Which Are the VPNs With the Most Countries? [41 Tested Services]

  • VPN services come with a different number of servers and supported countries.
  • The wider their distribution is, the more opportunities you'll have.
  • Check out our comparison below to find the VPN provider best suited for your needs.

The VPN market is very large, so picking the right service can be quite challenging sometimes.

That’s why we have prepared a list of the popular VPNs with the most countries that will simplify the process for you.

While shopping, another important factor to consider is server distribution. Top services should ensure their network is well spread across different locations.

Additionally, depending on the provider, the number of supported countries will vary.

So, let’s jump right into the offers of 41 VPN services and see which will prove the best for you.

Which VPNs have the most countries?

Currently, there are many VPN services available, each varying in terms of servers, locations, and features offered.

You have good reasons to use a VPN that supports many countries worldwide, but it also has to be reliable and efficient.

Therefore, you should keep in mind that free or cheaper VPN products may sell your data to third parties to support themselves.

Moreover, you should check the VPN logging policy, encryption type, protocols, server distribution, as well as other features.

Now, let’s look into the specific offers!

41 tested VPNs with the most countries available

No.NameProviderBasedCountries and territories
1.HMAAvast Software s.r.o.UK218
3.ExpressVPNKape Technologies PLCBritish Virgin Islands94
4.CyberGhostKape Technologies PLCRomania91
5.Hotspot ShieldAuraUS85
6.PIAKape Technologies PLCUS84
7.ZenMateKape Technologies PLCGermany81
8.PandaVPN ProPandaVPNSeychelles80
9.PureVPNGZ SystemsBritish Virgin Islands77
10.Ivacy VPNPMG PrivateSingapore69
12.ProtonVPNProton AGSwitzerland66
13.VyprVPNGolden Frog, GmbHSwitzerland64
14.PrivateVPNPrivateVPN Global ABSweden63
15.NordVPNNord SecurityPanama59
16.VPN UnlimitedKeepSolidUS55
17.Bitdefender Premium VPNBitdefenderRomania53
19.IPVanishZiff DavisUS50
20.McAfee Safe Connect VPNMcAfeeUS48
23.PrivadoVPNPrivado Networks AGSwitzerland47
24.Turbo VPNInnovative Connecting Pte. Singapore47
26.StrongVPNZiff DavisUS42
27.MullvadMullvad VPN ABSweden39
28.Atlas VPNNord SecurityUS38
29.Trust.ZoneTrusted SolutionsSeychelles37
30.AVG Secure VPNAvast Software s.r.o.Czech Republic37
31.Avast SecureLine VPNAvast Software s.r.o.Czech Republic36
32.Malwarebytes Privacy VPNMalwarebytesUS36
33.Avira Phantom VPNAvira Operations GmbHGermany36
34.Norton Secure VPNNortonLifeLockUS29
35.Perfect PrivacyVectura DatamanagementSwitzerland26
36.ZoogVPNZoog Services IKEGreece26
37.F-Secure Freedome VPNF-Secure CorporationFinland22
38.Panda Security VPNPanda SecuritySpain22
40.VirtualShieldVirtualShield LLCUS15
41.HideIPVPNServer Management LLCUS12

🌍Which VPNs have the most countries in Europe?

Overall, Europe enjoys the largest VPN server coverage. As such, many top providers operate servers across multiple countries in the continent.

Therefore, no matter if you want to secure your devices or access geo-blocked content, you can use the following VPN services.

  1. HMA – 49 countries
  2. ExpressVPN – 47 countries
  3. CyberGhost VPN – 45 countries
  4. Surfshark – 45 countries
  5. ZenMate – 44 countries
  6. Private Internet Access – 42 countries
  7. Hotspot Shield – 42 countries
  8. PandaVPN Pro – 41 countries
  9. NordVPN – 37 countries
  10. PureVPN – 35 countries

🌎Which VPNs have the most countries in the Americas?

World-class VPN providers have many locations available in North America. There’s a high demand for servers there, particularly in the US, because much online content blocked elsewhere is available in this country.

Also, many VPNs cover countries in South America, with Brazil being very often on the list.

So, if the Americas are your priority, the services below have the best offers.

  1. HMA – 47 countries
  2. Surfshark – 17 countries
  3. ExpressVPN – 16 countries
  4. PureVPN – 16 countries
  5. Hotspot Shield – 15 countries
  6. Private Internet Access – 12 countries
  7. CyberGhost VPN – 12 countries
  8. PandaVPN Pro – 12 countries
  9. VyprVPN – 10 countries
  10. Windscribe – 10 countries

🌏Which VPNs have the most countries in Asia-Pacific?

When it comes to Asia-Pacific, you’ll have a decent number of countries to choose from if you get the right service. For example, Australia and New Zealand are usually widely supported.

Unfortunately, restrictive countries such as China, India, or Russia aren’t found very often.

Here are the VPN services that have the most servers in the Asia-Pacific region.

  1. HMA – 54 countries
  2. ExpressVPN – 26 countries
  3. Surfshark – 26 countries
  4. Hotspot Shield – 23 countries
  5. CyberGhost VPN – 22 countries
  6. Private Internet Access – 21 countries
  7. PandaVPN Pro – 20 countries
  8. ZenMate – 19 countries
  9. VyprVPN – 17 countries
  10. PureVPN – 16 countries

🌍Which VPNs have the most countries in Africa and the Middle East?

The countries in the Middle East and Africa regions are less covered by VPN providers. That’s usually due to low demand or high censorship that makes it harder for them to operate there.

Furthermore, if you’re traveling and wish to browse safely, or want to unblock content only available in those regions, the VPNs below can help.

  1. HMA – 68 countries
  2. CyberGhost VPN – 12 countries
  3. PureVPN – 10 countries
  4. ZenMate – 10 countries
  5. Private Internet Access – 9 countries
  6. PandaVPN Pro – 9 countries
  7. Surfshark – 8 countries
  8. VyprVPN – 7 countries
  9. Windscribe – 6 countries
  10. ExpressVPN – 5 countries

🆓Which free VPNs have the most countries available?

If you’re on a tight budget or want to test some VPNs for free before purchasing a premium subscription, there are a few services that offer free trials and versions.

Free trials let you use the service to the full extent, with no data limits and full access to all servers and features.

On the other hand, the free versions technically last forever but – with very few exceptions – offer a limited amount of data and fewer locations.

Of the 41 VPNs in the above table, the following have the most locations available for free:

  1. McAfee Safe Connect VPN – 48 countries for desktops and 25 countries for mobile
  2. TunnelBear – 47 countries
  3. Avira Phantom VPN – 1 country for desktop and 36 countries for mobile
  4. Windscribe – 11 countries
  5. PrivadoVPN – 9 countries
  6. hide.me – 8 countries
  7. ZoogVPN – 5 countries
  8. Turbo VPN – 4 countries
  9. ProtonVPN – 3 countries
  10. Atlas VPN – 2 countries
  11. Hotspot Shield – 1 country 
  12. Ivacy VPN – 1 country 
  13. Panda Security VPN – 1 country

Finally, you should keep in mind that the above VPNs are freemium products that can be used securely for free. But, if you want to get over any limitations, you need to choose the paid plan.

However, not every free VPN should be trusted since many do not offer what they advertise. Therefore, some may provide a lower level of privacy and security.

Wrap Up

The ample list of VPNs with the most countries is a useful resource if you are looking for a wide server network and good distribution.

Additionally, in case you’re interested in a service that supports countries in specific regions or continents, the info above will come in very handy too.

So, carefully consider your options and enjoy the freedom and anonymity your new VPN will give you!

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