4 Ways to Fix: Audible not available in your region

  • Audible is currently one of the most popular audiobook services on the market.
  • You can buy various audiobooks and listen to them directly on the platform.
  • Unfortunately, Audible or certain Audible titles may be unavailable in your region.
  • Below you can find a few methods that can help you circumvent Audible's geoblocking.

Audible is a popular audiobook service brought to you by Amazon.

As you can expect from such a platform, Audible lets you buy, download, and listen to a wide variety of audiobooks.

However, depending on your region, you may be unable to experience Audible, either partially or at all.

On the bright side, this unfair limitation is quite easy to circumvent.

The best part is that sometimes you may not even need to resort to conventional tools such as VPNs to change your location.

In our guide, we’ll tell you what you need to do if Audible is not available in your region.

How can I bypass Audible’s region lock?

1. Use a VPN

  1. Buy a compatible VPN (Private Internet Access)
  2. Download the VPN installer
  3. Install the VPN on your PC
  4. Connect to a location where Audible is available
  5. Go to the Audible website
  6. Create an account

A VPN can help you change your virtual location effectively, to make it seem like that’s your physical location.

Therefore, if you’re trying to use Audible or create an Audible account and it’s not available in your region, a VPN can help you bypass this limitation.

However, note that using a VPN is not only required while you’re creating an Audible account, but also every time you want to access your account.

2. Use Smart DNS

Smart DNS is a surefire way to access geo-restricted content from just about anywhere in the world.

Although some would argue that it’s even better than using a VPN, the truth is that a VPN can also protect your privacy at the same time.

Smart DNS services can replace your ISP-assigned DNS and make it seem like you’re in a whole different place.

However, it won’t encrypt your traffic and won’t cloak your IP address, either.

On the bright side, since it lacks encryption, it is definitely faster than a VPN.

Ultimately, you can decide whether using Smart DNS is right for you, based on your privacy/security needs.

3. Use a proxy server

One of the pioneers of hiding your online identity and spoofing your virtual locations, proxy servers still seem to work in this situation.

Proxy servers can easily change your virtual location and let you access Audible from an unsupported region.

On the downside, this method has some drawbacks.

First of all, most proxy servers are free, which makes them quite attractive to users who don’t want to spend money.

However, the very thing that makes them attractive also brings their downfall.

Given that a lot of users connect to proxy servers, you may experience slow speeds due to overloading.

Furthermore, if many users try to access Audible from the same IP address, the service could become restricted due to suspicious behaviour.

To avoid that from happening, we suggest you invest in a paid-for proxy server, or use a VPN if you’re worried about privacy.

The methods listed above are most effective in all Audible region-locking scenarios, including:

  • Audible not available in your region
  • Certain payment options not available in your country
  • Not being able to buy or access some titles on Audible from your region

4. Change your account details (bonus)

  1. Head over to Audible
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Click the arrow button next to your account name
  4. Access the Account Details sectionAudible account menu
  5. Click the Payment button
  6. Locate your credit card
  7. Click the Edit button next to itAudible Payment menu
  8. Change your address to match the content you want to accessChange Audible card address

Note that this method only works if you can create an Audible account, and you’re able to access said account.

Otherwise, you’ll have to check out our first method, create an Audible account, and log into it before you try this method.


All in all, if you notice that you’re not able to access Audible from your region, there are some things you could try.

Using VPNs, Smart DNS, or proxy servers could help you circumvent this unfair limitation in no time.

However, if your issue is not being able to access specific titles from your region, a simple modification of your account details could also do the trick.

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  1. If im from Argentina and I change the location of my card to the USm and I pay with that card, will that be a problem?


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