How to Watch Game of Thrones in Canada [Easy & Cheap]

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Keen on finding out how to binge-watch Game of Thrones in Canada? Well, you’re in for a treat! 

Game of Thrones fans up north have a bunch of ways to keep up with the epic series.

Let’s dive into the deets of these options.

How to Watch Game of Thrones in Canada

First up, there’s the savvy move of using a VPN for some wallet-friendly international streaming. Alternatively, you can check out what our Canadian platforms have to offer.

Intrigued? Let’s break down these options in more detail below.

Use a VPN to watch Game of Thrones on HBO Max

One of the most efficient ways to watch Game of Thrones in Canada is on HBO Max. The streaming platform isn’t available in Canada, but you can unlock it with a VPN.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Choose a reliable VPN service: Select a VPN provider known for its speed and ability to bypass geo-restrictions. My top pick is NordVPN, thanks to its reliable speed and huge server network.
  2. Install the VPN Application: Download and install the VPN app on your device.
nordvpn install wizard running on pc
  1. Connect to a server: Open the VPN app and connect to a server in a country where Game of Thrones is available, like the United States.
  1. Start streaming: Head to HBOMax’s website or app, browse for Game of Thrones, and hit play.
watching game of thrones in canada with vpn

HBO Max offers access to the whole Game of Thrones series, as well as related documentaries, the reunion, and the House of the Dragon prequel.

On top of that, with a VPN you can access HBO Max content from all around the world, beyond Game of Thrones. So if you’re a movie buff or like binging on series, this is a thing to consider.

This method not only bypasses geo-restrictions but also offers ?affordability. 

HBO Max, which hosts the entire series, can be accessed for as little as 6 USD (=8.30 CAD) when using a VPN connected to Colombia. 

In contrast, a Crave TV+ Movies+ HBO plan is almost 20 CAD.



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How to sign up for HBO Max in Canada

Game of Thrones is widely available in multiple HBO Max libraries across the globe and the process may vary a little bit in different countries, especially when it comes to payment options.

I’ll show you how to sign up with the VPN connected to the US

Here’s a detailed guide:

  1. Access HBO Max website: With your VPN connected to a US server, visit the HBO Max website.
max us homepage
  1. Create an Account: Click on the Sign Up button.
max united states sign up button
  1. Pick a subscription plan.
max united states plans pricing
  1. Enter your email, password, and name, and hit Create Account.
  2. Choose payment options: Credit/Debit Card or PayPal. Whichever option you have should be registered in the US. You can use a US address generator or a Random Address Generator to get a valid address.
hbo max payment options
  • Credit/Debit Card: If you don’t have a US credit or debit card, you can create a virtual US card. Services like or Revolut allow you to create virtual cards. Note that these services may require verification of identity and address.
  • PayPal: To create a US PayPal account, visit PayPal US and sign up with your details and the US address you generated. You may need to link a virtual card or bank account that matches the US region.
  • Gift card. Purchase an HBO Max gift card from online retailers like eGifter and use the gift card code as your payment method.
  1. Hit Start subscription.
max us validate payment method and start subscription
  1. Start Streaming: Once your account is set up, you can start streaming Game of Thrones and other content available on HBO Max/Max. Remember to keep your VPN connected.
max usa homepage

The good news is most countries do accept payments through PayPal, Revolut, or, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of getting a local card.

➡️ It’s really up to you which country you pick to connect your VPN to, as long as Max/HBO Max is available there. As already mentioned, the price plans do vary, so you can opt for a place where HBO is cheaper.

At the same time, connecting to a country that’s geographically closer to you might give you the best connection speed for streaming.

That’s it. If you don’t have a valid payment method already, it’ll take a few extra minutes, but overall, the process is simple.

While using a VPN provides a comprehensive way to access Game of Thrones, there are alternative methods available in Canada:

Streaming services in Canada – the Crave option

watching game of thrones in canada on crave

For those preferring local streaming options, Crave stands out as a popular choice in Canada. 

This service often includes HBO content, making it a viable option for Game of Thrones fans. 

Crave’s basic subscription ?starts at approximately CAD 9.99 per month, with additional costs for premium add-ons like HBO and movies. The total price is around 19 CAD.

While Crave offers a wide range of HBO series, Showtime content, and popular movies, its library may not be as extensive as HBO Max. 

This is why I prefer watching HBO Max with a VPN. You can enjoy a more comprehensive catalog, including all HBO originals, additional movies, and exclusive content that might not be available on Crave.

Alternatively, if you want to watch Game of Thrones in Canada without HBO, you can buy the complete series or individual episodes from official retailers.

Purchasing episodes – Amazon Prime Video and iTunes

game of thrones on itunes

Another alternative is purchasing individual episodes or entire seasons of Game of Thrones through platforms like Amazon Prime Video and iTunes. 

The cost per episode generally ranges from CAD 3-4 for standard definition to CAD 4-5 for high definition. 

Buying the entire series might be more cost-effective for those looking to own the content permanently. 


Watching Game of Thrones in Canada is straightforward once you know the right tools and methods. 

Whether you choose to use a VPN for its cost-effectiveness or explore local streaming options, you’re just steps away from enjoying one of the most iconic series in television history.


Which streaming service has Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones is available on HBO Max, which can be accessed in Canada using a VPN. Additionally, Canadian streaming services like Crave also offer Game of Thrones, usually as part of a package that includes HBO content.

Is Game of Thrones on Crave TV Canada?

Yes, Game of Thrones is available on Crave TV in Canada. It’s typically included in the package that features HBO content.

You need to ensure they have the HBO add-on as part of their Crave subscription to access the series.

Where to watch Game of Thrones in Canada for free?

Watching Game of Thrones for free in Canada is challenging due to licensing and copyright restrictions. Occasionally, streaming services may offer free trials during which you can watch Game of Thrones.

For instance, HBO Max and Crave sometimes provide limited-time free trials to new subscribers. Those are really your best bet.

Is Game of Thrones on Disney Plus Canada?

No, Game of Thrones is not available on Disney Plus in Canada or in any other region. Disney Plus primarily focuses on content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

Game of Thrones is an HBO series and is available on platforms that offer HBO content, like HBO Max and Crave.

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