Best VPNs For TextNow That Work Perfectly! [We Tested 20]

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Looking for a TextNow VPN? You’re in the right place.

Customers have complained of network instability on this app. Privacy is not at its strongest either, with many being contacted by unknown users. To make sure no one with malicious intent gets to your data, use a VPN.

If you connect to a VPN before using TextNow, you will secure your data, bypass the geo block and access it from outside the US and Canada and get buffer-free connections.

Why do I need a VPN for TextNow?

  • Protect your privacy: encrypt your data to keep trackers and malicious users at bay
  • change your IP to access it from outside the US and Canada

VPNs come with additional benefits such as getting rid of throttling, unlocking streaming platforms in locations where they’re not available, and improving ping rates in games. Check our top picks for TextNow below.

What are the best VPN services for TextNow?

  1. ExpressVPN – lighting speed servers at global locations.
  1. NordVPN – great at bypassing geo-restrictions.
  1. Private Internet Access – a huge number of servers around the globe.

1. ExpressVPN – super-fast servers 

TextNow VPN

ExpressVPN has 3000+ servers in 94 countries of the world. These servers pack a speed of 10 Gbps and beyond which is just right for TextNow. Try to connect to a server closer to you.

This VPN has plenty of servers in Canada and the USA. These are the regions where TextNow is more popular and free to use. If you travel to any of them, ExpressVPN will work just fine.

In Canada, it has locations in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. It has wider US coverage, with servers located in New York, Washington DC, New Jersey, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, and Salt Lake City, just to name a few.

Although you can make international calls using your credits on TextNow, you cannot sign up for an account outside the US and Canada. ExpressVPN bypasses these geo-restrictions smoothly.

The security of users is at its peak with this VPN. It makes use of 256-bit military-grade encryption and protocols like OpenVPN, Lightway, and IKEv2/IPsec.

For this app, it’s better if you use the VPN’s proprietary protocol, Lightway. It’s specifically built to offer great speed. You will most likely have amazing call quality with this configuration.

It also has extensions for browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. Also, no matter the operating system you are using, ExpressVPN is compatible with it.

More features of ExpressVPN

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No log policy
  • Automatic kill switch
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Private DNS
  • Split tunneling 


Get stable connections for seamless chats and calls on TextNow!
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2. NordVPN  – bypasses geo-restrictions easily

TextNow VPN

NordVPN is good at granting users anonymity online. You can take on any location around the world without being tracked, making it a great TextNow VPN.

It automatically changes your IP address to a corresponding IP of the server you have selected. With this development, you can register and use TextMe in any country aside from the US and Canada.

Just make sure you connect to the VPN before you start the sign-up process.

NordVPN has 5000+ ultrafast servers in 59 countries. It has servers in fifteen cities in America and three cities in Canada. The quick connect button links you to the best server.

The type of encryption used by this VPN is up to standard, offering top-level privacy. That’s the AES 256-bit encryption.

Once you connect to NordVPN there’s not much to worry about in terms of tracking and monitoring. Not even the government can detect your presence. Trackers will find a hard time deciphering your location.

The obfuscated servers further aid the process of going around bans and strict geo-locks. These servers make use of extra layers of privacy so no one can detect the fact that your traffic is routed through a VPN.

This VPN is user-friendly and easy to set up. The surface area is large and you can observe your VPN connection better. The locations are easily accessible on the VPN app too.

Moreover, NordVPN can block ISPs from throttling your connection and granting you a better online experience.

This, plus the fact that the VPN has unlimited bandwidth ensures you’ll be able to enjoy TextNow to the fullest without the quality of your calls decreasing.

Extra characteristics of NordVPN

  • 30 days refund policy
  • Zero log policy
  • Up to 6 devices simultaneously
  • Double protection
  • Threat protection 


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3. Private Internet Access – best in number of servers

TextNow VPN

When you want to connect to a loved one on TextNow within the US, Canada, or internationally, PIA has your back. It has 35000+ servers in 94 countries.

There is a plus about using this VPN for TextNow if you are in the US. It has servers in all 50 states of the United States of America. So you can certainly find several options for fast and secure connections.

This VPN also uses 256-bit encryption to close all unsecured ends in your traffic. Essentially your data becomes unreadable by trackers.

PIA’s high-quality servers can help boost your connection, especially if you pick one located in your area. It can reduce buffering in calls as well as when broadcasting media content.

You can use this VPN to unblock TextNow in another country with the help of PIA. This happens because PIA will make it seem like you are in the US or Canada when you connect to these countries’ servers.

Furthermore, PIA gives you the luxury of connecting up to ten devices simultaneously. So all your smart gadgets will be fully secured at the same level.

PIA also has dedicated apps for different devices and operating systems. You can also add it as an extension for popular browsers such as Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

What happens when you subscribe to this VPN and you end up not liking it? You can request a refund. The VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to all its users.

Additional qualities of PIA 

  • Automatic kill switch
  • Zero activity log
  • DNS protection
  • Split tunneling
  • 24/7 Customer support 
Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Get top-level privacy and a stable connection for TextNow!
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How to choose the right VPN for TextNow 

There are thousands of VPNs in the market and more are launching every day. In the midst of all these, it may be quite confusing to choose a TextNow VPN.

However, it should not be a task that drains your energy. It should be able to unblock TextNow in a country where it is not available.

Hence, it’s important to have good server coverage in the US and Canada.

It should also have fast and secure servers in a reasonable number of locations globally. A TextNow VPN is expected to incorporate the highest level of encryption.

Lastly, all these features should not come at the expense of users’ finances. So it’s good practice to choose a VPN that is not only affordable but has premium services.

TextNow not working with VPN

If you connected to a server, but TextNow is not working with your VPN, there are a couple of fixes you have to carry out. Don’t worry, they are easy to follow and should give you access right away.

  • Confirm your login information: If TextNow is not working with VPN it is likely that you input the wrong credentials on both apps. Enter the correct password and username on both TextNow and your VPN app.
  • Connect to a different server: If you still have difficulty linking your VPN to TextNow, then switch to a different server.
  • Switch to a different protocol: launch your VPN app and try to use a different protocol to connect and access TextNow
  • Check terms and conditions: TextNow may prevent you from having full control over this app if you have violated its policies. So maybe it’s not just your VPN’s fault.



The world has come to a stage where meeting and chatting with friends is more online than offline. Therefore, we need a safe environment where we can be ourselves without fear.

TextNow VPN kills the anxiety you have about people stealing and selling your information. It also helps you bypass geo-block and improves internet performance.

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