15 Insightful Hinge Statistics You Should Know in 2024

Let's take a deep dive and see Hinge's impact on the dating world

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hinge statistics

These insightful Hinge statistics reveal if the dating app that promises meaningful connections is actually designed to be deleted.

Did you know the app made $284 million in 2022 and it’s still growing? Stick around if you want to know more.

Key Hinge Statistics

Let’s have a quick look at some stats you surely didn’t know:

  • Though it has a smaller gender gap than other apps, the majority of Hinge users are male.
  • 63% of the dating service’s users seek serious relationships.
  • In 2022, Hinge generated a yearly revenue of $284 million.
  • The majority of Hinge’s users are in the US and UK.
  • Since its inception, Hinge garnered over 35 million downloads.

Curious to know more? Let’s dive deeper.

General Hinge Stats and Facts

Hinge is making waves in the online dating scene lately, and here are some statistics and facts that highlight its impact.

1. Hinge launched in 2013

(Source: Hinge Press Kit) 

Justin McLeod founded Agent Cupid in 2011. The desktop app let Facebook users list the friends they had crushes on.

Just one year later, in 2012 it evolved into the Hinge mobile app which will officially launch in February 2013. Today, is one of the most recognizable apps in the dating world.

Hinge found its place among users seeking deeper connections because it encouraged more meaningful conversations through interesting prompts and had more detailed profile options.

2. There are over 23 million registered Hinge users as of 2022

(Source: Business of Apps)

Though still far from dethroning market leaders, Hinge registered over 23 million users in 2022.

Ever since its inception, it had a somewhat slow but steady growth.

The two most popular dating apps, Tinder and Bumble had 75 million, respectively 50 million users in the same year.

3. 1.06 million people paid for Hinge premium services in 2022

(Source: Business of Apps)

Based on a Bussiness of Apps study, 1.06 million users paid for Hinge premium in 2022.

This is a 32.5% increase compared to the previous year when only 800,000 people paid for the app.

Such data suggests that around 4.6% of the total user base is keen on features like unlimited likes and seeing everyone who’s liked them on the app.

4. Hinge was 4th most downloaded dating app globally in 2021

(Source: Dating Apps Market Overview)

In 2021, Hinge had a total of 13, 227 998 downloads. This shows its unique selling point sparked people’s interest.

Unsurprisingly the market leader was Tinder, with over 40 million downloads, not so closely followed by Bumble, with 20+ million downloads.

5. Hinge has reached 35 million total downloads since its inception

(Source: Statista) 

In 2022, Hinge’s number of downloads more than doubled compared to 2022.

Even though it has not grown as quickly as other dating apps, this data shows that Hinge is becoming more and more successful.

Another big surge happened back in 2019. Then, Hinge became the talk of the town for a while thanks to Pete Buttigieg. The US presidential candidate said he met his husband on the dating app.

6. Hinge recorded a revenue of $284 million in 2022

(Source: Business of Apps)

In 2022, the company’s annual revenue was $284 million. This is up 44% from the $197 million in 2021.

These numbers show how quickly the app’s popularity has grown since the Match group took control of the company in 2019.

In 2018, Hinge only made $8 million but has seen consistent growth ever since the buyout.

Hinge User Statistics

Let’s delve into the most recent Hinge statistics regarding the app’s user base.

7. 57.26% of hinge.co’s audience is male

(Source: Similarweb)

Similar to its competitors, Hinge sees the highest interest from male users.

Females make up 42.74% of the audience. This reflects a relatively smaller gender gap compared to other dating apps like Tinder where  78.1% of the users are men .

8. 35.7% of people accessing hinge.co as of January 2024 are between the ages of 25-35.

(Source: SimilarWeb)

The second largest age group is 18-24 year-olds with 22.0%.

This shows that the app is mostly popular among younger people. However, all age groups are using the app:

18% of Hinge’s users are 35-44, followed by 12.64% aged 45-54 and 6.85 aged 55-64. The smallest age group is 65+, with only 4.09% of users.

9. Hinge LGBTQIA+ users are 13 times more likely to prefer being rejected over text instead of a phone call

(Source: Hinge’s 2023 LGBTQIA+ DATE Report)

In a 2023 Hinge in-house survey, it was found that a majority of the app’s users prefer to be let down over text.

At the same time, 90% of LGBTQIA users prefer to be rejected directly. Frank communication wins over fizzling out – a practice where one gradually becomes unavailable instead of explicitly ending things.

10. 63% of Hinge app users want a serious relationship

(Source: News Everyday)

Looks like people are using Hinge for its intended purpose- finding serious relationships. More than half of its users are looking for something meaningful.

Getting dates was the second biggest interest of Hinge users, with 33% saying that’s the reason they’re using the app.

Only 2% of users are looking for casual hookups.

11. 90% of Hinge app users are comfortable saying “I love you” first

(Source: Zipdo)

The most recent stats reveal that 90% of all app users are happy to say “I love you” first. Once they’ve found the right partner through the dating app, they are not afraid to express their feelings.

This is in line with the app’s aim to cater to people who want serious relationships.

12. Male hinge users get an average of 1 match out of 40 likes

(Source: Roast Dating)

For male Hinge users, the odds of getting a match compared to the number of likes they give are typically around 1 match for every 40 likes.

This data aligns with industry trends. Men on Tinder have pretty much the same odds.

It’s also worth noting that around 52% of Hinge male users make less than one match a day, while 13% get less than one match a week.

However, the survey doesn’t clarify if the low number of matches is due to fewer likes given by the users themselves or any other factors that may contribute to it.

13. Female Hinge users get an average of 1 match out of 2 likes 

(Source: Roast Dating)

According to Roast Dating’s insights, women are hitting it off on Hinge, with a 45% success rate.

Getting a match for every 2 likes is not too bad.

Nevertheless, let’s not forget that way more men interested in dating women are using the app than vice versa. So the fact that women are getting better odds doesn’t come as a surprise.

14. 46.61% of Hinge users live in the US

(Source: SimilarWeb)

Based on the traffic information about the hinge.co website, the majority of people interested in the service live in the US.

More precisely, 46.61 of the total of people who access the website do it from within the States. The UK comes second, with 9.31% of people, followed by Canada (6.51%) and Germany (5.39%).

15. Hinge topped all other dating apps in the 2017 New York Times wedding announcement section

(Source: Bustle)

Being open about meeting your significant other on a dating app is still somewhat taboo. However, among those who admit it in their New York Times wedding announcement, most used Hinge.

Jean Marie McGrath, Director of Communications at Hinge, credits this success to the platform’s rebranding in the previous year.

By allowing users to showcase their personality through photos, videos, and quotes while minimizing gimmicks like games or timers, the company has found a winning formula for building lasting relationships.

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Final Words

I hope these Hinge statistics made you better understand the role Hinge plays in the dating world and how it shapes dating trends. Many people are finding meaningful connections on this app.

That said, if you decide to try Hinge or are already using it, remember to stay safe online and be careful with what you share and with whom.

The app is big on keeping its users safe, but it’s important to remain cautious and avoid common internet security mistakes.


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