MakerDAO’s Spark Protocol Doesn’t Allow VPN Users

One of the earliest DeFi protocols, MakerDAO, is blocking all VPN users from its Spark Protocol.

The decision has sparked a lot of controversy among traders and privacy supporters.

War on privacy

The platform has taken this action to block US users from accessing it. However, by doing so, it also prevented all VPN users from entering the site.

Netizens who try to change their location receive an error saying: “Accessing this website via VPN is not allowed.”

The reason behind it is simple:

MakerDAO is attempting to keep things clean and without any US users after the Tornado Cash crackdown in the country.

However, blocking VPNs has caused a huge backlash among experts and online communities.

DeFi analyst Chris Blec didn’t like the decision at all. He said that it effectively banned all VPN users and called it an “actual war on privacy.”

Blec also took a shot at the founder and CEO of MakerDAO, Rune Christensen. His opinion is that the people behind the platform are putting their bank accounts over data privacy and customer rights.

Furthermore, the protocol’s terms of use confirm that it doesn’t allow VPN use or other methods of location spoofing. It will permanently block the use of the site for anyone whose blockchain address it associates with a US residence.

MakerDAO has remained silent on the topic so far. Reporters said they’ve reached out to it, but still didn’t receive any response at the time of writing.

The company first introduced Spark Protocol in May this year. The platform allows users to earn up to 8% in yearly returns through cryptocurrency DAI.

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