4 because of network connection issues, unproperly configured settings on the console, un-updated versions, geo-blocking, etc., we hope that you’ll manage to fix the problem and enjoy streaming your favorite Disney+ content hassle-free.

If you will occur the same Disney+ not working on PS5, you can safely follow the same steps mentioned in this article.

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