How to Use a VPN to Access Binance in the US [2024]

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On community platforms, questions and discussions around why people use VPNs for Binance often pop up.

Binance is an online crypto exchange platform where crypto holders can trade their currencies and store them in a wallet. The platform also supports other services oriented around earning interest on these tokens.

However, as interesting as this seems, Binance may be hard to access in some regions, especially in countries that do not support Crypto as a currency yet. While this is rare in this digital era, it may happen to you.

This article covers how to use a VPN to access Binance whether you are in the US, Brazil, Nigeria, or just about anywhere in the world.

Why do I need a VPN for Binance?

People who consider a VPN with Binance for trading and other crypto activities are safer and more protected than people who don’t. Among things you will experience with a VPN connection when using Binance are:

? Total anonymity to keep hackers at bay

?️ Maximum protection over public WiFi networks

? Unlock trading services on Binance and overcome geoblocking

? Switch between thousands of servers and claim to be in any unrestricted country

Can you use Binance with a VPN?

Yes. You can use Binance with a VPN for safety, and privacy and to bypass restrictions from ISPs. Interestingly, using a VPN with Binance comes as a one in all package for users who want to stay private and safe online.

VPN technology is all about keeping your connection private and safe from hackers and prying eyes.

With a VPN, you are then able to bypass any restrictions and access the crypto trading platform from the US or any other location.

Is Binance Available in the US?

Binance used to be accessible worldwide but is currently no longer available in all US states. If you try to open it using a US IP from an unsupported location like New York or Vermont, you’ll get an error message.

Along with that, Internet Service Providers and respective governments may have policies that prevent you from exploring this crypto platform.

Subsequently, we will look at how to access Binance from anywhere you are provided you have a strong internet connection and of course a Binance account.

How to use a VPN to access Binance

Once you have decided to go with safety and privacy in an increasingly vulnerable online space, then you are on the right path. Using a VPN with Binance is simple.

We give you a simple guide using ExpressVPN as an example. We trust the VPN for its strong geo-blocking features.

  1. Decide on a VPN.
    We give well-researched reviews of the top VPNs in the industry, with respect to their strengths and weaknesses. We trust ExpressVPN to work effectively to bypass restrictions anywhere while also offering protection for your tokens and wallet.
  2. Get a subscription and install the app on your device. Use your credentials to log in.
  3. Click on the three dots on the Smart location option under the power button to get the full server location list.use vpn for binance
  4. Choose a server from a supported location. use vpn for binance
  5. Click on the power button to connect and open Binance and start trading safely and without restrictions.use vpn for binance

It is important to choose a server before accessing Binance for trading crypto. Connecting to a server ensures your connection is encrypted and ISPs and hackers cannot track your activities online.

As is common with every modern VPN, you will get a list of servers in certain countries.

To boost speed and bandwidth, it is better to connect to the closest unrestricted server. Here, for example, we go with the AU Melbourne server.



Access Binance from anywhere whilst protecting sensitive transaction data!
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Is Trading Safe With VPN?

Yes. On trading platforms, you become vulnerable to phishing attacks and hackers that try to steal your data to make a quick profit.

By hiding your location and traffic information, a VPN reduces that risk. A good VPN for trading crypto, like ExpressVPN, comes with strong encryption algorithms as well as other security features.

Some of the most important features to look for in a VPN for trading include a killswitch that will ensure you don’t lose traffic data even if you disconnect, unlimited bandwidth to be able to use the VPN connection at all times, and DNS protection.

Having a VPN working as you trade on Binance or any similar platform like Tradestation does not bring any risk to your investments. VPN technology works to provide you with a strong and undetectable connection.

Yes. VPNs are not banned on Binance and it’s completely legal to use one. However, make sure you know the trading rules and regulations that are applied in your region.

Despite VPNs not being illegal, if you use one for breaking certain policies or rules, you will have to face the consequences.

Will Binance ban you for using a VPN?

No. The sole act of using a VPN will not get you banned on Binance. 

The platform can however ban your VPN IP for any type of suspicious activity. If you have that problem, switching to a different server should fix it.

Remember that on a VPN connection, multiple users can land on the same IP, and if one of them breaks the Binance regulations and gets banned, none of the VPN users will be able to access the platform from that same exact IP.


With your IP address exposed, hackers can manipulate various data to hack your account or tamper with your investments.

That’s why it’s recommended you use a VPN for Binance to secure your transactions even more and make sure your identity and private details stay protected.

That’s a branch of the serious online threats around us. Geo-restrictions can be frustrating as well. Why shouldn’t you be able to make money online?

VPNs also offer the opportunity to bypass restrictions., allowing you to have access to services, discounts, and just about anything restricted in your region but accessible to some others.

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