5 Ways to Fix Game Pass is Not Available in Your Region

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xbox game pass not available in my country

Unfortunately, the highly anticipated Game Pass is not available in my country. However, I cracked the nut and found a way around that. So, if you’re having the same problem, stick with me.

Xbox Game Pass is liked worldwide because it offers lots of games for a reasonable price and it works both on PC and console. Even though it’s not available in all places, there are ways to get it from anywhere.

Get past Game Pass geo-blocks in any country with a tried and tested method that works great for consoles, PCs, phones, tablets, and Smart TVs.

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Is the Xbox Game Pass region locked?

Yes. Specific Game Pass features are only available in certain regions. Despite Xbox Game Pass being widely available across the globe, the user experience is different depending on location.

For instance, if you’re located in Canada, you will get access to Game Pass Ultimate, PC Game Pass, Game Pass for Console, and Cloud Gaming. But some of these features aren’t available to those from Portugal.

What can I do if Game Pass is not available in my country?

1. Adjust the date and time on your PC

  1. Click on the Start button from your taskbar.
  2. Type date and time and select Date and time settings from the results list.
windows search date and time
  1. Set date and time to automatic mode. This will automatically sync your PC clock with the Internet clock, according to your time zone.
windows change date and time
  1. If you want to manually change the date and time, or choose a time zone from a supported country, click on the Change button and select the values from the drop-down menu.
  2. Log out from the Xbox Game Pass app and log back in.

2. Use a VPN service

gamepass working with pia vpn connected to us

Using a suitable VPN for Game Pass to change the location of your device will surely be of help when it comes to resolving the dreaded error discussed in this guide.

One such capable software is the powerful PIA (Private Internet Access), which enables you to change your location as you desire.

It offers incredible levels of privacy online with the use of powerful encryption services.

Don’t waste any more time dealing with this error by downloading and installing PIA on your system today. It will also let you buy an Xbox Game Pass cheaper and help if Xbox cloud gaming is not available in your region.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Bypass geo-blocks in Game Pass without being tracked with this fully encrypted VPN with unlimited bandwidth!
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3. Get at least 10 USD Xbox Live gift card

buy xbox game pass gift card

When you try to pay for a subscription with a card issued by a bank outside of Game Pass supported regions, you will get an error.

However, buying a gift card seems to solve this problem. For example, SEAGM is a reliable gift card seller from Malaysia, and you can buy one, with instant delivery, from here.

It is advised to have at least $1 + One month’s worth of subscription fee, meaning that you will need a minimum of 11$. Once you have received your 25-digit codes, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Head to the official Xbox Game Pass website.
  2. Log into your Microsoft Account. Your account MUST link to a usable phone number for verification.
  3. On the Xbox Game Pass page, click on JOIN NOW.
  4. Choose the PC version of the pass.
  5. Pick Redeem a gift card when selecting a payment method.
  6. From your SEAGM account, click on Retrieve Card to display your 25-digit code.
  7. Copy and paste it into the Xbox redemption page.
  8. You may need to fill in an address. If you’re outside of the USA, make sure the ZIP code matches the state.
  9. Once you’ve added enough funds, proceed to purchase the Game Pass membership.

4. Switch regions to the US

Time needed: 3 minutes.

  1. Click on the Start icon from your taskbar.

  2. Type region settings.region settings on windows

  3. Select Region and language settings from the results list and change the region to US. Note that switching to the US will give you access to all the games library.change region settings panel in windows

5. Contact the Xbox support center

xbox game pass support center

If you tried every solution to fix the Game Pass not available in your country issue, and you still have no clue how to figure things out, go ahead and contact the Xbox Support center and describe the problem to them.

Click on the green Contact Us button on top of the page, and select the options from the drop-down lists, then click Next.

How do I change the region in my Xbox?

Since Xbox is linked to your Microsoft Account, you will have to change regions in both accounts for an error-free experience:

  1. In a web browser, go to the  Review your Microsoft account info section.
  2. Select Edit profile info.
  3. Update your new address and select Save.
  4. Then, open your  Xbox profile settings.
  5. You will have to review the information entered to your Microsoft account, then select Next.
  6. Pick the region you are moving to from the drop-down list. 
  7. Select I Accept. Then, on your console, click the Xbox button to open settings.
  8. Select Profiles and system.
  9. Select Settings, then System.
  10. Pick Language and location.
  11. Select your new country from the drop-down list.

Is Xbox Game Pass available internationally?

Yes, users around the world can get an Xbox Game Pass account and benefit from premium features like access to over 100 games, exclusive discounts, or an included EA Play membership.

Xbox Game Pass is currently available in the following countries:

North America: United States, Canada, Mexico.Oceania: Australia, New Zeeland.
South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia.Asia: Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey, UAB, Vietnam.
Europe: Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and United Kingdom. Africa: South Africa.

The region in which your payment option was issued and your store region need to match – FIX

Subscribing to Xbox Game Pass may fail if the payment method doesn’t match your region. This is due to geo-restrictions that limit content to certain locations.

Luckily, circumventing the system is super easy. You’ll need a VPN, an Xbox Game Pass Code, and a local-based virtual card.

We’re going to use the United States and Turkey for this demonstration. Non-residents can easily get prepaid cards in these countries with physical addresses.  

Ready? Check it out: 

  1. Subscribe to VPN, preferably Private Internet Access. It’s fast, reliable, and perfect for online gaming.
  2. Go to Amazon and purchase an Xbox Game Pass Code, usable in the US. Alternatively, you can buy one that’s redeemable in Turkey.
  3. Create a virtual prepaid card with a local physical address. Use StatesCard for the US region and OlduBil or FUPS for Turkey. 
  4. Load your prepaid card with some funds. We’ll come back to this later.
  5. Launch PIA and connect to a server in the US or Turkey. 
  6. Access the Xbox website and log into your account. 
  7. Locate Games on the menu bar and select Redeem Code.
  8. Enter the Xbox Game Pass Code purchased in Step 2.
  9. Give your virtual prepaid card details if Xbox requires an alternative payment method.

Xbox also offers global-supported Gift Cards and Game Pass Codes. These are redeemable in all Xbox cloud gaming regions. 

Still, you need a local-based virtual prepaid card as a backup payment.

Final takeaway

To sum up, for those that experience the Game Pass is not available in my country issue, using a method to change your virtual location should do the trick.

Using a VPN is an effective way to bypass the geo-location restriction, as it offers online anonymity, masking your IP address and making it look as if you are actually connecting from the US.

Switching the region to the US on your PC or adjusting the date and time can also help.

Did these solutions work for you? Let us know in the comment section below.