The Cheapest Duolingo Country (+ How to Subscribe)

Say no more to paying an arm and a leg for Duolingo.

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cheapest duolingo country

Are you looking for the cheapest Duolingo country? Today, you’re in luck!

This app allows you to learn 40+ foreign languages from virtually anywhere. Unlike traditional classrooms, it makes studying fun through games and other engaging activities.

The service has a free version with limited lesson plans. Upgrading further enables you to unlock more features for enhancing your lingual prowess.

However, pricing plans vary from one country to another. The challenge here rests with finding the cheapest one. 

Luckily, I’ve done the heavy lifting to save you all the hassle. So, read on to find out.  

Why is Duolingo cheaper in some countries

There are several reasons why Duolingo might be cheaper in some countries. Check out some of them below: 

  • Cost of living: In countries where goods/services cost less, Duolingo can charge less for subscriptions. Adjusting prices based on what people can afford is vital to attract users. Or else, the service risks missing out on growing numbers by charging more.
  • Taxes: Taxes can vary greatly around the world. Duolingo might factor in the local rates when setting prices. This way, it can adjust prices depending on a country’s taxes.
  • Competition: Duolingo faces high competition in some countries, forcing it to charge accordingly. With lower prices, it stands to attract and retain more users. 
  • Currency exchange rates: Fluctuations in exchange rates can impact pricing decisions. A stronger local currency to Duolingo’s default currency will attract lower pricing plans. However, a weaker one may result in locals paying more for the service. 
  • Demand and user base: Some regions have a lower demand for paid language learning apps. By setting the prices lower, Duolingo can encourage more people to subscribe. This can be a long-term strategy to establish itself in the market.

Now to what you’ve been waiting for.

The cheapest Duolingo country – Revealed

India is currently the cheapest Duolingo country with plans starting from roughly $1.20/month. Previously it was Turkey with $0.95/month but now it costs double. 

Still, Asian countries dominate with prices going for $2.50/month and below. African users in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa also pay huge discounted rates.

The rest of the list is as follows: 

CountryIndividual Plan/MonthFamily Plan/Month
India$1.20 (INR 99.92)$1.80 (INR 149.92)
Nigeria$1.83 (NGN 2,750)$2.49 (NGN 3,750)
Vietnam$1.96 (VND 49,917)$2.95 (VND 74,971)
Turkey$2.17 (TRY 70.00)$1.44 (TRY 100.00)
Thailand$2.19 (THB 79.09)$3.46 (THB 125)
Indonesia$2.25 (IDR 34,916.66)$3.13 (IDR 49,916.66)
Philippines$2.39 (PHP 137.5)$3.61 (PHP 207.5)
South Africa$2.72 (ZAR 50.00)$4.54 (ZAR 83.34)
Brazil$2.92 (BRL 14.99)$4.38 (BRL 22.49)

Other countries, however, pay quite high prices to access Duolingo premium plans. Most of them are within the European Union and North America.

Here’s the breakdown:

CountryIndividual Plan/MonthFamily Plan/Month
United Kingdom$6.29 (GBP 4.99)$9.45 (GBP 7.49)
United States$6.99$9.99
Australia$7.22 (AUD 10.84)$9.72 (AUD 14.59)
Canada$7.36 (CAD 9.99)$12.40 (CAD 12.49)
Sweden$8.00 (SEK 83.25)$10.40 (SEK108.25)
Denmark$8.44 (DKK 58.25)$11.45 (DKK 79.09)
France$8.56 (EUR 7.92)$11.07 (EUR 10.25)
Switzerland$8.83 (CHF 7.50)$11.27 (CHF 10.09)
Most EU countries$8.10 (EUR 7.50)$11.07 (EUR 10.25)

All hope is not lost if Duolingo charges higher in your country. I’ll show you how to pay cheaper up next.

How to access Duolingo cheaper

Duolingo employs geographical pricing to offer different prices based on country. To access the low rates, you’ll need a VPN to spoof your location.

VPNs do this by assigning you an IP address that belongs to another region. This tricks Duolingo into displaying that region’s premium plans. 

However, most VPN services do a terrible job of masking user locations. But having worked with tons of vendors, I suggest you:

Use NordVPN

NordVPN is a premium service that boasts robust security and privacy. It controls 6,000+ servers in 110 countries, including all pocket-friendly Duolingo regions. 

The vendor offers a robust app with tons of features. Notable mentions include a kill switch, IP/DNS protection, and ad blocking. 

You get privacy-hardened protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, and NordVPN’s in-house NordLynx. The vendor also has a strict no-logs policy to keep your browsing private.

Another thing worth talking about is the built-in security tools for safe browsing. These include anti-malware, anti-phishing, and dangerous download protection. 

There’s unlimited bandwidth to access the internet without bogging down. Additionally, NordVPN allows up to ten simultaneous connections for multi-device users.

Here’s how to use it: 

  1. Go to NordVPN and subscribe to any plan.
  2. Download and install it on your device.
  1. Run it and connect it to a server in Turkey.
  1. Go to Duolingo and sign up for the premium version for cheap. 
  1. Enjoy learning new languages.

NordVPN offers affordable pricing, which comes with up to three months free. The vendor also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to explore the service risk-free.


Access Dulingo premium plans for cheap using this fast, secure, and robust VPN. 
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How to pay for Duolingo in Turkey

While India is cheaper, accessing an Indian-based payment method for non-residents is currently challenging. The same is true for Nigeria, Vietnam, and Kenya.

This leaves you with Turkey as the cheapest country for Duolingo. Local-based payment methods for this region are readily available to foreigners. 

Here’s how:

  1. Sign up for Oldubil or FUPS
  2. Generate a Turkish-based virtual payment card.
  3. Top the card with some amount.
  4. Provide the card’s details when paying for Duolingo.
  5. Enjoy.

You can also ask family or friends abroad to subscribe on your behalf. This should make Duolingo even cheaper.

Wrapping up

Now you’ve found the cheapest Duolingo country. This should enable you to save some bucks on your next subscription. 

However, you’ll need a reliable VPN to spoof your location. That way, you can unlock the region-specific prices for the service.

Enough said! Don’t wait any longer to unlock the world of language learning for cheap.